What is Ryan Trainor famous for? His Age, Height, Siblings, Facts

Ryan Trainor is a 30-year-old American podcast host, songwriter, video director and social media personality. However, he’s perhaps best known as the older brother of the singer-songwriter Meghan Trainor, with whom he hosts the Workin’ On It podcast.


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Early life and education

Ryan Trainor was born on 17 December 1992, in Nantucket, Massachusetts USA. His father is Gary Trainor, a singer, Methodist church organist, music teacher, and business owner, born on 19 March 1948 in Nantucket. Ryan’s mother, Kelli Trainor (née Jekanowski), born on 3 December 1968, owned and operated a jewelry store entitled Jewel of the Isle in Nantucket with Gary before she retired in 2016.

His uncle was Burton Toney, a recording artist from Tobago. Ryan has Irish, English and French-Canadian ancestry. He also has one-eighth Polish and Scottish ancestry, and is of distant German, Dutch and Channel Islander descent, according to EthniCelebs.com. Ryan’s paternal grandparents were Kenneth and Imion Trainor (née Fuller), and his maternal grandparents were Thomas Jekanowski Jr. and Jeanne Jekanowski (née LaPalm).

Ryan has two younger siblings: Meghan Trainor, born 22 December 1993 in Nantucket, and Justin Trainor, a music producer, singer, and songwriter, born 24 January 1996 in Nantucket. He moved with his family from Nantucket to Orleans, Massachusetts in 2006 or 2007, then to North Eastham in Barnstable County, Massachusetts, where Ryan attended Nauset Regional High School.


In 2012, Ryan created his Instagram account, ryan.trainor, on which he’s amassed over 135,000 followers. He posted for the first time in August of that year, uploading a picture of himself and Meghan. In December, he uploaded a childhood picture of himself and his siblings from a trip to Maui, Hawaii State, in which they had crooked teeth and red cheeks.

Two years later, Ryan posted an image of himself and his father Gary at singer Pharell Williams’ part, then in 2016, a photo indicating that he was with Meghan on her Untouchable Tour. Ryan reposted a video in which Daryl Sabara proposed to his sister in December 2017, noting that he ‘was happy for his baby sister, pumped to have Daryl in the family, and that love wins.’ He also gave the last speech at her sister’s wedding to Daryl in January 2019, and joined her on her honeymoon to Bora Bora with the rest of the family, which Meghan called her ‘familymoon.’

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After the birth of Meghan’s first child, son Riley Sabara, on 8 February 2021, Ryan began calling himself Funcle, short for fun uncle. He continued the tradition when Meghan’s second son, Barry Bruce Trainor, was born on 1 July 2023. Ryan ran the New York City Marathon, his first marathon, in November 2021, noting that he felt pain in his left knee at the fourth mile, which became unbearable by mile 16, but that he finished through sheer willpower.

Using Instagram, Ryan revealed that he was a fan of the stand-up comedian, painter and actor Bobby Lee, and enjoyed visiting the Adelaide Zoo in South Australia. Similarly, he provided behind-the-scenes information on his sister. For instance, Ryan showed that the family celebrated his sister’s fifth studio album, “Takin’ It Back,” released in October 2022, with a dinner that involved Italian cuisine, specifically meals such as macaroni, lobster ravioli, chicken parmesan, and meatballs. Ryan also shared that the Trainors went to the Heavenly Ski Resort on the mountain near Lake Tahoe, Sierra Nevada, USA, to celebrate his 30th birthday. He praised his sister for paying, despite being too afraid to ski, and his brother-in-law for being a natural and undeterred by inexperience.

Hosting his podcast

On 23 August 2021, Ryan and Meghan started the Workin’ On It podcast. It felt natural because he and his brother Justin lived with Meghan in her Los Angeles, California home. According to People magazine, they live in a separate section that they call a man cave, and she barely sees them but doesn’t want them to move out. Meghan and Ryan promised to share stories from their lives, and discuss various societal problems and the topic of business, particularly the music industry, and how it affects families. The siblings invited one or two guests every week. Initially they discussed sobriety, at which point Ryan admitted that he battled frequent alcohol and drug use, but had sobered up when his nephew Riley was born. Ryan and Meghan also discussed nutrition, body image, parenthood, and sleep studies with expert guests.

Furthermore, the siblings also revealed fun details about their Halloween celebrations, admitted to having anxiety, and relived childhood stories, some of which involved Ryan getting gum stuck in Meghan’s hair. Meghan praised Ryan for being the first to take her anxiety seriously; no one in the family paid attention, telling her that she ‘had always been a nervous kid.’ Most recounts of their childhood were joyous, such as having a drawer full of the most diverse snacks in their group of friends, much admired, and playing the game called ManHunt in the dark when their house lost power. Some notable podcast guests included dancer and social media personality JoJo Siwa, TV show host Dr. Phil, social media personality Dixie D’Amelio, and reality TV star Paris Hilton.

Improving his image

Workin’ On It also served as an announcement outlet; on 29 June 2022, Ryan celebrated his first sober anniversary, and Meghan announced her second pregnancy on 1 February 2023. Similarly, they revealed that the media company called Lemonada Media began producing the podcast in its second season in 2023. On 24 August, in an episode entitled “Workin’ On 75 Hard,” Ryan admitted to receiving his first Botox injection, a drug based on the botulinum toxin that prevents a muscle from moving for some time. It’s frequently used to smooth out frown lines and wrinkles, known as crow’s feet, making the patient look younger.

Meghan convinced him to visit her Beverly Hills doctor, as she had a positive experience with Botox, which helped reduce her perioral dermatitis, a facial skin rash which causes redness similar to acne. Ryan said that around that time, he began using sunscreen to mitigate damage from ultraviolet rays, and the doctor recommended injections as an extra measure. He felt comfortable because, according to him, ‘people from Los Angeles start jabbing their head in their 30s.’

YouTube, Kick, and Twitch

Ryan Trainor live streams video games such as Escape from Tarkov, Apex Legends, and The Jackbox Party Pack 3 to a small audience on platforms such as Twitch and Kick on his account, trainortv.

In 2021, concurrent with the debut podcast episodes, Ryan began posting to his YouTube channel, @RyanTrainorT, on which he’s amassed over 800 subscribers. He treated it as a side hustle, and initially focused on cooking, which involved talking to his brother Justin and father Gary to learn more about their methods. Following a break of about a year and a half, Ryan uploaded gameplay footage of the game Only Up. Five months later, he started a video series to complete the Alan Wake 2 video game storyline.

Songwriting and directing

According to IMDb, Ryan has a few songwriting credits under his name. He wrote the song “Good to Be Alive” for the 2015 “The Peanuts Movie,” his first. Four years later, he wrote the song “Genetics” for the 2019 film “Tall Girl”, and in 2020 was credited as the songwriter for “Treat Myself” in the movie “Work It.”

Also in 2020, Ryan and his brother received songwriting credits and sang back-up vocals on their sister’s third studio album, “Treat Myself.” Meghan’s loyal fans also know that Ryan wrote a few songs for her Christmas album, “A Very Trainor Christmas,” which was released in October of that year. Some of them might not know that Ryan directed the music video for Meghan’s 2019 track “Foolish”, and composed the music for her song “My Kind of Present” in 2021. In February 2022, Ryan earned his first credit on television by writing the “Funk” song on the “Dollface” series episode soundtrack.

Rumored boyfriend, Chris Olsen

In 2023, Ryan Trainor had an alleged relationship with social media personality, comedian, and entrepreneur Chris Olsen, one of Meghan Trainor’s best friends. Rumors began in April when Chris posted a photo to his Instagram account of the two kissing in Australia. Although the post looked like an announcement, Chris quickly posted another video to his TikTok account, @chris, which he captioned ‘THE TRUTH,’ and featured Ryan. As they talked while Meghan’s song “Mother” played, text on the screen read ‘Ryan and I are still both single.’ Moreover, in a TikTok video from August 2022, he mentioned that ‘Ryan was single and for the girls.’

Chris previously claimed that he and the Trainors were childhood friends, which was later disproven, indicating that he’s comfortable making controversial claims. Moreover, Distractify reported that he started dating a fellow social media personality, Patrick Johnson, in September 2023. Despite clarifying things, Chris continued to stir the pot by calling Ryan ‘a Daddy’ on Instagram. Meghan confirmed that her brother is not gay when she repeatedly discussed his single life on their podcast. Additionally, she tried to set him up with a woman when she appeared in “The Drew Barrymore Show” in December 2022.

Physical characteristics

Ryan Trainor has light brown hair and hazel eyes, is 6ft 0.5ins (1.85m) tall, and weighs about 160lbs (73kgs). He has an athletic physique with a prominent chin and a chiseled jawline.

Interesting facts

  • Ryan and his siblings hosted karaoke nightswhen they were young.
  • Meghan calls him ‘Ry Ry.’
  • He’s close friends with social media personality Jeffrey Cyrus, and spent Thanksgiving with him in 2015. The families are close, too, potentially because Jeffrey also has two siblings, a brother and a sister.
  • Ryan calls his brother ‘J-Train, JTrain, or J-Bird,’ his father ‘GT,’ and his sister ‘MTrain.’ Meghan’s fans liked the nickname, and started screaming it whenever she sang live, while Justin used it for his Twitter and Instagram user names, @jtrain12496.
  • He enjoys watching National Basketball Association (NBA) games. Consequently, he took a picture with the Denver Nuggets’ NBA Finals trophy in May 2023.

Net worth

Ryan Trainor has a net worth of about $300,000, earned promoting brands such as BetterHelp, Stamps.com, HydroJug, and Jenni Kayne on his podcast. Ryan also wore Madhappy clothing on his Instagram, suggesting he was open to individual company sponsorships. He also gets residual payments from the royalties on the few songs that he wrote.

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