What is Sidney Hicks Famous For? Her Age, Family, Net Worth

Who is Sidney Hicks?

American actor and producer Sidney Hicks was born under the zodiac sign Libra on 30 September 1967, in Baltimore, Maryland USA. He’s perhaps known best for his career in the film industry, especially for producing the 2023 thriller movie “The Reading”, which starred Denisha Hardeman, Chasity Sereal and Mo’Nique, and was written and directed by Courtney Glaude; the film follows Emma as she’s writing a book about experiencing a deadly home invasion.

Sidney’s also known for being the husband of famous American comedienne and actress Monique Angela Hicks, aka Mo’Nique; she has 33 acting credits and is perhaps still known best for playing Mary in the 2009 drama movie “Precious”, which won 113 of its 216 award nominations, including two Oscar wins for Best Writing, Adapted Screenplay and Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role (for Mo’Nique).

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Education and early life

Sidney grew up in Baltimore but as he was raised to respect other people’s privacy, he’s yet to share any details about his parents; it’s widely believed that Sidney’s father was a janitor and his mother a seamstress, but this hasn’t been addressed by Sidney. Because he’s yet to talk about having siblings, most of Sidney’s fans believe that he has none.

He attended a local high school in Baltimore, and it was during his time there that he became interested in acting; Sidney appeared in various plays as a member of his school’s drama club, and for his roles, he also learned to dance and sing. He enjoyed playing sports with his friends in his spare time, and his favorite was basketball.

Sidney matriculated in 1986, and it’s widely believed that he hasn’t attended college because he’s yet to talk about his further education.

Acting credits

What Sidney did for the next few years is unknown, as he only made his acting debut playing Guy in the 2000 episode “Turkey Day Blues” of the comedy series “The Parkers”, which starred Countess Vaughn, Dorien Wilson and Mo’Nique, and was created by Sara Finney-Johnson and Ralph Farquhar. The series aired from 1999 through 2004, follows Nikki and Kim as they’re attending college, and it won six of its 17 award nominations.

In 2003, Sidney played Roberts in the adventure fantasy comedy movie “Henry X”, which starred William Rosenfeld, Jon Jacobs and Kathryn Stockwood, and was directed by Dan MacCannell and Marc Lempert; it follows a military coup plotted by the House of Stuart against the House of Windsor.

The year 2006 saw Sidney play Mr. Jungle Fever in the comedy movie “Phat Girlz”, which starred Jimmy Jean-Louis, Kendra C. Johnson and Mo’Nique, and was written and directed by Nnegest Likke; the film follows two plus-sized women as they’re struggling to find love.

Sidney’s only other acting credit has been playing Officer in the 2009 musical comedy film “Steppin: The Movie”, which starred Monica Allgeier, Chrystee Pharris and Wesley Jonathan, and was directed by Michael Taliferro. It follows a group of college students as they’re preparing for the step competition season; the film was nominated for a single award.

Producing credits

Sidney has five producing credits, including “The Reading”. His debut was producing the 2009 comedy talk-show “The Mo’Nique Show”, which starred Tamala Jones, Rodney Perry and Mo’Nique, and follows Mo’Nique and her friends as they’re interviewing various celebrities; the talk-show aired from 2009 through 2012 and won two of its three award nominations.

Sidney went on to produce the 2014 drama movie “Blackbird”, which starred Kevin Allessee, Julian J. Walker and Mo’Nique, and was written and directed by Patrik-Ian Polk. It follows an aspiring singer as he’s struggling with his sexuality, and the movie won one of its three award nominations.

In 2016, Sidney produced the drama movie “Interwoven”, which starred Mo’Nique, Jon Eiswerth and Myles Cranford, and was written and directed by V. W. Scheich. The movie tells 15 true life stories about suicide, betrayal, addiction, homelessness and love, and it won three of its four award nominations.

Sidney’s only other producing credit has been the 2020 comedy film “Mo’Nique & Friends: Live from Atlanta”, which starred Mo’Nique, Prince T-Dub and Donnell Rawlings, and follows Mo’Nique performing stand-up comedy together with her friends.

Love life and marriages

Sidney and Mo’Nique are more or less open when it comes to sharing the details of their love life with the public.

The two were together for a couple of years prior to exchanging vows in a small and private ceremony on 20 May 2006, attended by their closest friends and family members. Prior to their wedding, on 3 October 2005, Sidney gave birth to their twin sons David and Jonathan; they’ve kept the boys away from the media’s attention while they were growing up, wanting them to be able to lead normal lives.

Mo’Nique’s revealed in an interview that she and Sidney are in an open marriage, meaning that they’re allowed to have sex with other people, and she’s also revealed that this was her idea.

It’s also known that Sidney was married once, prior to meeting Mo’Nique; he and his former wife have a son Michael Hicks together, born in 2002.

Sidney’s yet to talk about other women whom he’s perhaps been with; he’s married to Mo’Nique as of November 2023, and they have two children together.

Interesting facts and hobbies

Sidney prefers to keep the details of his everyday life to himself, which is why he doesn’t use Instagram; on the other hand, his wife Mo’Nique’s highly popular on the network and is today followed by nearly 1.5 million people, while she’s posted more than 2,100 pictures and videos.

Sidney was physically quite active in his 20s and 30s, as he often worked out at the gym and enjoyed boxing and playing basketball.

Sidney’s favorite season is winter, as he’s an avid skier.

Both he and his wife are philanthropists, mostly into donating money to war veterans.

One of Sidney’s favorite actors is Richard Gere, and a couple of his favorite films are “First Knight”, “The Mothman Prophecies” and “Nights in Rodanthe”.

Age, height and net worth

Sidney’s age is 56. He’s 6ft (1.83m) tall, weighs around 175lbs (80kgs), is bald and has brown eyes.

Sidney’s net worth’s been estimated at over $250,000, as of November 2023, and his wife Mo’Nique’s at over $9 million.

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