What is the Real Name of FaZe Rain? His Age, Family, Net Worth

FaZe Rain – whose real name is Nordan Shat – is a popular internet personality and former member of the gaming organization FaZe Clan. He gained prominence for his presence on YouTube, where he initially started by posting videos related to Call of Duty gameplay.

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Early life, family, education

Nordan Shat was born on 29 May 1996, in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Nordan had a tough childhood with his parents arguing a lot, which affected him emotionally, and he struggled in school, feeling sad and depressed. His parents split when he was seven, and his dad, whose name has not been revealed, suddenly disappeared. He has a sister and two step-siblings from his mom’s second marriage. Nordan tried to take his own life as a child by taking too much Advil, which landed him in hospital for a week. Despite these challenges, he managed to turn his life around with the help of therapist Mary.

Following his therapist’s suggestion to pick up a new hobby, Nordan started binging YouTube videos. In a short span, he found immense inspiration to launch his own channel. Seeing that gaming was one of the few things that brought him immense joy, he began showcasing his exceptional “Call of Duty” skills on the platform. Before he could fully comprehend the growth, his channel skyrocketed to a million subscribers!

Not much is known about his education, other than the fact that he matriculated from a local high school. He also hasn’t talked about his college status.


FaZe Rain established his YouTube channel “@TrickShotting” in December 2010 and achieved his initial million subscribers milestone in October 2014. Currently, the channel has amassed over five million subscribers, and garnered more than a billion video views. In the early stages, many of his videos centered around video games, featuring series such as “Let it Rain,” “No Rain Tonight,” “Funnies & Fails,” and “Leftovers.” Over time, Rain has diversified his content, now sharing a mix of videos ranging from pranks to challenges.Top of Form

Currently a member of the renowned FaZe Clan, one of the prominent e-gaming groups on social media, Nordan has expanded his focus beyond ‘Call of Duty’ to include competitive gaming and more. Recognized by various e-gaming communities for his exceptional strategies and skills, his success undoubtedly stems from his dedicated efforts. In addition to his gaming channel, Nordan manages a second more personal channel under the name “Nordan Shat,” on which he regularly shares vlogs and connects more openly with his audience.

His secondary channel has also gained wide popularity, reaching nearly two million subscribers. Most popular videos on this channel are challenges he did with his friends; these include videos such as “ONE INCH PUNCH” and “WATER BOTTLE CHALLENGE.”

Drama at the FaZe house

In 2020, a significant turning point unfolded within FaZe Clan as Nordan Shat abruptly moved out of the organization’s mansion after a decade of its establishment, triggering widespread speculation about internal dynamics. In response to mounting curiosity, FaZe eventually took to Twitter to address the situation, unveiling a poignant and distressing narrative.

It was revealed that Nordan was grappling with substance abuse issues, a revelation he shared in a series of since-deleted tweets. According to his disclosures, he departed the mansion due to severe nerve damage, excruciating pain, loss of mobility, and a staggering 30 seizures a day. In a plea to his fans, he urged them to “learn from me“, and warned against the dire consequences he faced, emphasizing that he couldn’t walk without a wheelchair.

Opening up further in a video entitled “I’ve been in a wheelchair for seven months and this is why…,” Nordan detailed his nearly year-long struggle with an inability to walk and the relentless chronic pain he endured, all while navigating limited assistance from medical professionals. Throughout this challenging period, he continued streaming, offering fans glimpses of his journey toward recovery.

In another video, he acknowledged resorting to drugs in a misguided attempt to escape his troubles, only to worsen his physical condition. Despite acknowledging that he “deserved” eviction from the FaZe mansion, he found himself welcomed back toward the end of 2021, as in August that year, Nordan took to Twitter to share a positive milestone, announcing that he’d reached the big milestone of being drug free for a year. This marked a hopeful juncture in his ongoing commitment to prioritize his mental and physical well-being, signifying a renewed focus on personal growth and recovery within the FaZe Rain narrative.

Drama with Grace Van Dien

FaZe Rain and Grace Van Dien became entangled in controversy in mid-2023, when the Stranger Things actress, also known as “bluefille” on Twitch, announced her decision to join FaZe Clan on May 25th. In her reveal video, Grace detailed her early introduction to gaming by her father, and her Twitch discovery at 17 through a Tumblr connection. She expressed excitement about contributing to female representation within FaZe Clan.

However, a few days before her intended announcement, FaZe Rain disrupted the news by responding to a tweet from the group’s official account. The tweet expressed the collective’s desire – “We want more women in FaZe Clan,” the collective stated.

Rain replied with a spoiler, revealing, “It’s Grace,” and offering a somewhat unconventional reason, citing her appearance in a single episode of Stranger Things. This unexpected revelation by Rain preempted Grace’s opportunity to share the news in her own way.

Since then, the two have insulted each other in numerous tweets, with their argument seemingly being without end. On 31 May 2023, Rain uploaded a video onto his channel entitled “FaZe Rain Meets Up With Grace.” The video features the two interacting in person for the first time, but ends in disaster as Grace calls Rain a horrible human being and leaves crying. Rain notes that he was trying to be calm and apologize for his hurtful online jokes, adding that his criticism was mostly directed at the corporate behind FaZe, and the way they select new recruits. In a later video, Rain also revealed the contents of a conversation with Grace on discord, which took place prior to the video.

It remains unclear how the drama ended, and whether or not Grace left the Faze clan in the following months, as Grace has since put her twitter account on private, and hasn’t made any public statements regarding the incident.


In the period from 2014 to 2016, Rain was romantically involved with a girl called Taylor Aitken. She was also featured in some of his videos, most notably the one titled “MEET MY GIRLFRIEND!” which has since been removed. It is unclear why the two split up, but there have been reports that they remained close friends after separation. As of 2023, FaZe Rain is reportedly single.


Faze Rain stands at a height of 5ft 11ins (1.8m) and weighs around 154lbs (70kg). He has short black hair and dark brown eye, and several tattoos on his body, most notably his forearms.

He frequently wears beanies and comfortable T-shir, and also loves to accessorize with various chains, bracelets and sunglasses.

Net worth

As of 2023, Faze Rain’s net worth has been estimated at around $10 million. His substantial net worth is primarily linked to his successful streaming and gaming career. Reports also suggest that advertisements make up a large part of his yearly earnings.

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