What movies has Geffri Maya appeared in? Her Age, Height, Education

Geffri Maya Hightower was born on 25 February 1995, in Los Angeles, California, USA. She is an actress whose best known for her roles in the television series, “Private Practice,” and “All American.” She’s been working as an actress since she was a child. Most of her wealth and success have been attributed to her acting career.

As of 2023, she is 28 years old. Her height is 5ft 6ins (1.67m), and weight about 132lbs (60kgs).

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Early Life and Education

Geffri developed an interest in acting at a young age, and started her professional career in roles as a child actress. When she was 11 years old, she appeared in the television show “Jericho” and her first credited role came shortly afterwards. While taking on acting roles, she attended Alexander Hamilton High School, which is known to have been the school of several Hollywood stars. After matriculating, she studied at Clark Atlanta University.

Private Practice

In 2007, she was cast in the television series “Private Practice” as Maya Bennett, the daughter of Sam and Naomi, and was a recurring character for the next three years, appearing in 12 episodes. The character was originally portrayed in the pilot episode by Shavon Kirksey, but later replaced by Geffri Maya. The show featured some pivotal moments of her character’s life, especially in the aftermath of her parents’ divorce.

“Private Practice” is a television show that follows the story of Dr. Addison Montgomery, played by Kate Walsh. As the name of the show implies, her character left work at a hospital to join a private practice in Los Angeles. The show is a spin-off from “Grey’s Anatomy,” with Dr. Montgomery appearing for several episodes before becoming a part of a spin-off show. The series mostly features the lives of medical professionals and patients at the Oceanside Wellness Center.

Like “Grey’s Anatomy”, the show is often a mix of doctors handling complex medical cases, intertwining with the drama they experience in their personal lives. It was also created by “Grey’s Anatomy” showrunner Shonda Rhimes; the series ran for six seasons, and it was announced during the sixth season that it would be the last. Since then, there have been occasional reruns of it on some ABC stations. Geffri Maya, however, had already stopped appearing in the series after its third season.

Career After “Private Practice”

After a four-year break from acting following the end of her work in “Private Practice,” Geffri Maya returned, appearing in several television projects, including “Q&A,” “Blaq Gold,” “Defending Daddy,” and “Cream x Coffee.” She gained some attention after a 2015 guest appearance in the television series “Finding Carter,” which aired on MTV. The show follows the story of teenager Carter Stevens, portrayed by Kathryn Prescott, as she navigates her life, returning to her real family after discovering that she was abducted as a child. The show ran for two seasons before cancellation.

After a few more projects, Geffri Maya made another appearance in a highly rated show, “Nasty Habits.” The series adopted an anthology format, which told the story of different characters for each episode. The showrunners wanted to portray the episodes as close as possible to real-life situations, so that viewers could relate to the characters. As the title implies, each episode focused on a character (or characters) dealing with nasty habits, mostly addictions that disrupted their personal life.

Two years later, Geffri appeared in “WTF, Baron Davis” starring the retired professional basketball player of the same name. She appeared as the character Zoe for seven episodes. The show told the fictional story of Baron Davis as he became a part of an unusual mentorship program that partnered him with a rising social media star.

In 2021, Geffri continued her trajectory into popularity with the television series “Snowfall.” She was a recurring character during the fourth season, playing the character Khadijah Brown, the wife of Skully and the mother of Tianna Brown. “Snowfall” primarily focused on a 1980s crime family, trying to make money through crack cocaine. The setting itself was inspired by the crack epidemic in Los Angeles at around the same time.

“All American” and “All American: Homecoming”

In 2019, Geffri Maya was cast in one of her most prominent roles in the television series “All American.” She debuted in the second season, playing the character Simone Hicks who becomes romantically involved with football player Jordan. The show aired on the CW and was inspired by the life of professional American Football player Spencer Paysinger.

While not credited in a main role, the show featured Simone’s arc. As a Beverly High student, she became pregnant with Jordan’s child, and was even married to him for a short period thanks to a shotgun wedding in Las Vegas. She gave up her baby for adoption, but later connected with the family after matriculating from Beverly High. She later attended Bringston University, which led to the events of the spin-off “All American: Homecoming”.

The show has her in the lead role, as she pursued aspirations to become a professional tennis player while attending Bringston University. The show also features several other aspiring athletes attending Bringston. The show has been running for two seasons, retaining consistent viewership with a third season in production.

Plans for the show sprang up following the rise of Geffri Maya’s character from “All American.” Other cast members of the show include Peyton Alex Smith, Kelly Jenrette and Cory Hardrict.

Personal Life

Outside of acting, there’s little information available about Geffri Maya’s life; there have been no reports of romances or boyfriends. Most of her posts on social media follow her acting work, and some professional photoshoots she’s done during her career.

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