Where is J.K. Rowling’s daughter Jessica Isabel Rowling Arantes now? Her Bio:  Family, Boyfriend, Wealth

• Jessica Arantes is the daughter of internationally famous writer J.K. Rowling.
• She has her own clothing line and Youtube channel where she talks about make-up and gives relationship advice.
• She is in a long-term relationship and has two half-siblings and a step-father.
• She is estimated to have a net worth of $300,000.
• Jessica has long, naturally brown hair and big, brown eyes, and has a strong fashion sense.

Where is Jessica Arantes now?

She was born of mixed English and Portuguese descent under the Zodiac sign of Leo, on the 27th July 1993, in Porto, Portugal, where she is currently living. Nowadays, she has her own Youtube channel, where she talks about make-up, gives relationship advice and recreates make-up looks. She also has an Instagram account and keeps her followers up to date by regularly posting pictures of herself, her friends and boyfriend. She is keen on photography, traveling and capturing beautiful moments in her life.

Family relationships

Jessica is the daughter of the internationally famous writer Joanne ‘J.K.’ Rowling, and the Portuguese journalist Jorge Arantes. J.K. Rowling, is the author of the “Harry Potter” fantasy novel series popular across the globe, and Jorge was a television journalist, however, the couple separated five months after their daughter was born after a turbulent relationship, and Rowling left Portugal with her daughter and went to live with her sister in Scotland. According to authoritative sources, Arantes used to beat-up Rowling, and she even had to file a restraining order against him when he appeared in Scotland. After they divorced, Rowling remarried in 2001and has a son called David and a daughter called Mackenzie with Dr. Neil Murray to whom she is still married to. This means that Jessica has two half-siblings and a step-father. Jessica got her name from her mother’s favorite writer Jessica Mittford. J.K. didn’t have an amazing childhood – her parents never believed in her, and thought that she would never earn serious money from writing, even though she showed a lot of talent from an early age. Being a single mother taught her much, and that is why she symphatizes with single parents and runs a charity organization called Gingerbread, which helps support single parents.

From Portugal to Scotland

J.K. Rowling has come a long way from a penniless, single mother living in Edinburgh, Scotland with her newborn daughter, to a wordwide known author and entrepreneur. When J.K.’s mother passed away, she moved to Portugal and that’s where she met her first husband, and where she started writing what are now one of the most famous books in the world. Even though she once considered commiting suicide because of poverty and depression, she remained strong for her daughter, although so depressed at one point she even thought that something bad was going to happen to Jessica. Her ex-husband was a drug addict and he kicked her out of his house in Portugal; according to ABC news, she thought of her life and marriage as a failure: ‘I’d had a short and quite catastrophic marriage. I had to get my baby back to Britain and re-build us a life, and adrenaline kept me going.’ Fortunately, she didn’t give up, and nowadays her name is recognized in all parts of the world.

Jessica Arantes

Jessica’s Career

Apart from being an Instagram model and make-up lover, Jessica owns a clothing line called JC Closefit. All of her clothes are on her website, and are unique yet affordable. Some clothing items are for both men and women, and include T-shirts, underwear and socks with interesting designs. Not only is she creative, she also has a talent for singing. A few years ago, she posted a video on YouTube of herself singing Christina Aguilera’s song “Beautiful”, and received a lot of compliments for her cover of the song.

Personal Life

She is in a long-term relationship with Ronny Dias, which seems quite serious since they’ve been dating for over a year now. His Instagram is private and there isn’t a lot of information about him online, but Jessica posts a lot of pictures with him on a regular basis from various locations. Last year they even celebrated Christmas together with her family in her family home in Portugal.

Net Worth

The information about her net worth and income is estimated by authoritative sources at $300,000, with most of her annual income coming from her clothing line. According to Forbes, her mother’s net worth is now close $900 million, as of early 2019.


Jessica has long, naturally brown hair and big, brown eyes. As her Instagram photos show, she has a strong fashion sense, as she dresses modern and stylish which is quite typical for people her age. She likes to play with make-up, so her Instagram account is overflowing with make-up looks and glamorous posing.

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