Who is Brandon Curington? His Age, Height, Dating, Networth

Brandon Curington, widely known as “Brandon the Barber,” actually is a barber, and a social media personality, who rose to fame for cutting hair while shirtless. He’s well respected for being able to produce stunning hairstyles with incredible precision.

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Rise to fame, family, education

Brandon Curington was born on 19 September 1990, in Chicago, Illinois USA, and is 33 years old today. He displayed a strong passion for hair styling, and began by cutting his own hair at age 12. Soon afterwards, he started working as an apprentice at a local barber shop, where he honed his skills. In 2016, with the accumulation of knowledge and skills, Brandon took the decisive step of enrolling in a reputable barber school. Successfully obtaining his license, he emerged as a certified barber equipped with the technical expertise and creative flair to transform hair locks into works of art. Eager to carve his niche in the bustling hairstyling scene, Brandon set up his own studio in the vibrant city of Los Angeles.

Since establishing his studio, Brandon the Barber has quickly risen to prominence, earning a stellar reputation for his exceptional talent and distinctive approach to hairstyling. He’s garnered considerable attention on social media for his fascinating character and style, be it getting covered in oil by his barber apprentices or conducting haircuts shirtless in a pair of boxers.

Not much has been revealed about his parents – some reports claim that he lost his mother at a young age, while his father was absent, so it’s unclear who raised him in early childhood.

He also hasn’t talked about his education, but it’s likely that he matriculated from a local high school, then focused on his career as a barber.

Career and social media presence

Since he created his Instagram account, Brandon has garnered a following of over 90,000, with nearly 1000 posts, mostly the results of his haircuts, as a way of promoting his business. He also occasionally posts updates from his daily life, and highlights from partying with his friends.

As of 2023, Brandon is part of the hip-hop music group “Virgo Gang,” alongside his friend known as CEO; Brandon himself uses the stage name “Xclusive” when he performs as part of the group, but hasn’t revealed why he chose that name. The group has a YouTube channel with just under 200 subscribers, as they’ve uploaded only nine videos. They also run an Instagram account, on which they have a following of around 6000 fans. So far, they’ve produced two albums, “Virgo Train” and “A Virgo Gang Christmas.” They’ve only achieved limited success, with their most popular song on YouTube reaching just 5,000 views. Their popular songs include titles such as “Gotta Move On,” “If I was a Hoe,” and “Gay Gay.”

They’ve branded themselves as a Gay Rap Duo, and have achieved some success with their live performances. When on stage, the Virgo Gang are very expressive and frequently strip and kiss on the stage, which makes for a sensational performance.

In 2023, Brandon ventured on to becoming a DJ, and started promoting his live shows on his Instagram account, using the stage name “XXXclusive,” with his unique approach to DJing in the nude. He’s made numerous live performances, with many more scheduled.

Aside from being a DJ and musician, Brandon has also stepped into the world of entrepreneurship, creating his own line of underwear and T-shirts. It’s unclear whether he’s had much success with this project, but his wide popularity will likely support him on this mission.


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Struggle with mental health

In addition to his distinctive hairstyling approach, Brandon openly discusses his personal battles with mental health issues and addiction. Through interviews and social media, he shares his journey of grappling with anxiety and depression, bringing attention to the often taboo subject of mental health and overall well-being. Brandon’s willingness to share his experiences has created an atmosphere of understanding and empathy within his community of clients, followers, and peers. His openness has had a profound impact, encouraging conversations about seeking professional help, practicing self-care, and dismantling the barriers surrounding discussions on mental health.

His own struggles with mental health and anxiety likely relate to him being gay and somewhat stigmatized in society. However, he doesn’t shy away from his nature, and is very expressive of his sexuality and unique character.

Beyond his prowess with clippers and his online presence, Brandon has emerged as a catalyst for change. Leveraging his platform, he advocates for increased awareness about mental health, emphasizes the importance of self-care, and promoting the embracing of individual uniqueness. He stands out not only for his hairstyling skills, but also for his role as an advocate fostering positive discussions and promoting well-being in his community.


Brandon Curington has short black hair and deep black eyes, is 5ft 11ins (1.80m) tall, weighs around 154lbs (70kg), and is very slim and athletic, attributed to regularly going to the gym. Brandon has several tattoos on his body, most notably a large pattern with wings across his chest.

His style includes various suits, leather jackets and shirts, which he almost always wears unbuttoned to show of his chest. He loves to accessorize with shiny jewelry such as earrings, chains with writing, and rings.

Hobbies and interests

When he’s away from the barber shop and the stage, Brandon likes to relax to some video games, his favorite being GTA V. He’s uploaded a video on his Instagram which features him playing the game with his stage partner CEO.

Brandon is a big fan of sports and luxury cars, and frequently attends car shows and races. He also enjoys watching the Formula 1 races, with his favorite team being Ferrari.

Net Worth

As of 2023, Brandon Curington has an estimated net worth of around $1 million. His primary source of income is his popular barber shop, and he’s looking to expand his business in the near future. He also likely makes a substantial income from his live performances as a DJ, as well as with Virgo Gang.

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