Who is Dan Harmon’s ex-wife Erin McGathy? Her Wiki: Divorce, Net Worth, Affair, Personal Life, About

• Born in Japan in 1985
• Net worth of over $5 million
• Developed interest in improvisational comedy in high school
• Collaborated on multiple podcasts and television series
• Currently living in Dublin, Ireland

Who is Erin McGathy?

Erin McGathy was born on 5 December 1985, in Japan, and is a comedian and actress, podcast host, and artist probably best known for her work on the podcast “Harmontown”. She’s also worked on “This Feels Terrible” and “Human Conversation” alongside Wayne Federman.

The Wealth of Erin McGathy

How rich is Erin McGathy? As of mid-2018, sources inform us of a net worth that is over $5 million earned through success in her numerous endeavors, and also benefited from her marriage to Dan Harmon which lasted for a year. As she continues her career, it is expected that her wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life and Podcast Beginnings

While Erin was born in Japan, her father was a preacher, and her family later moved to San Diego, California where she was raised. During high school, she developed a strong interest in improvisational comedy, and joined the Upright Citizens Brigade which is a comedy sketch and improvisational group based in Chicago. She began performing in the group’s theatre in 2007, leading her to eventually work on her own projects. In 2010, she debuted her solo show about relationships called ‘This Feels Terrible”, which premiered at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre. From its stage beginnings also came the idea of a podcast of the same name, to which were invited various friends and comedians as guests to talk about their relationships. Numerous popular comedians can be heard on the show, including Rob Schrab, Dan Harmon, Wayne Federman and Marc Maron. Her collaboration with these other artists led her to be featured in other podcasts as well. She also had a guest role in an episode of the television series “Community”, created by Dan Harmon.

Harmontown and Other Work

Thanks to her association with Harmon, McGathy became a frequent guest in the podcast called “Harmontown” which gained considerable popularity thanks to Harmon’s shows “Rick and Morty” and “Community”. The show also featured Jeff B. Davis from “Whose Line is It Anyway?”, and was initially a live comedy show, but after Harmon left the community it has been released as a podcast. Numerous guests have also been heard on the show, including Dana Carvey, Felicia Day, Aubrey Plaz, and John Mayer. The show later started a Dungeons & Dragons session at the end of each episode of which she became a regular member.

During 2014, she made a guest appearance in the television series “Drunk History” which is based on the web series of the same name. In each episode a narrator who is inebriated tries to recount an event from history. The following year, McGathy became the co-host of another podcast entitled “Human Conversation”, alongside comedian Wayne Federman, in which the two discuss various topics without the aid of technology.  The show ran for a few months before it eventually ended late in the year.

Marriage to Dan Harmon

Dan Harmon is an actor, writer and producer, who gained his popularity through the NBC sitcom “Community” which he created, and produced for most of its run. He later worked on the animated series “Rick and Morty” which he co-created, which drew a lot of acclaim for its humor, creativity and originality. He is also the founder of the television network Channel 101, and has published the book “You’ll Be Perfect When You’re Dead”. He also continues to work on the podcast “Harmontown”.

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Erin and Dan were married in 2014, and their relationship was the focus of a “Harmontown” documentary which chronicled the podcast’s tour across America. However, they announced a year later that they were getting divorced – no details have been released about their relationship or why they divorced, and since then, Erin has not been seen as a regular member of the “Harmontown” podcast. Harmon has had a few controversies in the past, especially misconduct towards other people., including by writer Megan Ganz whom Harmon made advances to, and then mistreated after he was rejected. He went on to make a lengthy statement on his podcast before he was forgiven.

Personal Life and Social Media

For her personal life, it is known that McGathy moved to Dublin, Ireland in early 2016, and has had fewer projects since ending her association with Harmon. She is active online through websites such as Instagram and Twitter, which give details on some of her recent endeavors. Most of her projects have been focused on Ireland, but she’s done stand-up comedy as well as theatrical projects in Edinburgh, and worked on numerous festivals and events held in the country. She’s moved on from her past relationship, and can be seen in pictures with a new boyfriend though details about him are yet to surface.

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