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Who is Dianna Dahlgren?

Dianna was born in Spokane, Washington State USA, on 4 February 1990, under the zodiac sign of Aquarius, and holds American nationality. Her family background is unknown, but we do know that she has a brother and a sister. She is best known for her modelling career, but she is also a TV Host, fitness instructor, five times Miss Supercross, IFBB Pro Athlete and a WWE competitor.

Early life and education

Dianna began her modelling career when she was only 13 – she was noticed by a well-reputed models manager, signed a contract and worked a few odd surf jobs, but then didn’t appear in front of the camera until she turned 18.


Becoming a spokesmodel for the popular brands Toyo Tires, Monster Energy and Budweiser marked the beginning of her professional modelling career. She went on to win the IFBB Bikini Pro competition, after which she received photo shoot offers from several famous magazines. She appeared in a couple of them, including “Fitness Hers”, “Muscular Development” and “Fitness RX”, and then started working as a model for bikini and lingerie brands.

She is a media correspondent for Fox Sports 1 at the Supercross series, and goes live every weekend – she has won the Miss Supercross title five consecutive times, more than anybody else. She also competed in WWE Tough Enough IV, but while she was doing it, one of her really close friends was seriously injured at work, so she decided to quit and was replaced by Chelsea Green. This friend of hers worked in her bar in Washington, and he became completely paralyzed after getting into a fight with an unruly customer. She explained how he dropped everything he was doing to help her when she was opening that bar, so she had no choice but to leave WWE and go and help him. She also said during an interview that she would have loved to get back to WWE after taking care of him, however, other obligations came along and she never did.

Dianna Dahlgren

Personal life

Dianna was dating Ryan Bates for quite a long time before they decided to marry on 30 March 2016. Ryan is an ex- Navy Seal, and owned the “Globe Bar & Kitchen” before selling it in 2017. Dianna gave birth to their son, Hunter on 12 February 2017, and they are currently all living together in Wildomar, California. She describes herself as ‘self-motivated, self-driven badass’ who is always finding new projects to do and trying to be better at what she does.

Appearance and net worth

She is currently 28 years old, has long blue hair and blue eyes, is 5ft 8ins (1.72m) tall, and weighs around 132lbs (60kgs), and her vital statistics are 35D-25-36. She wears dress size six and shoes size nine. According to authoritative sources, her net worth is estimated to be over $2 million, and her biggest source of income is her modelling work.

Social media presence

You can understand that online appearance is of crucial significance to someone who works as a model, and therefore Dianna is very active on social media platforms. Her Instagram account is followed by nearly half a million people, while she’s posted more than 1,800 times. She opened her Twitter account in April 2009, and has so far gathered 65,000 followers and tweeted nearly 20,000 times. She started her YouTube channel on 10 January 2012 but has only uploaded three videos for about 2,500 followers. She also has a Facebook page with 300,000 followers, and let’s not forget about Dianna’s website on which you can buy her calendars and posters, see her pictures and buy the shirts which she’s designed, both for babies and adults.

Dianna’s nutritional strategy

As a fitness instructor, Dianna also helps people with their diets and fitness advise. She herself doesn’t worry that much about what she eats, because she is constantly training and so burning calories. She claims to not care if she eats a couple of desserts per week, unless there is a big competition coming up – then she pays attention to everything, and exercises twice as much. She still says that moderation is the key, you can have a little but not a lot as too much hurts you mentally, physically and spiritually.


Dianna has won a number of awards including 2009 NPC Team Universe, 2010 Europe Battle of Champions, 2011 Phoenix pro and 2012 Los Angeles Pro.


She loves to ride her bike in the desert, and snowboard in high mountains as she is an adrenaline addict and is into extreme sports. She also likes dressing up and putting on her make-up for Halloween – she’s never missed a party during this holiday. She bought a marine boat on 4 March 2019 and is now ready to go to Canyon Lake as she has been planning it for so long.

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