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Jen Blanco

Social media influencer and Instagram model Jen Blanco was born in 2000 in Maryland, USA, and is known for her sultry online snaps which leave little to the imagination. Although her exact birthday is unknown, the brunette previously shared that she is a Gemini, meaning that she was born between May 21st and June 20th.

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Although Jen has gone under the knife various times and is occasionally criticized for apparently using Photoshop, her impressive physique is still one of the main talking points surrounding the TikTok sensation. According to online sources, Jen – who is of Puerto Rican descent – is 5ft 4in (163cm) tall and weighs 143lbs (65kgs), with reported vital statistics of 36-27-47.

As Jen has been a popular internet name since 2020, there are plenty of old photos of her looking much more natural. For now, we know that the brunette has had a breast augmentation and Brazilian butt lift; the latter surgery is extremely popular amongst Instagram models, as it consists of transferring the fat from your belly, thighs, and other areas to your buttocks.

When comparing past images to her recent TikTok videos, the change in Jen’s facial features is clearly evident, which could also be the work of filters or FaceTune, as her skin tone has also undergone a radical transformation.


In a 2021 interview with Vanguard, Jen provided plenty of helpful tips to aspiring influencers, with the first being to network and connect with people in their field of interest. Speaking of her travels, Jen shared that Los Angeles and Miami are two of her favorite cities to visit, and not just thanks to their fantastic views, shops, and restaurants, but because she was able to meet with fellow influencers.

‘I had an opportunity with people who are in the same industry as I am… I was also able to learn new methods of social media growth,’ Jen explained. Regarding future travel plans, the Maryland native wished to see Greece, Dubai, Paris, and Tokyo.

In a more in-depth conversation with Village Voice, we learned that Jen went from unknown to having 400,000 followers in just four months. Thanks to her Instagram modeling career, she was able to leave her minimum wage job, and earn up to six figures a year despite not having a background in marketing or social media.

In 2021, Jen was gaining 100,000 followers a month organically, which is no small feat in the cutthroat influencer industry. ‘Thanks to the knowledge I’ve acquired, I can monetize my accounts and explore new platforms with confidence,’ she stated.

Although some may think that Jen was lucky enough to have the algorithm work in her favor, the Puerto Rican claims that she became so popular on social media by virtue of knowing what she was passionate about and deciding to make it happen no matter what.

During the early days of her career, Jen paid marketing agencies to help boost her profile, which meant that she didn’t learn how to grow by herself. After ditching the agencies, she made her @viraljen TikTok account, which currently boasts five million followers and over 38 million likes. Despite paying for ads to help attract viewers and likes, Jen stopped doing so when most of her videos went viral; she then began posting consistently to gain more traction.

Jen also spoke of her five-year plan, which included owning a mansion and becoming a popular YouTuber. Both goals are still a work in progress – the TikToker films most of her content inside an apartment or condo, whereas her YouTube channel has over 450,000 subscribers at time of writing, but an extremely low engagement rate.


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Those who aren’t familiar with Jen will be curious to know what she actually uploads. Her videos are all between five and 15 seconds long and mainly consist of her showing off her impressive body in workout clothes. Unlike other content creators, Jen is a total mystery, with just five Instagram posts and no Q&A videos: however, this has worked in her favor, as her followers appear to have no interest in her personal life.

Reading Jen’s earlier interviews, one might mistakenly think that the Instagram star was a travel influencer or something of the sort. Although that may have been her original intention, Jen has since used her online popularity to branch out into OnlyFans, on which she provides her paying subscribers with adult content.

It’s unclear how much Jen is making from OnlyFans, but it seems to be her main source of income at the moment. The brunette has no brand partnerships that we know of, as she never tags any clothing companies in her posts, and TikTok only pays between $20 and $40 per million views – which only adds up when you get to the hundreds of millions, a number that Jen has yet to crack.

Netizens previously insinuated that Jen is earning money via illicit means in order to pay for her plastic surgery procedures and other expenses, but there’s no proof of this. In any case, the brunette is used to receiving online hate, as in November 2022 she made headlines after posting a video to prove that she didn’t Photoshop her body. Although some viewers were impressed and asked for her secrets, one shrewd TikToker wrote: ‘No Photoshop but you didn’t say no surgery’, whereas another one recommended that she do hamstring exercises to tone up.


Jen is such a private individual that she’s never revealed any details pertaining her dating life. No significant other has ever featured in her photos or videos, either, so we can safely assume that the TikToker is single or keeping her partner a secret, as of late 2023.

The influencer and model is reportedly worth $700,000, but we find that $250,000 is a more accurate figure. With that said, analytics websites believe that Jen has a huge earning potential if she ever decides to go into collaborations or partnerships in the future.

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