Who is Mädchen Amick’s husband, David Alexis? His wiki, marriage, family, wife, kids, Sylvester Amick Alexis, Mina Tobias

• David Alexis is a songwriter and musician, married to actress Mädchen Amick.
• They met in the late '80s and married in 199•
• Alexis is of Afro-American ethnicity and his birth year is estimated to be 1970.
• He has a net worth of over $4 million and an annual income of $400,000.
• He does not have any social media presence but is often featured in the profiles of his wife and children.

Who is Mädchen Amick’s husband, David Alexis?

David Alexis is a songwriter and a musician married to actress Mädchen Amick. He met Amick during the late ‘80s when he was an aspiring musician, and soon after they married, Amick’s career took off with the cult television series “Twin Peaks”. Alexis took a step back in his career as a supportive husband, while still continuing to be a music producer and a songwriter away from the media spotlight, as they welcomed two children to the family soon after their marriage.

David Alexis

The early life of David Alexis

Alexis was born in the USA and celebrates his birthday on 9 May, making him a Taurus. His birth year is not known, but it has been mentioned that he and his wife are of the same age, which makes his birth year 1970 as is hers. Alexis is of Afro-American ethnicity, but details of his parents and family have not been made public.

Height, Weight, and Appearance of David Alexis

David Alexis is tall and heavily built, with long black hair which he wears in a signature braids style which he has not changed since he got into the public eye. His personal style is minimal and understated, with jeans, black leather jackets, and mostly monochromatic ensembles. He also wears a pair of black round sunglasses coupled with a black hat, which he has consistently maintained as his signature look, even when he appeared in the red carpets since the ‘80s.

David Alexis’s Career as a musician

Alexis keeps a rather low profile in his steady career working as a musician, songwriter and a music producer since the late ‘80s. He also works as a personal music trainer for aspiring musicians, and supported his wife’s short venture into music as well. He has been credited plenty of times as a songwriter and a music composer during his career, for over 20 years.

When did David Alexis get married?

David Alexis met Mädchen Amick who was his neighbor at the time, in 1987, and when both were struggling teenage artists in Los Angeles. Their relationship started off as a friendship, and Alexis helped Amick with her singing as a personal music trainer. Their friendship eventually grew into a romance, and the couple married on 9 December 1992 after four years of dating, and they are evidently still happily married after 26 years with a daughter and a son. They have not had any affairs or scandals as a couple during the long period of time they have been together, which is a rare success story in Hollywood.

David Alexis’s Family and Children

David Alexis and Mädchen Amick welcomed their first child on 5 July 1992, a son they named Sylvester Time Amick-Alexis. Soon after their marriage, they had their daughter Mina Tobias Amick-Alexis on 2 September 1993 – the 25-year-old Mina is now an aspiring singer, and released her first single -“Freedom” – in 2015. The music video for the song had an endearing homage to “Twin Peaks”, which was the turning point of her mother’s career and rise to fame.

What is David Alexis’s Net worth?

Although not being a part of any popular music studio, or taking credit publically for his work, the net worth of David Alexis is estimated by sources at over$4 million, and it’s reported that his annual income is close to $400,000. As of 2019, Mädchen Amick’s net worth is estimated at $3 million, with her successful portrayal in the popular ongoing TV series “Riverdale” which was recently renewed for a fourth season.

How did David respond to Mädchen’s “Nude Scene” scandal

“Witches of The East End” is a popular American TV series that premiered in 2013, starring Mädchen Amick as Wendy Beauchamp, one of the main characters in the show, that of an eccentric and sultry witch, so Mädchen had quite a few revealing and nude scenes on screen. Playing these scenes as a 40+-year-old actress created some controversial dialogue among critics, but she addressed them saying that it was all about the character, and that David was extremely supportive of his wife’s career choices.

David Alexis in Social Media

Alexis keeps a low profile when it comes to his personal life, as well as his professional life, and does not have known profiles in any of the major social media platforms. Nonetheless, he is often featured in the social media profiles of his wife and children, as Mädchen is very active on Instagram with over 2.5 million followers, and often posts adoring pictures of David, including throwback pictures back in the ‘80s when they first started dating.

Their daughter Mina, the aspiring musician is also quite active on Instagram, often posting family pictures.

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