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Maxmoefoe Wiki Bio

Maxwell ‘Max’ Stanley – aka Maxmoefoe – is an Australian YouTuber and podcaster, known for his comedic and prank videos, as well as his collaborations with fellow YouTubers iDubbbz and FilthyFrank. As of late 2023, Max is not active on his main channel anymore, but frequently uploads new videos onto MaxmoefoePokemon, which is dedicated to his passion for collection Pokémon cards and other video game memorabilia.

Early Life and Education

Max was born on 10 August 1993 in Nannup, Western Australia. His mother worked as a nurse, while his father is a painter and illustrator. Max has three brothers and a sister.

During his high school years, Max was a member of a punk band called Your Judgement Means Nothing. It was also around this time that he learned 2D animation, which he would later utilize in some of his YouTube videos.

Max matriculated from the local high school in 2011, but didn’t enroll at a college, but focused on his career as a content creator.

Career on YouTube

Max launched his YouTube channel in 2007, but didn’t start uploading videos until a year later. Some of his first videos included vlogs, pivot animations and gameplays of “Call of Duty”.

In 2012, he made his first prank call video which was an instant hit. In the following months, he continued uploading similar recordings, which feature him calling various businesses and making ridiculous inquires such as asking a 7-11 employee to inspect bread for him because it’s ‘bread check day’.

Max’s channel also features a series in which he opens fan mail, which has become a fan favorite. These videos, often unpredictable and filled with unusual items sent by viewers, showcase a more interactive side of Max’s channel.

Another significant aspect of Max’s content at the time were his challenge videos, which range from food challenges, which saw him eating or drinking bizarre and unappetizing concoctions, to more physical or endurance-based challenges.

It’s worth noting that a large portion of Max’s content features adult language and controversial humor, which could be offensive to some viewers, and for which he was banned from YouTube on two separate occasions.

In 2015, Max made a major change to his channel, announcing that he was going to stop making prank calls and unboxing videos. He became primarily recognized for collaborating with FilthyFrank and iDubbbz, with occasional appearances from Anything4Views and HowToBasic. In their videos, they often participated in unusual or gruesome activities, such as eating a cake made of human hair.

In addition to his main channel, in 2011, Max launched his second channel MaxmoefoeTwo which featured a range of vlogs capturing his day-to-day activities. This content often portrays a more personal and casual side of Max, different from the structured content on his main channel.

As of December 2023, Maxmoefoe’s main channel numbers almost three million subscribers; some of the most popular videos on the channel include ”Slip ‘N’ Slide Death – (Feat. HowToBasic)”, “Super Trash Bros. VS. Dankey Kang”, and “Deadly Twister 2”, all of which have amassed more than 18 million views. At some point, the subscriber count exceeded three million subscribers but this number has evidently been on a slow decline since then, due to Max’s inactivity – Max hasn’t uploaded new videos to his main channel since 2017, and onto MaxmoefoeTwo since 2020.


Launched as a distinct entity from his main channel, MaxmoefoePokemon showcases Max’s deep interest in Pokémon, particularly in collecting and discussing Pokémon cards. One of the most popular series on the channel involves Max opening vintage Pokémon card packs, which offer a nostalgic trip for many viewers. Videos featuring rare card unboxings, such as those from limited edition sets or special promotional releases, tend to attract significant viewership, often garnering millions of views.

Although the channel was initially exclusively about Pokémon, Max has since began making videos about collectibles and toys, not necessarily related to Pokémon. Even though these videos greatly differ from his old content, Max maintains his usual sense of humor which attracted his fans in the first place.

MaxmoefoePokemon has amassed close to two million subscribers; some of the most popular videos on the channel are “30 Spongebob Mem Capsules” and “Opening Every Amiibo Ever Made”.


Along with Chad Roberts (Anything4Views), Max co-host the “Cold Ones” podcast. The podcast is a blend of comedy, interviews, and discussions about a variety of topics, often featuring Internet culture, YouTube community insights, and general banter.

The podcast has been well-received for its entertaining approach and the chemistry between the hosts. Viewers appreciate the candid nature of the discussions, and the opportunity to see a different side of popular Internet personalities.


Max’s content often pushes the boundaries of conventional humor. This style, while appealing to many, can also lead to controversy due to its occasionally explicit or (apparently) offensive nature. His pranks, in particular, have been a point of contention, as they sometimes involve unsuspecting people who may not appreciate being part of such content. In addition, since the ‘victims’ were usually service industry employees, some of them potentially risked being fired and losing their income because they fell for a Max prank.

With YouTube’s evolving policies on content and monetization, some of Max’s videos have been demonetized, while his main channel was suspended twice. Both times were a result of Max’s Omegle chat videos; the first time, his video contained a screen capture of a seemingly underage boy masturbating. Although the problematic part was censored, YouTube considered it extremely inappropriate for the platform, resulting in a temporary ban. In another Omegle video from 2012, Max pretended to be a 13 year old girl, and ended up revealing that one of the people he talked to was a pedophile. The video was subsequently removed from YouTube, and Max was banned for another two weeks, after which he stopped making Omegle content.

Love Life and Girlfriend

Max married his long-term girlfriend Katherine Foxx in November 2023. The two have been in a relationship since 2015. Katherine, who is known for her work as a social media celebrity and is also an Australian flight attendant working for Qantas, has appeared several times in Max’s YouTube videos, and on other social media platforms.

The couple often shares their moments together on social media, including trips to Japan, skydiving, dinner dates, and shopping. They have been seen celebrating various occasions together, such as Valentine’s Day, New Year’s, and most recently, their wedding.

Net Worth

As of December 2023, Max’s net worth is estimated to be more than $1 million. His YouTube channels are a significant source of his income, with estimated monthly earnings of up to $16,000, while his yearly earnings are estimated at close to $170,000.

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