Who is Mikayla Saravia (KKVSH), and what does she do for a living?

Mikayla Saravia, known by her social media handle KKVSH, is an American social media star, model and entrepreneur, who’s captured the attention of millions with her unique content posted on platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, and OnlyFans. Her journey to fame is an intriguing one, and her extraordinary features, coupled with her business ventures, have made her a prominent figure in the world of social media.

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Early Years, Family, and Education

Mikayla Saravia, born on 29 October 1997, in West Palm Beach, Florida, hails from a diverse background, with Jamaican and Salvadorian roots. Despite her considerable presence on social media, she seldom discloses detailed information about her parents and her brother, opting to keep this aspect of her life relatively confidential.

Interestingly, her father’s Salvadorian heritage led many to assume that she was proficient in Spanish, a language commonly spoken in her father’s homeland. However, Mikayla dispelled this notion, revealing that she never acquired fluency in it, largely due to her father’s work commitments that left him with little time to teach her the language.

In a remarkable journey to connect with her roots, her family embarked on a visit to El Salvador, staying with her father’s relatives for two months. This experience was nothing short of eye-opening for Mikayla, as it exposed her to a vastly different way of life. She found herself living on a farm where her family tended to around 40 cows, cared for 100 chickens, and cultivated various plants. Mikayla recalls that the daily routine, which included manually flushing the toilet using a bucket of water, felt like a novel adventure.

As for her education, Mikayla attended a series of public schools in Florida, including Palm Beach Public Elementary School, Bak Middle School of the Arts, and Palm Beach Lakes Community High, later transferring to Mavericks High School in Palm Springs. While she then pursued a college education at Palm Beach State College, it remains unclear whether she completed her degree. During her high school years, Mikayla participated in sports, including volleyball, track and field (particularly discus throwing), and powerlifting. While she might not be a fervent sports fan, she is open to watching various sports if they happen to be on TV.

Mikayla Saravia’s formative years have been marked by diverse experiences, a reflection of her down-to-earth character, and her unique path to fame.

Career and Rise to Popularity

Mikayla’s ascent to stardom can be traced back to her distinctive and remarkable physical feature – an unusually long tongue. This unique characteristic set her apart in the world of social media, and played a pivotal role in amassing a substantial and devoted following across various platforms. Her social media metrics are indeed impressive, with over eight million followers on Instagram, 750,000 on Twitter, and a YouTube channel boasting 150,000 subscribers. Furthermore, she maintains an active presence on OnlyFans.

It’s worth noting that Mikayla or KKVSH faced a setback when her original Instagram account, @kkvsh, was either suspended or banned. Undeterred, she opened two new accounts on the platform to stay connected with her audience. Her first account, @mikaylasaravia, has garnered close to 450,000 followers and is often considered her personal space. The second, @kkvsh, has approximately 900,000 followers, and serves as her business platform.

The decision to create a YouTube channel came as a strategic move, primarily driven by the challenges she encountered on Instagram. Her original reluctance to venture into video content was rooted in her apprehensions about her speech and vocal delivery, as she expressed concern that her unique enunciation might lead to misconceptions, plus, she initially disliked her own voice. However, with time and growing confidence in interacting with her followers, she overcame these insecurities and embraced the opportunity to create diverse content on the platform.

As her popularity continued to surge, Mikayla Saravia made a pivotal move to Los Angeles, California, a hub for entertainment and digital influencers. In the City of Angels, she began securing various lucrative collaborations with prominent brands, including the likes of Fashion Nova and Customs by Ari. Her career journey commenced with modeling gigs, which served as her springboard to fame, subsequently leading her to explore music videos and appearances at club events. Mikayla’s dynamic career path exemplifies her versatility and adaptability in the realm of social media and entertainment, in which her unique attributes and content creation skills have propelled her to impressive heights of success.

Dating History

Embracing bisexuality

Mikayla Saravia has consistently been open about her sexuality, identifying as bisexual. During her earlier days as a stripper, she discovered a connection with women, and engaged in same-sex relationships. However, she also has a romantic interest in men, emphasizing that her attraction to both genders reflects her appreciation for and enjoyment of diverse romantic possibilities.

Five years with Nick Hardy ended with a lawsuit

While KKVHS’ romantic life has piqued public interest, one of her most prominent relationships was with Nicolas Hunter, known as Nick Yardy. They were in a committed relationship for approximately five years before announcing their separation in October 2022. However, their break-up took a tumultuous turn, marred by allegations that Nick, during their relationship, took advantage of Mikayla’s status as a popular social media influencer.

Nick is alleged to have breached her trust by gaining unauthorized access to her OnlyFans account, downloading explicit content, including videos and photos, and selling them without her consent. In response to this, KKVHS not only ended the relationship, but also pursued legal action against Nick, seeking significant monetary compensation for the harm he’d caused.

This incident highlights the importance of trust and consent in both personal relationships and online platforms, in which digital privacy and ownership are crucial considerations.

Other rumored boyfriends

Rumors have linked her romantically to musicians such Popcaan, a Jamaican artist under Drake’s label, and Jimmy Stacks, another popular social media star. However, there have been no further developments in any of these potential relationships, or confirmation by either party.

Embracing Privacy in Love Life

Mikayla Saravia has chosen to keep her love life under wraps, influenced by past negative experiences of sharing her romantic partnerships publicly. She’s now reluctant to disclose whether she’s involved with someone or not, a decision she candidly discussed during a podcast appearance. Even if she were in a romantic connection, she has no intention of posting it on social media. Her reasoning behind this choice is rooted in the relentless individuals who actively seek to disrupt her personal life.

The OnlyFans star understands that once a partner is brought into the public eye, some online users turn into investigators, determined to unearth every detail about the individual. They may track down her partner’s online presence, slide into direct messages, and create disruptions. The driving force behind these actions often revolves around jealousy, or malicious intent.

Moreover, Mikayla acknowledges that her career can be a potential source of tension in her relationships. She believes that many prospective partners might not be comfortable with certain aspects of her business pursuits. Nevertheless, she remains open to the possibility of sharing her partner with the world if they are secure and comfortable with her chosen career. In her view, not everyone may understand the strategic planning and the deliberate nature of her online presence, designed to facilitate her success. Her patient approach involves waiting for the right moment in her career when she can proudly introduce her partner to the public, without any reservations.

By embracing privacy and seeking a partner who aligns with her career choices, Mikayla aims to strike a balance between her personal life and her online persona.

Surviving a Near-Death Ordeal

In April 2019, Mikayla Saravia faced a life-threatening ordeal when she was caught in a shooting incident at Lake Worth’s Howard Park. It resulted in an upper arm wound for Mikayla, with the bullet also causing damage to her left scapula, bruising a lung, and becoming lodged near her right scapula.

Medical professionals stressed that Mikayla was extraordinarily fortunate, as her injury could have had far graver consequences. The bullet had the potential to paralyze her or, tragically, lead to instant fatality. Grateful for a second chance at life, Mikayla had to endure several weeks with the bullet still inside her, as experts advised against immediate removal due to the potential for further damage.

The bullet was eventually removed in May 2019, and Mikayla took the unique step of documenting her entire experience on YouTube. With her entrepreneurial spirit, she recognized the immense public interest her story would generate, and the traction it could bring to her online presence. She divided her journey into three revealing videos:

  • “Second Chance / The Time I Got Shot”, which recounted the night of the shooting and Mikayla’s remarkable survival.
  • “Living With a Bullet Inside Me”, explaining the reasons behind living with the bullet for several weeks.
  • “Getting Bullet Removed From My Back”, highlighted the successful execution of the extraction procedure.

In the aftermath of the shooting, various speculations arose regarding its cause, including allegations that involved Mikayla’s then-boyfriend. It was suggested that the incident may have been linked to accusations of infidelity, with her boyfriend claiming she had a relationship with another social media figure, Jimmy Stacks. While there were rumors of her being seen leaving Jimmy’s place, no concrete evidence emerged.

Furthermore, there were accusations of an affair with a reggae singer, although these too remained in the realm of speculation. No arrests were made, and the perpetrator was never apprehended. In her videos, Mikayla attributed the shooting to gang violence, and resolved to use her platform to raise awareness. She concluded her message with a heartfelt plea: ‘I was lucky, but you or one of your family members may not be. Please put the guns down.’ Her survival served as a stark reminder of the broader issue of gun violence, prompting a call to action and change, sadly still ignored by those in authority.

Interesting Facts about KKVSH

In various Q&A sessions during podcast interviews and her own content, Mikayla, also known as KKVSH, has shared some intriguing details about her likes, dislikes, and life experiences:

The Evolution of Her Handle

The origin of the handle “KKVSH” traces back to her nickname “K Kush” within her social circle. Initially, it was a reference to her affinity for smoking weed, a habit she eventually outgrew, though she occasionally indulges in a joint. She now associates “KKVSH” with “K Kash,” reflecting her personal growth.

Preference for Dark-Skinned Men

In response to a question from a light-skinned fan about her dating preferences, Mikayla candidly expressed her preference for dark-skinned men, firmly believing they are ‘winning the game.’

Tattoo Artistry

Most of her tattoos adorn her left side, and feature iconic cultural symbols from Japan. Notable designs include a massive cherry blossom tree, a koi fish, a lotus flower, and the Rising Sun. Her ink collection also includes a geisha on her left bottom cheek, a dragon on her left thigh, and smaller tattoos like a single rose near her ear, a broken heart on the side of her left breast, and a stitched-up heart on her wrist.

Favorite recipe to prepare

The social media influencer’s favorite dish is shrimp tacos, and she prides herself on her recipe, declaring it the best among those shared by fellow social media personalities. She enjoys making and savoring her own creations.

First Love

When asked about the age at which she lost her virginity, Mikayla revealed it happened when she was 15 going on 16, just a few days before Valentine’s Day. She fondly recalled the experience, saying that the person she shared it with still keeps in touch.

Anime Enthusiast

Mikayla’s favorite anime movies include classics such as “Howl’s Moving Castle,” “Dragon Ball Z,” “Naruto,” and “Seven Deadly Sins.”

Musical Tastes

She has a penchant for rap music, with artists such as Drake and Young Thug topping her list of favorites.

Favorite color

From her earliest years, Mikayla has held a deep affection for the color purple, evident in her room back at her mother’s house, where shades of lavender and pink dominate the color scheme. In addition, Mikayla is also drawn to colors within the Calypso color palette, further reflecting her appreciation for bold and lively hues. Her affinity for these colors offers a glimpse into her personal aesthetic, and the vibrant world she creates around herself.

These captivating insights into Mikayla’s multifaceted personality, and her diverse interests beyond her online persona, showcase the many facets of this social media sensation.

Dealing with Online Negativity

As with many social media stars, Mikayla is no stranger to the daily barrage of negative comments on her social media accounts, often finding herself on the receiving end of hurtful remarks and criticism. In response, she emphasizes the importance of recognizing that, just like her, online critics are human beings with their own emotions and vulnerabilities.

Over time, she’s developed resilience in the face of negativity, learning to read these comments with a degree of detachment, occasionally finding humor in them. In some cases, she perceives these online detractors as individuals who may be grappling with their own challenges and unhappiness. It’s this empathy that sometimes leads her to respond by liking their comments, conveying the message that she acknowledges their existence and still holds love for them, even if they’ve caused her some emotional distress.

Her approach to handling online negativity underscores her ability to maintain a compassionate and composed perspective in a world where digital interactions can often be less than kind.


Mikayla is 5ft 5ins (165cms) tall, weighs about 148lbs (67kgs), with vital statistics of 34-29-38.  She has black hair, dark brown eyes, and is known notably for her incredibly long tongue, which measures 6.5 inches.

Net Worth

As of November 2023, Mikayla’s financial success has propelled her to an estimated net worth of close to $3 million. Her journey to financial prosperity began in 2019, when she earned nearly $100,000 merely by sharing captivating snapshots showcasing her distinctive long tongue on Instagram. Recognizing the iconic appeal of her tongue, she integrated it into her brand, featuring it prominently on the products available through her website.

Mikayla has further bolstered her income through lucrative brand deals, sponsored content, and paid subscriptions on OnlyFans, adding to her ever-growing financial portfolio. Additionally, her monetized YouTube channel and the merchandise available on her online store, KKVSH, serve as integral components of her multi-faceted revenue streams. Her remarkable financial journey underscores her entrepreneurial acumen, and the impressive earnings she’s generated through her unique online presence.

In conclusion, Mikayla Saravia – KKVSH – has carved out a unique path to fame and success through social media, modeling, entrepreneurship, and her distinct physical feature. Her journey is a testament to the power of self-expression, and the ability to turn one’s individuality into a thriving career.

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