Who is the “Black Hood” Lochlyn Munro Wiki Bio, net worth, wife, family

• Richard Laughlain Munro, born in 1966 in British Columbia, is best known for his role in the “Charmed” TV series.
• Munro’s first TV series roles were in “21 Jump Street” and “Wiseguy” in 1987 and 1990, respectively.
• His most notable role is “Black Hood” in the “Riverdale” TV series.
• Munro is married to Sharon Munro and they have two children together.
• Munro has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Who is “Black Hood” Lochlyn Munro?

Richard Laughlain Munro was born in Lac la Hache, British Columbia, Canada on 12 February 1966, under the zodiac sign of Aquarius. He is best known for his acting career, mostly for his role in the “Charmed” TV series.

Early life and education

Munro’s dream was not to become a famous actor, but a successful ice hockey player, however, a serious injury destroyed that dream – his hockey season lasted for 26 seconds before he broke his femur as a defenceman, and due to the fact that he couldn’t do much physically, he bought a guitar and started playing it. He also decided to study drama and improvisational comedy (he was studying together with Susan Strasberg) while playing music in clubs around Vancouver in order to earn a living. His first thought about becoming an actor came after he saw the “Midnight Express” movie, which he loved and couldn’t stop talking about it, so he figured that maybe he could be the one who gets to tell all those amazing stories.


Munro’s first TV series roles include in “21 Jump Street” shot in 1987, and “Wiseguy” in 1990, and his first movie appearance was in “Cadence” in the same year, in which he played a support role of a bartender. Munro appeared in so many movies and series that it is even hard for us to count all of them, but his most noticeable appearances include in two of “Moment of Truth” movies – “Stand Against Fear” and “Abduction of Innocence”.

His role of Jack Sheridan in the TV fantasy drama series “Charmed” in 1999 was the one which made him somewhat famous, popular throughout US as well as in Europe, which gained recognition on both continents. The series counts 179 episodes, and is about three sisters who are sort of witches who call themselves “charmed ones”, and use their powers to fight demons and ghosts – lead roles belong to Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano and Brian Krause. Some of Munro’s other important roles have been in “Without a Trace”, “CSI”, “CSI: Miami” and “CSI: NY”.

Munro never seems to have any free time as he is always filming. He’s acted alongside some of the world’s most famous actors, including Morgan Freeman, Gene Hackman, Clint Eastwood and Richard Harris – he loved just absorbing everything he could from them in order to improve his skills. He even got a chance to work with Leslie Nielsen who taught him a lot about comedy and comedy timing.

As of early 2019, Munro is shooting for “The Murders” and “Riverdale” TV series’.

“Black Hood”

Munro got his nickname “Black Hood” from the “Riverdale” TV series – he was a masked guy who was going around the city of Riverdale killing sinners but his terror ended in Season two’s penultimate episode. The fun part about all of this is that nobody really knew who “Black Hood” was going to be during the filming of the show, because they used a stuntman for his role. Only after Munro started shooting the part in which they took him out of his house with handcuffs on and put him in jail, did he realize that he was, in fact, “Black Hood”.

Other interests

Munro’s passion towards sports never really died, and during one of his interviews, he said that he would love to work as a sports anchor on television if he would only get a chance. Since he was a kid, he had that dream of being a sports coach, whether it’s football, soccer, hockey or baseball. His dream partially came true in 2015, when he was invited to advise budding actors, makeup artists, and aestheticians at the New Image College of Fine Arts private academy in Vancouver, and he has been holding classes there ever since.

Lochlyn Munro

Personal life

This actor has been married to the love of his life, Sharon Munro, since 14 June 1997 – the couple has two kids together, Magdalen and Hudson. Munro spends half of his time in Vancouver and half in Los Angeles, meaning half at home and half at work.

Other than this, there is nothing else known about Munro’s personal life – he doesn’t talk about his parents or his siblings, and he never mentions his ex-girlfriends.

Appearance and net worth

Munro is currently 53 years old. He has short brown hair, blue eyes, is 5ft 11ins (1.8m) tall and weighs around 158lbs (72kgs).

According to authoritative sources, his net worth is estimated to be around $2 million, but his annual salary is unknown as it varies according to the roles he gets.

Social media presence

The famous actor is very popular on social media platforms – he has an Instagram account with more than half a million followers and nearly 200 posts – he opened his Twitter account in March 2013, and has so far gathered 72,000 followers and tweeted more than 8,500 times.


Munro won a gold medal for waterskiing in the BC Summer games.

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