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• Yara Martinez was born in 1979 in Puerto Rico and is best known for her role of Kelly in “Hollywood Heights”.
• She studied ballet for 10 years under the influence of her grand-aunt Alicia Alonso.
• She is married to Joe Lewis, ex-head of Comedy at Amazon Studios.
• Her net worth is estimated to be over $1 million.
• Yara is active on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with over 85,000, 25,000 and 1,000 followers respectively.

Who is Yara Martinez?

Yara was born in Puerto Rico, USA, on 31 August 1979 under the zodiac sign of Virgo, and so holds American nationality. She is best known for her acting career, especially her role of Kelly in “Hollywood Heights”. There is little known about her family, except for the fact that she has two sisters as she’s posted a lot of pictures of them together on her Instagram account.

Early life and education

Soon after her birth, Yara moved to Miami with her family and grew up there. Before acting, she took ballet classes for ten years because she was influenced by her grand-aunt Alicia Alonso who is a famous prima ballerina. Yara never talked about her education in public, but it is rumored that she finished high school, however never tried to get a college degree.


She started her television career in 2006 playing a small role in the “Faceless” film, and kept on having guest-starring roles until a support one in “The Hitcher” 2007 crime horror movie, which won two awards and was nominated for two more. During the next five years, she appeared in numerous TV series, but only for an episode or two, including in “Vanished”, “Breakout Kings”, “Southland” shot in 2009, and “The Lying Game” shot in 2012.

You can say that Yara became somewhat famous for her role in “Hollywood Heights”, the primetime soap opera shot in 2012 appearing in 56 episodes. After this, she went back to having guest appearances in TV series such as “Jane the Virgin”, “True Detective” and “This is Us”.

Although Yara hasn’t had any lead roles or managed to win any awards, she still has time to succeed in these things in the future.

Personal life

Yara doesn’t seem to like to talk about her personal life – there were rumors that she was dating Joe Lewis, ex- head of Comedy at Amazon Studios, as they were seen walking together in the streets of Venice, and on 16 December 2016, Yara proved these rumors to be true when she uploaded a picture of her and Joe on Instagram, showing the ring on her finger with a caption “Gonna marry this man”. It took them a year and a half to marry on 6 March 2018. Again, they didn’t talk about the wedding in public, instead Yara just posted pictures from the wedding ceremony on her social media accounts. They don’t have any kids, and it seems they are not planning to have any yet as they are both focused on their careers.

Amazon Studios scandal

Amazon Studios were shaken in October, 2017 when Roy Price, who was head of the studio, was fired following a suspension over sexual harassment allegations. After he was out, the next person to leave the studios was Joe Lewis, his top lieutenant who was Head of Half Hour and Drama Series Development. It was a disappointing course of events as Lewis was promoted to that position just one year before the scandal – before that, he was overseeing development of half-hour series such as “Transparent” and the Golden Globe winning “Mozart in the Jungle”.

His girlfriend Yara was somehow connected to all of this, because there was a potential conflict of interest-influenced decisions as she was cast in Amazon’s “The Tick” TV series.

Yara Martinez

Comic Con

Yara went to her first Comic Con on 21 August 2017, during which she was interviewed by Joe Deckelmeier for the “screenrant” web portal, mostly talking about her role in “The Tick” – she played Ms. Lint who is ‘electric’ as that is her superpower, she can shoot electricity and fry people ‘like a pizza pocket’. One thing which Yara found funny was that she had a simple costume with only a bit of makeup, while all the guys had tons of makeup and had more complicated costumes to wear. She claims how she loved everyone in the cast, which is not something that happens very often, however, this team was just right for her and she was happy to spend some time with them during this comic con as they didn’t get to hang out much during the shooting of the series.

Appearance and net worth

The actress is currently 39 years old, has long brown hair and brown eyes, is 5ft 5ins (1.65m) tall, weighs around 128lbs (58kgs), and her vital statistics are 35-25-36. she wears dress size six and shoes size seven.

According to authoritative sources, Yara’s net worth is estimated to be over $1 million, all of which she’s earned from her roles in movies and TV series.

Social media presence

Yara cares about her social media appearance, but on the other hand, she doesn’t take it that seriously – she is quite popular on Instagram as she is followed by 85,000 people, and has posted nearly 500 times. She opened her Twitter account in February 2011, and has so far gathered almost 25,000 followers. She has a Facebook page as well although she hasn’t been active since 29 August 2017, but still has 1,000 followers.

As she said in an interview, most of the time Yara doesn’t read the comments on her pictures or on her Twitter posts – she loves to see something funny and says how it is weird that it is normal on social media platforms to say ‘Oh my god, I love you so much, I’m gonna die!’ while that would be so scary if someone said it in the street. She still thinks it is all fun and games as she never has any problems with her fans.

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