Why is Tommy Martinez Famous? His Age, Height, Wife, Net Worth

If you’ve watched drama series such as “Riverdale”, then you’re surely familiar with Tommy Martinez. Since starring in the aforementioned series and building a stable career as a model, Tommy has slowly made himself a name in the industry.

Ever since his acting debut in 2017, Tommy’s most memorable and popular role has been in the series “Good Trouble” as Gael Martinez, a character which hasn’t only made him reconnect with his Latino heritage but also touched subjects such as his sexual orientation and self-acceptance.

Now that Tommy Martinez’s popularity is on the rise, it’s the right time to learn more about him, including his beginnings in the industry, and his personal life. Stay here to learn more about him!

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Who Is Tommy Martinez?

Tommy Martinez was born on 20 March 1992 in Venezuela; his family moved to the US when he was four years old, establishing themselves in south Florida, as he revealed in an interview with ABookOf.us. Growing up in what he describes as ‘a little suburb town’, Tommy was unsure about which career he should study, until he stumbled upon acting during his early days in college, when he debuted in a short film of unknown name.

As Tommy describes that first experience, it was as if ‘an unshakable feeling’ ran through his body, convincing him right away that acting was what he was searching for. Seeing that he didn’t want to be in college, and aware that he’d found his lifetime passion, Tommy moved to Los Angeles in the hopes of making it big as an actor.

During his early days in California, Tommy made a living as a model for Wilhelmina Models, while taking acting classes on the side. He also signed up for an online acting agency, whic in the meantime allowed him to attend auditions and get himself known.

Regarding his choices, Tommy also told ABookOf.Us that he’s broken his family’s tradition of living a common life, instead letting his love for acting ‘take over’ all aspects of his life.


Tommy made his TV debut in a 2017 episode of the series “Shameless”, portraying the character Scott. Also that year, he made a brief appearance in an episode of “NCIS: Los Angeles”.

After getting his start with very small roles, Tommy became a recurrent star in “Riverdale” by portraying the character Machalai, the leader of the Ghoulies’ gang. As Tommy described in an interview with BriefTake, Machalai was a ‘bad person’ and there wasn’t much ‘meaning’ behind his actions than just him being an antagonist, yet he still found it ‘enjoyable’ to portray him.

Tommy’s last appearance in “Riverdale” was in 2018, letting him move on to other projects. He appeared as Jagger in the short “Through My Eyes”, and was also a guest in the Mexican comedy talk show “Noches Con Platanito”.

Although Tommy had a good start as an actor, he described his situation by late 2018 as ‘technically homeless’, given how he slept on a friend’s couch and didn’t have a place to call home.

Rise To Fame

Tommy Martinez’s definite taste of stardom came with his role as Gael Martinez, a main character in the “The Fosters” spin-off series “Good Trouble”. Gael is one of the love interests of the main character Callie, but the story also explores other aspects of his character, such as his bisexuality, family struggles, and personal goals.

Gael is a significant character for Tommy, not only because it’s been his biggest role to date, but also because he identifies with many aspects of him, beyond the fact they both share a last name. As Tommy revealed in an interview with BriefTake, Gael’s struggles with finances and making his dream as an artist come true, on top of his Hispanic heritage and sexual orientation, made him instantly connect with the character.

Regarding his time on set, Tommy also revealed that the “Good Trouble” cast got along very well, to the point he considered them a ‘family’, and not simply friends.

Tommy has also played characters in a variety of series, such as “The Mosquito Coast” as Juan, in “Bone, Marry, Bury” as Luis, and was Andres in a 2023 episode of “No Dead Yet”. Tommy also appeared in two episodes of the Prime Video series “Hunters”.

Personal Life

Tommy Martinez has been in a long-term relationship with actress Adeline Rudolph, who has appeared in “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” and “Listening In”. The pair has been together since 2018, but further details about how they met are unclear. Tommy and Adeline often share lovely pics of their relationship on social media, and red carpet moments.

In 2019, Tommy publicly revealed his bisexuality during an event related to “Good Trouble”. According to Tommy, he ‘had an experience’ with a man around 200,9 which he’d hidden for the longest time, as he was aware of the negative comments that LGBT people received in his community.

It was his character Gael Martinez which offered him the opportunity to reveal his sexual orientation to the world. Later on, Tommy told BriefTake that the day he ‘came out’ to the public, he’d briefly talked about his experiences with “Good Trouble” producer Bradley Bredeweg, who was very accepting. Alongside his “Good Trouble” co-star Sherry Cola, Tommy made a video spreading awareness about common misconceptions about bisexuality.

Regarding his hobbies, Tommy is an avid fan of photography, as it allows him to revisit important moments of his life. There’s also rock climbing and bike riding, with Harley-Davidson being his favorite.

Physical Appearance & Net Worth

Tommy Martinez is a man of Latino descent. He’s 6ft 2ins (1.88m) tall and has brown eyes and curly hair. He’s physically fit, often letting his followers see the results of his workout efforts in his Instagram pics.

According to online sources, Tommy has an estimated net worth of $450.000, resulting from his career as a model and actor, though his modest fortune is expected to increase as his career advances.

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