Zack Merrick (All Time Low): Wiki Bio, Age, Siblings, Net Worth, Relationship

• Zack Merrick is a famous musician, bass player and back up vocalist in All Time Low, a popular rock band from Baltimore
• He was born on April 21 and is 30 years old, 6 feet tall with brown hair and hazel eyes
• He joined All Time Low in 2003 and the band has recorded and released six successful albums
• In 2015, Zack won the award for best bassist, and he has a clothing line and net worth of $500,000
• Zack has had some turbulent love life, and once appeared on MTV's dating show “Exposed”

Until 2003, Zachary Steven Merrick was just an ordinary, shy teenager. But that year, his friend convinced him to start playing bass, and the rest was history. Now Zack Merrick is a famous musician, bass player and back up vocalist in All Time Low, one of the most popular rock bands from Baltimore.

Zack Merrick’s Personal Information

Zack Merrick is a younger of two kids from Mark and Carla Merrick. He has an older sister Samantha and a brother who’s also a musician. Now, Zack is 30, and he was born on 21 April in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. His sun sign is Taurus. Zack’s current residence is in Towson, Maryland. He matriculated from Dulaney High School.

Zack Merrick is an attractive guy, about 6 feet tall (180 cm), who likes to work out. He has brown hair and hazel eyes, and he got his nose pierced. His crazy hairstyles, from bleeched blonde to long, messy hair, were his trademark in younger age.

Zack Merrick’s Career and Net Worth

At the end of the eighth grade, Zak introduced the other members of All Time Low. Jack Barakat, who was the band’s lead, texted him to come to the audition for a guitarist. According to Zak, he blew them away with his skills. His ability to remember the rhythm of the songs delighted the band crew, and he joined them soon.

All Time Low signed for the local label called Emerald Moon and soon released the first EP. They were not a typical boy band. The mix of pop-punk sound brought them many fans make them stood out, and the image of cute rebels brought them many (female) fans. In 2005, All Time Low released their debut album “Party Scene,” which brought them success. Many record labels noticed them, and the band signed for Hopeless Records in 2006. Right after, they went on their first official tour.

Zack Merrick

Band’s First Recognition

In September 2007, All Time Low released a second album, featuring the song “Dear Maria, Count Me In,” which reached many charts. Zack admits that this is one of his personal favorites because it’s about the stripper. In the following months, Zack Merrick and his group went on the tour and performed at several music festivals. The magazine Alternative Press named them the band of the year at the end of 2008.

In July 2009, Zack and his bandmates released their (to date) most successful album called “Nothing Personal.” It had over 60,000 copies sold all over the world. The same year, they went on a world tour to Japan and Australia, and in the meantime recorded the first live album on which some of the performances from these tournaments were recorded.

Successes of Zack and All Time Low

In the coming years, the band has been active 24/7. With numerous performances and touring, they managed to release another four successful albums. On some of them, Zack Merrick was singing back vocals. All Time Low even re-released their “Don’t Panic” album as “Don’t Panic: It’s Longer Now,” with four new tracks. The year 2015 was quite successful for All Time Low, but also for Zack. In the annual competition organized by the magazine Alternative Press, the band received four awards; Zack Merrick got the one for the best bassist.

After receiving this award, his popularity, but also earnings, are growing – current net worth is about $500,000. Zack’s earnings are not related only to his music. Since 2012, this guy is also an owner of a clothing line, designing tees and accessories named “Amerrickan.” The band’s last achievement is the album called “Last Young Renegade,” published in 2017. On their website, All Time Low is regularly updating and announcing the dates of the concerts. Zack Merrick is a fan of social networks, and he regularly informs his followers about the happenings related to the All Time Low. They’re currently jamming with a song called “Birthday.”

Does Zack Merrick Have a Girlfriend?

Zack is the low-key member of the band, but also as the one with the most turbulent love life. As almost all other members of All Time Low settled down, it seems like Merrick is still looking for the right one. During high school, Zack was dating Alexandra Felts, who’s still a part of his Baltimore crew, and Sandy Bowe-Maliszewski, but these loves didn’t last. In the next years, Zack didn’t confirm any of his relationships, although there were some photos of him kissing Chelsea Cortolillo.

The paparazzi also shot him with Aubrey Robbins and Jackie Smith. In 2011, he got serious with Regina Fazio, but this love was short-term. These two remained good friends. In 2015, Zack seemed to be growing up and finally ready for a serious relationship. A girl named Lydia Franz reached his hearth, and these two seemed quite in love. But their breakup was tough, as Zack called her ‘a bitch’ in a private video one of his friends posted on social networks. The last information about his dating history was from 2018 when he was seeing Ashlyn Sienna. But according to current rumors, Zack Merrick is ‘single and ready to mingle’ again.

Interesting Facts about Zack Merrick

As a kid, Zack loved to play baseball, but he started playing drums simultaneously when he was 11. He once said that winning the Junior Championship was a dream come true in that age. Also, an interesting fact about Zack is that he is color-blind. All Time Low bassist is a huge tattoo fan, and he likes to show them playing shirtless on his gigs. One of his tattoos, the one on the chests, is a tribute to his grandma. As a younger, Zack enjoyed riding a skateboard and admits he’s riding skills are a bit rusty today due to lack of time.

In 2007, Zack showed up in “Exposed,” a dating show broadcasted on MTV. He admitted everything started as a joke. Because of a bet with a friend, he accepted to sign up, but he didn’t think they would invite him to be a part of the show. Zack didn’t date the girl from the show; they just went on a dinner once.

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