A TikTok Star Willow Harper: Age, Height, Family, Relationship

Willow Harper, an increasingly prominent figure in the realm of Instagram modeling, social influence, and content creation, has garnered attention for her distinct presence on various social media platforms. Notably, her engaging content, which occasionally includes provocative elements, has contributed to her rise in popularity. Let’s delve into the details to uncover the essence of Willow Harper’s persona.

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Early Personal Life

Born on 18 October 1997, in Canada, Willow Harper is not only a content creator and model, but has also ventured into the realm of ASMR artistry. While details about her parents, siblings, and childhood remain undisclosed, the mystery surrounding her early life adds an intriguing layer to her persona.


Willo shares the spotlight with her sibling, Ava, who has also garnered recognition on TikTok. Regrettably, the curtain veils the rest of the details about their family, leaving fans curious to know more.


In the expansive landscape of content creation, Willow stands out as a versatile artist, with a significant presence on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and OnlyFans. Renowned for her engaging lip-syncs and dance videos on TikTok, she’s garnered a substantial following exceeding 240,000 users.

Her YouTube channel is a hub for diverse content, offering glimpses into activities ranging from cooking and dancing to gaming, captivating an audience dedicated to supporting her. Additionally, Willow extends an exclusive experience to her dedicated fans through her OnlyFans account.

Interesting Facts

Sadly, there isn’t a lot of reliable information available about Willow that can be considered interesting. She has many tattoos, though, and there are sure to be many stories behind each of them, but which she hasn’t divulged… yet!

Willow indulges in her favorite pastimes, including crafting captivating TikTok videos, going on exciting travel adventures, and embracing the world of modeling to relax and enrich her life.

Beyond her creative pursuits, Willow is a dedicated pet lover, with a special companion in the form of a charming black cat. Her affinity for animals adds a heartwarming touch to her multi-faceted personality.

Later Personal Life

It’s unclear if Willow is currently dating anyone, though there have been rumours mentioning someone called ‘Jessie.’ She hasn’t confirmed or denied the rumours, so we’re still in the dark about her love life.

Physical Characteristics

Willow weighs about 114lbs (52kgs) and stands at 5ft 5ins tall. She has gorgeous blue eyes and long, brown hair.

Net Worth

There is no information available about Willow’s net worth, but given her career progression and dedication, it’s estimated that her wealth has reached about $300, 000, as of late 2023.

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