Adrienne Bolling: Eric Bolling Wife’s Bio, Maiden Name, Age, Net Worth, Son Eric Chase, Religion

• Adrienne Bolling is the wife of renowned political and financial analyst and commentator Eric Bolling.
• She was born as Adrienne J. Leventhal in Chicago, Illinois, and was raised as a Catholic.
• She and Eric met in the mid-‘90s through a mutual friend and married in 1997, and they have a son, Eric Chase.
• Adrienne's net worth is estimated at $1 million, compared to her husband's estimated net worth of over $25 million.
• Eric is a former strategic adviser to the NYMEX board of directors who rose to fame working for CNBC and Fox News Channel, and currently hosts the show “America with Eric Bolling” on CRTV.

Who is Adrienne Bolling?

At the peak of his career, Eric Bolling has been accused of sexual harassment by a number of women who have stepped forward. An article in the Huffington Post by a freelance writer jeopardized the entire career of one of the most renowned political and financial analysts and commentators. Eric’s wife, Adrienne has remained by his side through all these problems, and their marriage has now lasted for more than 20 years. Nothing can come between the two of them, and Eric has also continued his career, though he left Fox, and joined Conservative Review Television in 2018.

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So, who is Adrienne Bolling? and she came to prominence as the wife of Eric Bolling.

Adrienne Bolling Wiki: Maiden Name, Early Life, Religion

Adrienne was born as Adrienne J. Leventhal in Chicago, Illinois, but hasn’t revealed the exact date of her birth so far much of her childhood, including the names and professions of her parents, and also whether she has any siblings or not. She spent her childhood in Chicago, but hasn’t revealed any information in regards to her education, either, however, we do know that she was raised as a Catholic and still attends church. She and her husband can be seen at St. Patrick’s Cathedral everyday lighting candles, while they also attend mass every Sunday.

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Adrienne and Eric, Relationship, Wedding, Marriage

The couple met in the mid- ‘90s through Gretchen Carlson, a mutual friend named. They hit it off almost immediately, and spent a few years as a couple, before deciding to tie the knot, in a rather small private party with only close friends and family, held on the 4th October 1997. The following year, the couple became parents to a son, Eric Chase.

Son Eric Chase

Born in 1998, he led a quite an adventure-filled life, which left him with a lacerated spleen in 2012 following a skiing accident in Albany. The doctors saved his life, but couldn’t help him in 2017 – once news about his father’s sexual harassment allegations broke, he was greatly affected by it, which eventually led to his death, overdosing on opioids while studying at the University of Colorado.

Adrienne Bolling Net Worth

Although her husband is more popular than her, Adrienne has attained fame as well. We haven’t been familiar with her professional endeavors, however, sources have managed to determine her wealth. So, have you ever wondered how rich Adrienne Bolling is? Well, as of late 2018, Adrienne Bolling’s net worth is estimated at $1 million, which is still rather decent, but nothing in comparison to her husband’s net worth, which is estimated at over $25 million.

Adrienne Bolling Husband, Eric Bolling

Now that we have shared all there is about Adrienne, let’s look at some information about her husband, Eric Bolling.

Born Eric Thomas Bolling on the 2nd March 1963, in Chicago Illinois, he went to Loyola Academy, after which he enrolled at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida, from which he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics. He played baseball at Rollins, and was even drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates, but eventually had to quit his sports career due to a torn rotator cuff injury.

Eric then decided to put his knowledge to use, and joined NYMEX where he specialized in trading natural gas, gold, crude oil and other commodities. Before launching his television career, Eric was a strategic adviser to the NYMEX board of directors, and earned several recognitions. He subsequently worked for CNBC first, on the show “Fast Money”, before switching to Fox News Channel. Since joining Fox News, he worked on several shows, but rose to stardom through the show “The Five” as one of the hosts. Following his demise at Fox, he is now the host of the show “America with Eric Bolling”, which airs on CRTV.

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