Alex Jones’s ex-wife Kelly Rebecca Nichols life story. Her Wiki, net worth, husband, children, parents, mother

• Kelly Rebecca Nichols is the ex-wife of Alex Jones, the owner of InfoWars
• Kelly had a Jewish upbringing and her father was a diplomat
• Kelly and Alex married in 2007 and she promoted his shows and helped him expand the InfoWars brand
• In December 2013, Kelly filed for divorce and received $3.1 million and a mansion in Austin, Texas
• Kelly is a divorced woman who takes care of her three children and her net worth is estimated to be above $3 million

Kelly Rebecca Nichols is the ex-wife of Alex Jones, the owner of InfoWars – their divorce was all over the front pages a couple of years back. Nowadays, Kelly lives a peaceful life. and tries to stay away from the media, since she has had her share of popularity and publicity over the years. If you want to learn more about her life story, stay with us and read all about Kelly’s bio, net worth, husband, divorce, and so on.

Childhood years

Kelly was born under the star sign of Cancer on 2nd July 1968, in Travis County, Texas, to parents Sandra Key and Edmund Lowe, and grew up with two siblings – James Edmund and Jill Elizabeth, in a Jewish household. Back in 1993, her father was convicted of fraud, but prior to that, he was a diplomat for the US government.

When it comes to her education, there is not much information about Kelly’s activities during that period. It seems as though she did not attend college, and probably spent her entire adolescence in her hometown.

Kelly Rebecca Nichols

How did Kelly meet her ex-husband?

Long before he became famous, Alex fell in love with Kelly, and the couple decided to marry in 2007, when Alex was just starting to grow his business. As a matter of fact, Kelly was the one who promoted his shows and helped him expand the InfoWars brand. Working as a PR person, Kelly significantly helped her husband with his business endeavors, but it seems that all that hard work left a negative mark on the couple’s relationship as well.

Who is Alex Jones?

Nowadays, Alex Jones is a highly popular conspiracy theorist, and his controversial radio show is listened to by millions of people. To be precise, InfoWars is focused around a website of the same name, but Alex uses podcasts, interviews and other methods to deliver his message across. His views are Republican and ultra conservative, and he constantly creates new conspiracy theories and fake news.

The divorce

Kelly’s marriage with Alex seemed almost idyllic until December 2013, when Kelly filed for divorce. According to most media sources, the reason was because of Alex’s infidelity, i.e. his alleged affair with Lee Ann McAdoo, his young colleague at the time, and they were often hosting shows together. Because of the media frenzy, Lee Ann even had to take a break from work, but in 2017 she returned to InfoWars. Even though Alex publicly denied the accusations about having an affair, the divorce was finalized in 2015.

Custody battle

As a consequence of the divorce, Alex had to settle an amount of $3.1 million on Kelly, and also had to hand over the keys to an impressive mansion in Austin, Texas. Also, the divorce led to a long and arduous custody battle in which the three children first went to Alex, a decision which was later altered, and now the couple has joint custody over their  son and two daughters.

Kelly’s activities with PETA

As an avid animal lover, Kelly decided to take action and defend animal rights in a more decisive manner. Also, her experience with PR brought her closer to the public relations department at PETA, and she soon started planning and practicing publicity stunts. For instance, Kelly was involved in throwing a dead raccoon on Anna Wintour’s plate while the director of Vogue was having dinner at Four Seasons in New York. Similarly, she was involved in throwing a tofu cream pie in the face of the famous fashion designer Oscar de la Renta. Evidently with these actions, Kelly wasn’t afraid of making bold statements, but it seems that this type of publicity stunt is a thing of the past.

What is Kelly’s current net worth?

Kelly’s current net worth is not publicly disclosed, however, her high-profile divorce left Kelly with a significant amount of money, and it is well known that she received around $3 million just a couple of years ago, so best estimates are above that figure. Also, credible sources estimate that she receives around $43,0000 per month as a part of her alimony.

 Is Kelly married?

After her divorce was finalized, Kelly hasn’t had any romantic relationships, as far as the media are aware. These days, she is a divorced woman who takes care of her three children, apparently living with or close to her parents in Texas, and seemingly trying hard to keep a low-key profile when it comes to the tabloids and other media. On the other hand, her ex-husband Alex is trying as much as possible to get into the spotlight, and his controversial ideas are always a trigger for a controversial and heated political debate.

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