Amanda Elise Lee Wiki Bio, husband, age, measurements, net worth

• Personal trainer and Instagram star from Canada, now living in Los Angeles
• Developed interest in fitness while in high school
• Started posting pictures and videos on Instagram in May 2014 which gained her fame
• Net worth of $3 million from Instagram, donations and private lessons
• 12 million followers on Instagram, featured in magazines such as “Esquire” and “Maxim”

Who is Amanda Elise Lee?

Amanda is a personal trainer and an Instagram star, originally from Canada but now living in Los Angeles. She was born in 1986 on 13 December. She has four brothers and sisters, and you can say that she inherited her love towards fitness from her mother who worked as a gym instructor and personal trainer. Amanda seems to be following her mother’s footsteps.

Amanda Elise Lee

Early life and education

Her interest in exercising developed while she was attending high school. She didn’t like the way she looked and was quite unhappy with her physique, so her mother took her to the gym, and ss soon as she started working out with weights, she immediately fell in love with it and regained the confidence in her body which she had lost before. She continued her studies in Sarah Lawrence College, while starting to work out on a daily basis. The course she chose to study was modern dance and she already had a perfect body for it. At that point she was pretty much self-confident about her appearance and held her head high, all of which helped her in her subsequent career, which she has built around her body on social media.

Instagram success

Due to her widely admired body, Amanda has managed to gather an impressive number of followers on her Instagram account just by posting her pictures and videos there, which she began to do in May 2014, with help from her mother being a fitness fanatic, for instance, taking photos of her whenever she required. She was noticed by a famous dancer who commented on her post, and tagged her in one of his posts, after which Amanda’s fame grew hugely. As the numbers expanded, she thought how she might earn from what she was doing, and so began receiving payments for every post she made, and also started working as a personal trainer for anyone who wanted it. After a while, Amanda launched her own website as well.

Exercising videos

Amanda puts her exercising videos on YouTube because she wants to help people who are keen on working out, and want to get their body in shape. She doesn’t have her own channel but her videos are posted on other people’s channels such as “Divasgram”, “Models Channel YT”, “YASSIN WORKOUT” and many others. She also posts footages of herself exercising on Instagram, also giving out advice and tips about what you should do exactly. She is mostly popular for her lower body workouts – she does squats, step-ups, leg raises and lunges almost every day just to maintain the current shape of her muscles. She also does cardio training, and so divides her week into two parts: heavy workout and light workout parts.

Appearance and personal life

Since Amanda is a fitness star who has earned her fame thanks to her outstanding looks, we are going to share with you her full body measurements. She is 5ft 9ins (175cm) tall, weighs around 125lbs (56kgs) and her vital statistics are 34-22-38; she may have implants in her breasts. She has a very long blonde hair.

Net Worth and Personal Life

According to authoritative sources, Amanda’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million, which she has earned from her Instagram account, donations, giving private lessons, and by advertising fitness outfit products. She doesn’t seem to be dating anyone at the moment, although she does not really talk about it, prefering to keep her personal life hidden. She remains unmarried.

Amanda’s website

Amanda has her own website called “Officialamandalee”. One thing that you can do on her website is buy her two eBooks called “Build a booty with Amanda” and “Be Fit Not Skinny”. You can also buy her calendar with 12 of her pictures, and her leggings whichcome in all kinds of colors.


Amanda has a degree in Pilates and in Personal Physical Training. She is a big fan of Yoga, which she does whenever she can find some free time and says how Yoga is good for both your mind and your body. ‘I like aggressive guys. If a guy isn’t afraid to approach me and can make me laugh, I’m intrigued. Laughing together really connects me with a guy right away’ – this is how Amanda describes someone she would date, in case you were interested to know.

As of today, Amanda has an impressive 12 million followers on Instagram on which she posts about once every week. She could post more but doesn’t want to because she wants her fans to become impatient as they wait for another picture. She doesn’t have a Twitter account but there are a lot of fan-based accounts about her. She has been featured in magazines such as “Esquire” and “Maxim”.

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