What does overtime Megan do? Her Age, Leaks, Height, Boyfriend

Everyone who’s into sports-related media is familiar with the platform Overtime and Megan, who is one of the most prominent of their social media stars. Since she rose to fame in 2019, Megan has gained lots of traction online for her coverage of sports events, funny TikTok videos, and her podcast “Fresh Daily Meggs”.

While most of Megan’s popularity comes from her original content and her light-hearted, good-humored personality, in recent times she’s been at the center of controversy due to the leaking of private pics, and her involvement with some big names in the entertainment and sports industries.

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Who Is Megan Overtime?

Megan Overtime, whose real name is Megan Patricia Eugenio, was born on 17 October 1999 in Peabody, Massachusetts USA. Not much is known about Megan’s family, except that she has a sister named Amanda who is 11 years older than her.

Megan has described her hometown Peabody as a ‘very small close-knit community’ where she didn’t feel that she fitted right in. According to her, people in her town had the overall mindset of ‘live and die’ in that place, which differed from her goals of getting out of town and accomplishing her dreams.

Megan was a cheerleader growing up, and also took part in beauty pageant competitions. She affirms that she wasn’t popular at school and used to have lunch alone oi the library, yet she enjoyed doing homework and various school activities. She attended the private Bishop Fenwick High School, which had around 500 students.

Subsequently, in 2023 Megan graduated from the New York City-based Pace University with a degree in communications and business.

Rise To Fame

Megan rose to fame when she joined the sports media company Overtime as a content creator. As she confessed in an episode of her podcast “Fresh Daily Meggs”, in 2018 she’d just moved to college in New York City, with no clear plans of what to major in, and had no previous job experience.

Some months into her first semester, she met someone online who worked at Overtime, a company which she already knew about, but had no idea that they were based in New York. Megan talked her way through the job interviews at Overtime, opening up about her willingness to work at ‘anything’ even if it was ‘making coffee’, despite her lack of experience.

Much to Megan’s surprise, she was hired by Overtime, and eventually started creating social media content for them. Megan still didn’t have any plans of working in a sports-related environment, and wasn’t an athlete herself, but she always dreamed of playing basketball, despite not being able to make it into her school’s team, as she also affirmed in her podcast.

Though her connection with Overtime did wonders in pushing Megan’s career forward, she owes a huge part of her popularity to her sense of humor, and knack of entertaining her audiences.

Social Media Presence

Since joining Overtime, Megan has been gaining a massive following across several social media platforms; her biggest is TikTok, on which she’s accumulated 2.7 million followers and an impressive 112 million likes since opening her account in early 2019. Megan’s content goes from videos related to her job to funny videos, lip-synching, and tidbits about her personal life.

Then there’s Megan’s Instagram account, which is being followed by almost 600,000 people since she opened it in 2012. Her X (formerly Twitter) account also has impressive numbers, counting over 160,000 followers to date.

Last but not least there’s Megan’s YouTube channel named Megan Overtime, which despite having less than 10,000 subscribers, has gained an impressive half a million views. This channel was started in 2021 and has over 100 videos, altough most aren’t publicly available, but altogether demonstrating how unstoppable she is when it comes to social media.

Leaks Controversy

Megan was the victim of hacking in April 2023, resulting in the leak of numerous private photos and videos. The incident brought a wave of inappropriate comments on her social media from people who had seen the content through unsuitable methods, leading Megan to shut down her TikTok, restrict the comments on her Instagram account for a while, and turn her X account private to stop the topic from flooding her platforms.

According to reports, Megan had the support of the local police, her loved ones, and fellow TikTokers through that difficult moment of her life. Nonetheless, the whole situation awakened a debate about the negative effects that spreading information about these types of incidents has on the victims.

Megan eventually resumed her social media activity, yet the ill-intentioned comments have been a constant on her accounts ever since.

Personal Life

Since becoming known on social media, Megan has been romantically linked to several people in the industry. According to TMZ, by late 2022 Megan was dating the Calgary Wranglers’ forward Cole Schwindt, though further details about the pair’s love story aren’t well known.

Megan and Cole eventually broke up, with both of them erasing the pics they’d shared from their social media. In December 2022, Megan was at the center of controversy when the football player Antonio Brown shared a pic of him with a woman who shared a deep physical resemblance to Megan. Though Antonio didn’t affirm that the woman posing on a bed alongside him was Megan, her social media was flooded with questions about it. Megan eventually took to social media to inform her followers that she wasn’t the woman in the pic.

Fast forward to early 2023, Megan was romantically linked to basketball player Josh Giddey, with whom she shared pics on social media, and also publicly congratulated him for his accomplishments with the Oklahoma City Thunder. The relationship wasn’t confirmed, and she was later linked to Nelk Boys’ star Kyle Forgeard after sharing several social media posts with him, though the pair didn’t confirm that they had a relationship.

Physical Appearance & Net Worth

Megan Eugenio is a woman of White descent. She has brown eyes and brunette hair, though she often dyes it blond. Her hair is naturally curly but spent most of her life straightening it until she learned how to style it while keeping its original structure, as she revealed in her podcast. Megan is 5ft 2ins (1.57m) tall, but her weight is unknown.

Megan has an estimated net worth of $150,000, though her fortune is expected to keep growing as her career as a social media personality and sports communicator moves forward.

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