Antonio Garza (Youtuber) Wiki Bio, Age, Boyfriend, Family, Net Worth

• Antonio Garza, known as a beauty YouTuber, was born in 2002, in Austin, Texas USA.
• She is of Latin ethnicity, and is apparently transitioning to female.
• She has a net worth of $300,000 and is active on Twitter and Instagram.
• Her most successful videos include “I wore dramatic makeup to school and this is what happened...” and “Confronting James Charles”.
• She recently addressed the drama about her being unfollowed byJeffree Star on Twitter.

Antonio Garza (Youtuber) Wiki Bio and Age

Antonio Garza was born on 15 December 2002, in Austin, Texas, USA, which means that she is 16 years old, her zodiac sign is Sagittarius, and her nationality is American. She best known as a beauty YouTuber, whose many videos have gone viral, and whose channel is still growing. Garza is widely popular for his relatable sense of humor. Antonio was born male, but is apparently transitioning to female, and regards ‘herself’ as such.

Boyfriend, Background and Ethnicity

When it comes to Garza’s ethnicity, she is Latin and has dark brown hair and eyes, which suits her complexion perfectly. Judging from the photos available on the internet, Garza has a fit figure and looks well put together at events she attends, as well as in her videos. Unfortunately, she hasn’t revealed much about her early life and upbringing, except that she was a student at a public school and would often film there, however, she dropped out in favor of taking online classes. Besides that, she hasn’t revealed any information about her relationship status, which lead many to believe that she is single, especially at 16; however, who knows what the future holds for her?

Net Worth

So just how rich is Antonio Garza as of early 2019? According to authoritative sources, Garza has a net worth of $300,000, accumulated from her career in the previously mentioned field. She hasn’t disclosed any information regarding her assets such as vehicles and houses, probably none at her age, but working at a steady pace at an early age, she is certainly able to support herself financially. Being a YouTube content creator, Garza makes money every time an ad is displayed in some of her videos, and also makes money through paid promotions.

Antonio Garza

Social Media

Being in the entertainment field, Garza is naturally active on social media such as Twitter and is followed by 365,000 people. Antonio uses her social media to communicate with her fans as well as to promote her work. Some of her most recent tweets include one in which she jokingly said “Everyone on snapchat leaves me on read because they can’t handle my swag”. Besides that, many of her fans often write about her – one recently posted a photo of Garza with the caption reading “Okay but can we all just agree that antonio garza is always a mood and a queen sis is beautiful and funny”.


Garza is also active on Instagram, on which she often posts photos from her private life, giving her fans a chance to take a closer look at what’s going on behind the scene. She has 1.6 million followers on that social media, and some of her latest posts include one of herself with the following caption “It was so cold when I took these pics and I almost died”. She has also shared a photo with her fellow YouTuber and friend James Charles, and her fans seem to have loved it, as they went on to leave many sweet comments complimenting the duo.


Antonio made her debut on YouTube in 2018, when she released the video entitled “VALANTINES HEART CUT CREASE MAKEUP LOOK”, which has been watched by more than a million people so far. Continuing to work at a fast pace, she uploaded other makeup and beauty related videos such as “9th GRADE EVERYDAY MAKEUP LOOK/vlog” and “the best travel vlog you will ever watch”, with both receiving a positive response from the audience. After that, Garza made the video entitled “FULL FACE USING EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF MAKEUP I OWN” watched by more than three million people, and followed by working on “the comments are getting to me” watched two million times. In 2018, she uploaded “ME ATTEMPTING TO PLAY FORTNITE”.

Most Successful Videos

Speaking about Garza’s most watched videos, those include “I wore dramatic makeup to school and this is what happened…” with more than nine million views, and “Confronting James Charles”, which has been watched by more than five million people. In addition to that, her videos such as “FIRST DAY OF HIGH SCHOOL GRWM/VLOG” and “ROBLOX PLAYERS CHOOSE MY MAKEUP” were well received by her subscribers.

Latest Videos

When it comes to Garza’s latest videos, they include “the truth about online school…”, “My True Identity”, “FIRST DAY OF ONLINE SCHOOL vlog/grwm” and “i dropped out of school and here’s why”. In her latest videos, Garza gave her fans an update on her private life and education and they seem to have appreciated that, showing her their full support. Overall, the young YouTube sensation has 2.7 million followers, and thanks to her talent has been able to make a name for herself and gain more exposure in the media.

Jeffree Star Drama

Antonio was followed by Jeffree Star, one of the main people in the YouTube makeup industry, however, Jeffree unfollowed her, which she also acknowledged and spoke about it on his Twitter page, jokingly adding “it’s okay i would too”.

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