Are the Sturniolo twins triplets? What do they do for a Living?

Sturniolo Siblings

Nicolas, Matthew, and Christopher Sturniolo – better known as the Sturniolo Triplets – were born on 1st August 2003, in Somerville, Massachusetts, USA, and joined YouTube in June 2020. Since then, they’ve formed a popular comedy group, uploaded hundreds of videos, and become internet famous.

The siblings, who graduated from Somerville High School in 2021, have amassed their large following by uploading 20-minute videos of themselves doing ordinary things with a twist: from baking brownies blindfolded, to playing trivia games with their older brother Justin (the loser had to wax their legs), viewers never know what to expect from their channel.

Many of the triplets’ high school teachers were skeptical when the triplets initially announced that they would be pursuing a YouTube career, instead of a college degree. Nevertheless, it was evident from watching their first videos that they had plenty of untapped potential. After a few months of regular uploads, the triplets signed with former travel blogger turned talent agent Laura Filipowicz, and were making enough money to become bicoastal, splitting their time between their hometown and sunny Los Angeles.

The Sturniolo triplets’ dealings with Laura and their talent agency, William Morris Endeavor (WME), have been nothing short of lucrative. As of mid-2022, the siblings had over seven million followers across various social media platforms, partly thanks to the brand deals and partnerships with other digital content creators that William Morris helped them obtain; they had also launched their “Sturniolo, est. 2003” merchandise brand, a special release to commemorate two million YouTube subscribers.

Personal Life

Not much is known about the triplets’ father, but their mother, MaryLou (who features in many of her sons’ early videos), was very hands-on during their childhood, and eventually began working as a family liaison for Somerville Public Schools. According to one of the boys’ closest friends, Chris is the ‘goofiest’ sibling, Matt the shyest, and Nick the most confident.

Matt and Chris were talented hockey and lacrosse players during their school days, while Nick often felt excluded from their wider group of male friends and began hanging out with girls. According to an old interview, he began understanding that he might be gay sometime in eighth grade. In 2019, he began revealing his sexuality to his close friends, followed by his parents and brothers and then the internet.

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Although the triplets weren’t internet famous yet, Nick’s coming-out post – which was uploaded in April 2020 on Instagram – received an outpouring of likes and supportive comments due to the siblings being so popular in their local community. In a later video explaining Nick’s coming-out process, Chris joked: ‘I don’t even know why I was shocked. I knew Nick was gay from the second I knew what gay was.’

Despite being well-liked, the triplets’ high school experience was reportedly ‘terrible’. The summer before starting their junior year, the Sturniolo family home was destroyed in a fire, and they were forced to relocate to an apartment. Next, COVID arrived, and schools switched to online learning. After months of being stuck at home, the siblings had the bright idea of uploading videos about their daily comings and goings.

The idea couldn’t have come at a better time. None of the triplets were particularly interested in college after their senior year – Chris, who hadn’t logged in to do schoolwork for months, was pretty much failing all his classes – but they did know that they wanted to be YouTube stars. As Nick had heard that Q&As were good first videos to make, the boys recorded “McDonalds Q & A – Sturniolo Triplets” with a selfie stick and a phone in MaryLou’s minivan. The rest, as they say, is history.


Although a month passed between their first and second videos, the triplets soon began scheduling their uploads more regularly. As their online presence gained traction, the Sturniolos found themselves naturally assuming their roles: Chris, who is described as chatty and creative, is the mastermind behind most of their videos, whereas Nick produces and edits. Matt, the quiet sibling, is happy to follow his brothers’ lead, saying: ‘They know what I like more than myself.’

The triplets continued to film videos in their mother’s minivan, which they normally parked at a nearby McDonalds, and soon enough, fans were starting to show up and even follow them home. Nearing the end of their senior year, they returned to in-person schooling, and reached a major milestone shortly afterwards – 25,000 YouTube followers.

According to Laura, her teen daughter – Madi, an aspiring content creator – was the one who ‘discovered’ the Sturniolos. Despite not having much experience as a manager, Laura got in touch with the brothers upon her daughter’s request and helped them gain 75,000 followers in just half a year. She also convinced them to move to Los Angeles, which has helped them explore networking opportunities and partner with other Gen Z social media heavyweights.

In May 2022, the brothers agreed to work with agent Andre Jones of WME, whose impressive client roster includes the likes of John Travolta and Queen Latifah. ‘A huge agency can be really beneficial,’ Laura said of the partnership. ‘Having that WME backing can be a good thing.’ However, the agreement between WME and the Sturniolos was a verbal one, and we have no way of knowing if they have since made things official with a written contract.

Although the brothers acknowledge that being triplets is part of their appeal, they also work hard to engage with their followers, whether it’s replying to their direct messages and comments or letting them decide what videos to film next. ‘They make you laugh, and they make you feel something,’ Andre Jones said of the trio. ‘There are endless possibilities.’

Of course, the boys are aware that social media fame isn’t forever, but they also have a backup plan in place: Nick is interested in photography, whereas Matt loves videogames and Chris has expressed an interest in crossing over to the music industry. However, the general consensus is that the Sturniolos are here to stay – in July 2023, they celebrated the huge milestone of five million YouTube subscribers, and promised their fans new limited edition merchandise, and there have also been rumors of them launching a podcast.

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