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• Ari Shaffir is a multi-ethnic, Ashkenazi Jewish comedian and podcast producer.
• He was raised Orthodox Jewish and attended college at the University of Maryland.
• He is best known for his series "The Amazing Racist," his podcast "Skeptic Tank," and his stand-up specials.
• His net worth is estimated to be over $300,000.
• He is quite private about his personal life though he has been rumored to be gay.

Laughter is said to be the medicine for the soul as it brings out the kid in kings and the powerful. The place of a comedian from time immemorial is a place where only a few selects of the society occupied. Where kings become too powerful that his courtiers find it difficult to tell him the honest truth, just the comedian and court jesters are imbued with the power to say it to the king and he will go with mercy. Ari Shaffir occupies such a solemn position as a comedian, and is best known for his series “The Amazing Racist.”

For those who know Ari, you will sometimes wonder if he is okay. However, those who know the origin of comedy know this is their trade in stock, to appear stupid yet pass the powerful message that has the power to have second thoughts about life. Beyond his life as a jester, who is Ari? Where is he from and who are his parents? In his personal life, is he a controversial personality or an easy going, unassuming person? Is he married and who is his wife, how did they meet, date, and when did he get married? While we answer these questions, we will also look at the comedian’s early life to tell you about his education and how he chose comedy as a career. How much is his net worth? What is his pastime? Let’s go on a fact-finding journey into the world of Ari Shaffir, the ace comedian!

Who is Ari Shaffir?

When he is not making people laugh with his uncensored comedy, Ari is busy podcasting, acting, writing or producing another movie; that is to say, he is a multi-talented artist with amazing skills to thrill his audience in many capacities. Born in New York City on 12 February 1974 to American-Romanian parents, he is by birth multi-ethnic, Ashkenazi Jewish. His father’s name is Nat Shaffir, and from Iasi, Romania.

Early life, family and education

He was raised an Orthodox Jew by his parents, who moved to Greensboro, North Carolina after he was born, then to Silver Spring in Maryland where he attended high school. He furthered his study in a Yeshiva in Jerusalem for two years, after which he returned the US for his college education at the University of Maryland, graduating in 1999.

Ari Shaffir


Preparatory to his career in comedy was his performance at a ‘sports comedy place,’ Northern Virginia event tagged ‘open mic night, after which Ari decided to build a career in comedy and moved to Los Angles. He initially worked in The Comedy Store where he had the chance to pick up on formal comedy life, first answering phones, the was transferred to other departments in the store until the store owner hired him after four and half years. His early days in Los Angeles expose him to life around comedy attending shows and seeing it on the television. Part of the entertainment shows, he said influenced his career, includes “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson” and his favorite comedian at the time was Bill Burr.

Skeptic Tank 2011

Before he became widely known, Ari started podcasting in 2011 with “Skeptic tank.” Later in 2013, he co-hosted another podcast entitled “Punch Drunk Sorts” with Sam Tripoli, another comedian, and Jayson Thibault. Ari is so insanely hooked on podcast production that he had his 300th alongside Danish and O’Neill on 14 August 2017.

The Amazing Racist 2013

The majority of his audience got to know him through his work on “The Amazing Racist,” which went viral so that he became a household name in the US, the favorite of comedy enthusiasts. At the same time the comedian came up with another excellent piece called “This Is Not Happening” for his web series, featuring various comedians telling their personal stories. We learn from good authority that this show was initially not accepted by most television houses he contacted because the comedian was not a known name at the time. However, after his breakthrough, the previously rejected work got a ‘yes‘from Comedy Central and debuted in January 2015.

Edinburgh Festival 2015

Performing at the “Edinburgh Festival Fringe” has been the height of Shaffir’s comedy career; continued successes he enjoyed since his breakthrough contributed to his performance at the event which, established in 1947, is the largest in the world, and has no doubt contributed to Aris shooting into the limelight in comedy entertainment.

Comedy Movie 2016

As they say, ‘respect begets respect;’ true with success in any field, and the acceptance of his humorous entertainment brought additional opportunities, including appearing in the movie “Keeping Up with the Joneses,” the multi-million dollar action comedy movie directed by Greg Mottola and featuring Shaffir as Oren among leading actors. He also featured in films including “The Fax” – 2004, “Reeling in Reality” – 2005 and a few others.

Television works

Notable among his television appearances include the 2005 – “Minding the Store,” 2012 – “West Side,” 2013–2017 – “This Is Not Happening,” and 2016 “What’s Your F@#Cking Deal?!?!” Shaffir continues to feature in television programs to date.

Stand-up specials since 2012

Ari’s comedy prowess is so appreciated by many industry players that he is often invited to industry-related events and programs. Among his stand-up specials are his 2012 – “Revenge for the Holocaust,” 2013 – “Passive Aggressive,” 2015 – “Paid Regular,” and 2017 – “Double Negative” among others.

Shaffir’s career is still raging, and he continues to do what he does best – make people laugh!

Personal life

He was rumored to be gay, but this was about his tweet on 4 December 2014 where he said: ‘I want my in-denial clearly gay comic friends to talk on my podcast about the closet, but by doing it they’d have to admit to being gay.’ While we cannot say that by such joke Ari is gay, Shaffir’s secrecy about his personal life makes it difficult to know the truth.

With his popularity, attractive look and age one would expect this comedian to be engaged or in a serious relationship, but we think this is not so! It is unclear whether Shaffir is seeing anyone or not – he hasn’t made it official if he is married, engaged or single. Some say that this is part of his joke to thrill his audience, but he also indicated once in his jokes about being happiest with an ex-girlfriend named Alison Reese, who does not appreciate rumors about his dating life. This gave a clue to the fact that Ari was dating, but apparently quit because of his job.

Social media

Like many of his kind, Ari has no reason to be social media shy. He is on the three most popular social media platforms, with a Facebook account attracting 42,000 followers, an Instagram account with over 215,000 fans, and Twitter account with about 185,000 followers,

What is Ari’s Net Worth?

Shaffir enjoys a modest income from his numerous entertainment activities. His significant earnings come from appearances on television, in movies and performing stand-up specials. While there is no definite mention of how much he has specifically earned from these activities, authoritative sources put his net worth at over $300,000 as of early 2019.

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