Azela Robinson: The Actress Who Breaks Stereotypes and Barriers

Azela Robinson stands out as a British-Mexican actress, acclaimed for her compelling portrayals as an antagonist in telenovelas. Her performances have garnered widespread admiration, solidifying her status as a highly successful actress with a devoted fan base.

Beyond the captivating characters she embodies on screen, who is the enigmatic Azela Robinson in the moments when she’s not captivating our screens? Let’s delve into the essence of this remarkable woman, and discover more about her off-screen persona.

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Early Personal Life

Born on 26 August 1964 in London, England, Azela Robinson’s early life remains veiled in mystery, with no available information about her parents or siblings, if any. The actress has maintained a private stance on her childhood, leaving an intriguing void in our understanding of her upbringing.

Unfortunately, she has yet to share any details that would illuminate the formative years of her life.


We also have no reliable information about Azela’s academic journey. It’s unclear whether she studied or pursued any academic-focused degrees after finishing high school.

However, we do know that she started her professional training in acting in 1980, at the Old Vic Theatre School in Bristol, UK. Subsequently, she expanded her skills by participating in courses at the National Theatre in London in 1982 and 1983.

In pursuit of opportunities within the realm of entertainment, she made a pivotal decision to establish herself in Mexico during the late 1980s.


Upon her arrival in Mexico, Azela truly embarked on her acting career in films. Her debut in “Fin de semana en Garibaldi” was in 1989, starred next to Jorge Reynoso in the beginning of a prolific period spanning until 1993. During this time, Azela contributed to almost 70 films, predominantly in the comedy and action genres.

Notable works during this era include films such as 1990’s “Sor Batalla” with María Antonieta de las Nieves La Chilindrina and  “La mujer judicial” in the same year. She also starred in “El extensionista” the following year, with Eduardo Palomo.

Despite her success in cinema, she gradually shifted her focus towards television, due to her increased involvement in television projects. In more recent times, her notable film performances include roles in “Espejo Retrovisor” with Manuel Ojeda in 2002, and the 2011 film “Contratiempo” featuring Michel Brown.

In 2016, she starred in “Tus feromonas me matan” with Julieta Egurrola and Alberto Guerra.

In the world of television, Azela made her Mexican TV debut in a chapter of the renowned horror series “La hora marcada” in 1990.

Her breakthrough in telenovelas happened in 1995 with the telenovela “Pobre niña rica,” produced by Enrique Segoviano.

A pivotal role as Dinorah Faberman in the 1996 telenovela “Cañaveral de pasiones” further solidified her standing, establishing the actress as one of the most prominent villains in Mexican telenovelas.

Her portrayal of antagonistic characters continued in melodramas including the 1998 series “La usurpadora”, and “Mi destino eres tú” in 2000.

Azela’s diverse roles include playing Francisca in the 2001 telenovela “El manantial”. She also stepped away from being a villain, and played a ‘good guy/girl’ role in 2002’s  “La Otra.”

In 2005, Azela portrayed Apolonia in “Contra viento y marea”, which was a highly successful telenovela.

Two years later, she showcased her versatility as part of the group of hosts on the television program “Metropolis”, and participated in TV series such as “S.O.S.: Sexo y otros Secretos” (2007) and “Central de Abasto” (2008).

The actress’ impressive television journey continued with roles in the 2009 TV series “Mujeres asesinas” and the telenovela “Sortilegio” in the same year.

In 2010, she delivered a memorable performance as Fedra in the telenovela “Llena de amor,” gaining lots of praise for her acting skills.

Her noteworthy contributions extended to the 2014 telenovela “Yo no creo en los hombres”, her acting in this show was so good that she bagged the Premio TVyNovelas for Best Antagonistic Actress.

In 2016, she appeared in the telenovela “Vino el amor,” showcasing her enduring presence in the television landscape.

Four years later, she took on the role of a director for the telenovela “¿Qué le pasa a mi familia?”

Beyond her screen endeavors, Azala has also graced the theatrical stage in Mexico, participating in various theatrical productions such as the 1991 production of “Todos a la piscina” and “Trilogía amorosa” in 1993.

She was also part of 1995’s  “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” and “La casa de Bernarda Alba” seven years later.

She went on to be part of several other productions such as “Macbeth” in 2008, and “Made in Mexico” in 2015.

Azela’s multifaceted career spans cinema, television, and theatre, showcasing her versatility and enduring impact on the entertainment landscape.

Interesting Facts

Azela won the Favorite Villain award at the 2015 TVyNovelas Awards, then in 2017 at the same awards, she also bagged the Best Female Antagonist award.

She also won the Best Supporting Actress in a Drama award for her role in “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”, as well as the Best Supporting Actress in a Theater award for her work on “Cena de matrimonios” in 2003. Her acting in “Macbeth” also saw her winning a Best Actress award.

Later Personal Life

In 1988, Azela entered into matrimony with Roberto Ballesteros. However, their marital journey took a turn, leading to their separation in 1996.

The couple shares the bond of parenthood, blessed with one child. Despite her public presence in the entertainment industry, details about Azela’s love life remain a guarded mystery, leaving much to the imagination of curious onlookers.

Physical Characteristics

Azela is 5ft 8ins (173cms) tall and weighs roughly 132lbs (60kgs). She has long brown hair and brown eyes.

Net Worth

Given her illustrious career, Azala’s net worth is estimated to be as high as $1 million, as of late 2023.

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