What happened to Leland Chapman? Bio: Wife Jamie Pilar, Net Worth, Wedding, Arrest, Divorced

• Leland Chapman is an American bail bondsman and bounty hunter.
• He grew up in Pampa, Texas and was placed in foster care at age 13.
• He became famous as part of the TV series “Dog the Bounty Hunter”.
• Leland has a net worth of $300,000 and is married to his second wife Jamie Pilar.
• He is the proud father of three children and currently resides in Alabama.

What happened to Leland Chapman?

A well-known American bail bondsman and bounty hunter, Leland Chapman has participated in several TV series and reality shows, and he certainly leaves an impression wherever he appears. Born as Leland Blane Chapman on 14th December 1976, he grew up in Pampa, Texas. Leland’s father’s name was Duane, but he is best known under the nickname “Dog”, and his mother was Duane’s first wife, La Fonda Sue. Over the years, this family, together with numerous other siblings, was under the spotlights because they have been the protagonists of various TV shows. If you want to discover what happened to Leland, stay with our overview of his bio, net worth, marriage, etc.

Childhood years

Leland’s father Duane has always been ‘controversial’, to say the least, and his behavior has certainly influenced his children’s lives. For example, Leland met his father for the first time when he was eight years old, as until then Duane was serving a prison sentence in Texas having been convicted of first-degree murder in 1976. When he got out, he started rebuilding the relationship with Leland and his other children. However, Doug’s wife La Fonda Sue decided to divorce him, and she married his best friend, no more no less!

Education and teenage years

Of course, living in such a household had to affect the young Leland. Furthermore, his family moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado when he was a teenager, with the change in surroundings creating issues for the kid, who soon started developing serious behavioral problems. For example, he skipped school, ran away from home, even joined a gang so was placed under foster care at age 13, but he eventually managed to matriculate from Rampart High School in 1995.

Boxing and mixed martial arts played a significant role in the process of calming the rebellious teenager. Unfortunately, Leland had to stop practicing martial arts professionally due to a knee injury, however, his athleticism and physical strength made Leland a perfect candidate for a position in his father’s company, and he started working for “Da Kine Bail Bonds”.

How did Leland become famous?

In August 2004, “Dog the Bounty Hunter” started airing on A&E Networks, and this signified the moment when the Chapman family came under the spotlight. The show went on to have eight full seasons until it was cancelled in 2012, during which Leland played an important part in the reality TV series, and was one of the most popular characters.

When this TV series came to an end, Country Music Television launched a spin-off, shooting a show called “Dog and Beth: On the Hunt”, and once again, Leland was in the cast; though not the lead protagonist, he was always involved in the action, and gained a lot of fans.

Did Leland get arrested?

Being a bounty hunter, Leland was always aware that his profession carried certain risks, however, he probably did not expect to get arrested, in 2016, and get extradited to Mexico! As the story goes, Leland, together with his dad and brother, managed to catch and apprehend the notorious Andrew Luster, the heir of Max Factor Cosmetics, sentenced to 125 years in jail after he was convicted of multiple rape cases. The Chapmans managed to catch him in Puerto Vallarta, but they were eventually convicted for “deprivation of liberty”. In the end, Duane had to pay $300,000 bail, while his sons had to pay $100,000 each to be released from custody.

Leland’s other projects

Over the years, Leland has been involved in all sorts of business endeavors, some more successful than others, but the vast majority terminated after a short period. For instance, Leland formed a company called “Chapbros Media” together with his brothers, but the business is no longer operational. On the other hand, he successfully operates his company in Hawaii, which is called “Kamaaina Bail Bonds”.

Aside from his business projects, Leland was also active in the entertainment industry, appearing in TV series such as “Hawaii Five-O”, “Celebrity Family Feud”, and “E! True Hollywood Story”.

Net worth

With all these activities, you would expect Leland to be a millionaire by now. However, authoritative sources estimate that his current net worth is around $300,000, and that his annual income is just $75,000.

Is Leland married?

Yes, Leland is married to his second wife, Jamie Pilar. Leland’s first wife, was Maui, with their marriage lasting for ten years between 1995 and 2005; they were married in Kailua, Hawaii. Years later, Leland met Jamie, and they have been married since 2016.

Leland is a proud father of a daughter and two sons. His daughter Leiah was born as a result of his relationship with his girlfriend Lynette Yi, however, she and Leland never married, and he now takes care of the girl. Similarly, his son Dakota came from his then girlfriend Raina, while he had his son Cobie with his first wife Maui. Bearing in mind that his father Duane had 15 children from five marriages, Leland is rather modest when it comes to these family traditions!

Personal life

Leland and Jamie currently live in Alabama, to where they moved from Hawaii in 2015. After all these years, he is still active as a bail bondsman and a bounty hunter. He tries to lead a peaceful life, while communicating with his fans by posting frequent status updates on his Twitter profile, which has over 320,000 followers.

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