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• Blackbear, full name Matthew Tyler Musto, is an American rapper, songwriter and music producer from Pittston, PA.
• He developed an interest in music at age 16 and quit school to pursue it.
• His most successful collaboration was "Boyfriend" with Justin Bieber in 201•
• His album "Digital Druglord" was released in 2017 and helped him secure a 10 million dollar distribution deal with Interscope.
• He has worked with many famous artists and has an active presence on YouTube and Instagram.

Who is Blackbear?

Blackbear  – full name Matthew Tyler Musto – is an American rapper originally from Pittston, Pennsylvania USA, born on 27 November 1990 under the sign of sagittarius. Soon after his birth, the family moved to Daytona Beach, Florida, where he spent his childhood. Although he is best known for his rapping and the works that he had done with Justin Bieber and Gucci Mane, he is also a songwriter and a music producer. Blackbear is currently residing in Los Angeles, after living in Atlanta, Georgia.


Early life and education

There is little or no info on his parents and Blackbear avoids talking about them. There are gossips and rumors how he ran away from home when he was still a teen but all of that is unconfirmed. Blackbear developed his interest in music when he was around 16 – his first performances were with the rock band Polaroid while he was still in school. He was the singer in the band, and when he was in 9th grade, he decided to quit school and focus on what interested him the most – music.

Personal life and appearance

Most of Blackbear’s upper body is covered in tattoos, and he has a lot on his legs too, and all over his hands and on his neck. He stated on SKEE TV that once he managed to get 23 tattoos inked onto his body in one day, even doing some of them by his own hand. He admits that some of them are awful but doesn’t regret any of them. He is 5 feet 11 inches (180cm) tall and weighs around 154 pounds (70kg). Girls seem to be attracted by his green eyes and brown hair.

Blackbear has had only three relationships known to public: he dated Bella Thorne in 2017, then AnneMarie Morin and right now he is dating Sydney Lynn Carlson, although there are rumors that the two of them have broken up. Due to his problems with alcohol and drugs, Blackbear ended up in a hospital in 2016, and was diagnosed with necrotic pancreatitis. He had to spend most of that year in hospital, and after having multiple operations, he decided to use that experience and turn it into music, which came in the form of his third album “Digital Druglord”.

Career and net worth

While Blackbear was a part of Polaroid they released one album, one EP and a demo, his first achievements in music. He decided to start his solo career and left Polaroid, working with Ne-Yo in Atlanta, and released three EPs in 2008, 2009 and 2010. Back then he was still known as Musto, it was in 2011 that he decided to use Blackbear as his pseudonym for music. One of the biggest successes in his career was the song which he made with Justin Bieber – “Boyfriend” –which ended up in the second place on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2012. His next success was his EP “The Afterglow”, which rose to number four on the Billboard charts in 2014. His first album was released on 14 February 2015 – “Deadroses” consisted of 10 songs, and received recognition from a wide audience and once again gained him a good place on the Billboard charts. Blackbear also started earning money from Soundcloud, as his single “Idfc” was streamed on it more than 22 million times.

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Blackbear then began working on his next album, and released “Help” in 2015, but his next release was almost two years later, his third album named “Digital Druglord”. He even co-produced a song with Linkin Park called “Sorry for Now”. One of his big successes was his EP “Cashmere Noose”. It went live on 2 August 2016 on SoundCloud, and as soon as the final version of his EP was made, it jumped into first place on iTunes R&B charts, and held a remarkable number six place overall on iTunes. His last album “Cybersex” is believed to be his best album so far.

It was out with all of its 14 songs on 27 November 2017, and for which Blackbear used the internet as an inspiration. In an interview, he said how you can do numerous things with someone over the net, as well as sleep with them, and how sexting and cybersex is today’s thing. His next album is announced to go out on this Valentine’s Day, 14 February 2019. Earned from his career in the music industry now spanning over a decade, authoritative sources estimate that his net worth is over $2.5 million.

From poor to rich, and his near death experience

After the success of the song which he made with Bieber, Blackbear’s life changed dramatically. Until then he had been poor, and now suddenlt he was a millionaire and only 21 years old. He started doing what most young people would do –spending his money on anything he wanted; he would fly to Hawaii whenever he felt like it, started drinking and abusing drugs. It didn’t take long until he realized that he couldn’t treat his body like that, when he ended up in a hospital thinking that he had an acid reflux which unfortunately turned out to be a case of pancreatitis, and life-threatening, at 50-50. Doctors had to cut him wide open, but the surgery was a success. It was there in the hospital where Blackbear wrote most of the songs for his album “Digital Druglord” – the main song “do re mi” was his first ever song to be on the chart (No. 87), and his entire album claimed No. 14 on the Billboard 200. This experience helped him a lot in his life, Blackbear said. He quit drinking, and his album “Digital Druglord” helped him sign a 10 million dollar distribution deal with Interscope.


Blackbear donated around $5,000 to the victims of the Las Vegas shooting in 2017. He has worked with a lot of famous artists, including Justin Bieber, Machine Gun Kelly, Pharrell Williams, Jacob Sartorius, G-Eazy, Gnash, Mike Posner and Linkin Park.

He cares a lot about his online appearance – he posts almost every day on Instagram and has a huge number of followers, now almost two million.

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