“Blue Bloods” actress Abigail Hawk’s Wiki: Age, Husband, Family, Married, Measurements, Children, Net Worth

• Abigail Hawk is a blonde actress known for her role in “Blue Bloods” (2010-2018)
• She was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1985 and began her professional acting career at 10
• She graduated from the University of Maryland with a BA degree in theatre
• She is married and has a son
• Her net worth is close to $1 million

Who is Abigail Hawk?

This blonde actress is especially known for playing Detective Abigail Baker in “Blue Bloods” (2010-2018) but her acting success is also as a result of several other well-played roles in these years of practice and hard work. She is born on 4 May 1985, in Chicago, Illinois and began her professional acting career at the very young age of 10, playing the role of Sam Bonner in the TV series Reality Check. Other important appearances have been in “Almost Paris” in 2016, and “A Christmas in Vermont” – a holiday movie released in the same year. If you are eager to find out more about the child and the teenage star of the ‘90s and as the woman (and maybe wife?) she is today, enjoy reading the following.

Early life and studies

Abigail Diane Gustafson, as she was born, spent her early childhood with her parents Robert and Diane Gustafson in her hometown. There are not any other pieces of information about her family because she talks about her past in a very discreet way. However, it is known that she attended North Springs Charter School of Arts and Sciences, Georgia; the various theatre displays she participated in were not only a way to effectively spend her time as a child, but they also revealed her potential. She was growing, and so was her passion for acting. The first step towards her big dream was made by going to the University of Maryland College Park, from where she graduated in 2004 with a BA degree in theatre.

First roles and first achievements

She signed her first contract right after graduating, and the minor roles she played in “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” (2006) and “Across the Universe” (2007) were highly appreciated. Open to different types of movies, she also appeared in a short one – “The Tragedy of Maria Macabre” in 2010, playing a main character for the first time.

Then in 2010 began the “Blue Bloods” TV series. Although her character had been previously announced to be Detective Melissa Baker, her name was subsequently changed to Abigail Baker, a first-grade detective member of the Police Commissioner’s Squad, serving as a primary aid to Frank Reagan, a ruthless and strict professional who always fulfills his responsibilities. Detective Baker was a constant presence from the first to the ninth seasons, appears in more than 150 episodes.

Recent activity and future perspectives

In 2015 Abigail found herself in a totally different role, making her directorial debut on six episodes of “The Peter Austin Noto Show”, but then she returned to her old position, acting herself in the same TV series. In the meantime, Abigail also worked in theatre, collaborating mostly with Malisa Theater Academy.

Even though it looks like she took a break after “Almost Paris” and “A Christmas in Vermont” in 2016, actually she was preparing some big movies for this and for the following year. Her latest character is Eva Young, one of the main characters in the family movie “Bubble girl”. Other promising projects are “Couple of Guys” and “The Only Woman in the World”, both planned for 2019.

Does she have time for a family?

Taking into account her activity, you could think that she is a single woman focused entirely on her career. Well, you will be surprised to know that in reality, Hawk knows how to strike a balance between the professional and the personal life, being a married woman. She and her husband Bryan Spies tied the knot in April 2009 after a short engagement, but after years of dating each other, celebrating their wedding with their families and close friends at Davenport. He previously worked in a NY bakery, but is now serving in the Fire Department of New York City as a medic.

In 2014 their family got bigger after the birth of their first son. Abigail periodically posts cute photos with her son on social media, but she never speaks about him in public.

Abigail’s impressive measurements

With her hourglass body type and her perfect height, Abigail could easily become a model. She weighs around 140lbs (64 kgs), which is very healthy at her height of 5ft 8ins (1.73 m), and is also well proportioned, with vital statistics of 36-26-36 inches (91-66-91 cm) and a 36B bra size.

How reach is Abigail Hawk?

It is hard to calculate Hawk’s net worth when she is so cautious with every word she says. However, according to authoritative sources, her net worth is close to $1 million, and expected to exceed this after the release of her latest movies.

You can also find out more about her activities, her campaigns and her principles from her Facebook and Instagram pages.

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