Brooke Bailey – The Basketball Wife Who Turned Her Life Around

Brooke Bailey is an American buisinesswoman and model, probably best known for her appearance in the reality TV show “Basketball Wives.” As a model, she’s appeared on the covers of several beauty publications, such as Smooth Magazine and Low Rider Magazine.

Early life, family, education

Brooke Bailey was born in California, USA, on 13 July, 1977. She completed her early education in Los Angeles, matriculating from Hamilton High School. Following which she soon stepped into the modelling industry, which became her primary focus.

Brooke’s parents have mostly kept out of the public eye, other than a few photos of them she posted on her Facebook profile. Her father’s name is Reggie, and she also has a brother whose name has not been revealed.

She has three children, daughter Kayla, son Shumecio and another son whose name is still unknown. Her daughter tragically passed away in September 2022 at only 25 years old.


During her life, Brooke has been associated with several sports players such as DeSean Jackson, Rashard Lewis, Vernon Macklin and most recently Ronnie Holland.

Her first high-profile relationship was with the NBA player Rashard Lewis, whom she dated around 2010. After that relationship ended, she was involved with Vernon Macklin, a successful NBA player for the Detroit Pistons. However, it was never confirmed whether the two ever officially dated, but anyway they soon had a falling out.

In the summer of 2013, Brooke’s relationship with an NFL player, DeSean Jackson, attracted attention from the media. Their involvement was brief, and the two split up only a few months later.

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Following this relationship, Brooke married Ronnie Holland in 2014. Their marriage lasted seven years before ultimately ending in divorce in 2021 due to personal issues.

After their divorce was finalized, Brook took to her Instagram with an encouraging post in which she wrote: “Wife sounds better than girlfriend, but single sounds better than stupid.” She concluded the statement by confirming that she’s single as of late-2023.


Brooke Bailey’s career in the world of reality television took off with her debut in the second season of “Basketball Wives LA” in 2012; at the time, she was dating the NBA player Vernon Macklin. She initially joined the show as a replacement for Imani Showalter, bringing her own unique blend of personality and drama to the series.

Her confident and outspoken demeanor quickly set her apart from other cast members, and her willingness to engage in confrontations and disputes added a new layer of tension and excitement to the series. Following her successful run in the second season, Brooke Bailey continued to be a part of “Basketball Wives LA”, and she returned for the third season which premiered in 2013. Brooke then took a long break from the show, only appearing in seasons 10 and 11, nearly 10 years later.

Aside from her involvement in the reality TV industry, Brook also runs a beauty line called “Skin by Brooke Bailey.” She has a vibrant social media presence, which she uses to promote her products and showcase her modeling contracts, most recently with Playboy Magazine. In 2023, her Instagram account has over 700,000 followers.

“Basketball Wives “

“Basketball Wives” premiered in 2010 on VH1, and was created by Shaunie O’Neal. The show is focused on the lives and relationships of women who were either married to or romantically involved with professional basketball players.

The franchise became known for its mix of drama, confrontations, and glamorous lifestyles, often depicting the struggles and successes of the cast members in their unique positions. The series featured a rotating cast of women, each bringing their own personalities and stories to the show.

While the series was praised for its entertainment value and ability to shed light on the challenges faced by women in the sports world, it also faced criticism for its portrayal of relationships, and sometimes intense conflicts among the cast members. Fans also often criticized heavily scripted moments in the show.

The original show was set in Miami, Florida, but later spawned spin-off series, including “Basketball Wives LA,” and its most recent spin-off is focused on Orlando, premiering in 2023.

Death of daughter Kayla

In September 2022, the tragic news of Kayla Nicole Bailey’s death in a car accident in Memphis sent shockwaves through her family and loved ones. Brooke Bailey shared her grief with a heartfelt tribute on her Instagram account, posting a series of photos of Kayla throughout the years, and writing “Forever my baby, Pretty Black aka Kayla Nicole Bailey…” She ended on a positive note, adding that this wasn’t a farewell and that she will see her soon.

Brooke has also had a tattoo of her late daughter done, and posted a photo sitting next to Kayla’s gravesite adorned with a colorful bouquet of flowers. The post was captioned with the words “It’s an Angel Mom thing. Be glad you don’t understand.”

Since the news of Kayla’s passing broke, Brooke Bailey’s social media platforms have been flooded with an outpouring of support, prayers and condolences from fans and celebrities, most notably Nicki Minaj, Porsha Williams and Tammy Rivera joined the chorus of those offering their support.

Appearance and clothing style

Brooke Bailey is 5ft 6ins (1.67m) tall and weighs about 130lbs (58kgs). She has long black curly hair and deep brown eyes. She features many tattoos which adorn various parts of her body. Brooke enjoys wearing long dresses and a variety of custom modeling outfits which make bold fashion statements.

Interests and hobbies

She has a large car collection that includes luxury vehicles such as a Porsche, showcasing her appreciation for high-quality automobiles.

Brooke loves to travel and explore new places, and her Instagram features various location all around the world. Swimming is Brooke’s favorite pastime activity, and she frequently visits the beach and swimming pools.

Net Worth

As of 2023, Brooke Bailey’s estimated net worth stands at an impressive $5 million, a testament to her successful career in the world of reality television and her various business ventures.

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