Casey Nezhoda from “Storage Wars” Bio: husband Rene Nezhoda, Net Worth, Age, Measurements, Weight Gain, Height

• Casey Nezhoda is a TV personality and entrepreneur, best known for appearing in the fourth season of A&E's reality TV show 'Storage Wars'.
• She runs and operates a thrift store in San Diego and has a body measurement of 40-26-37.
• Casey is married to Rene Nezhoda and they have a daughter called Tatiana.
• She has an estimated net worth of over $1.5 million, earned primarily from her business and TV appearances.
• Casey and her family are devout Christians, and she often shares her faith on her Twitter account.

Who is Casey Nezhoda?

Casey Nezhoda was born on 6 September 1974, in San Diego, California USA, and is a TV personality and a devoted entrepreneur, widely recognized after her appearance in the fourth season of A&E’s reality TV show called ‘Storage Wars’. She currently runs and operates a thrift store in San Diego.

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Casey Nezhoda Age, Early life and Education

Casey’s family, early life and education details are still her personal matter, and little is known about them. We will only discuss what is known about her but will immediately update you once more information is found. So, she is the only girl in her family, almost all of whom were involved in sporting activities. She was apparently also very talented when she was in high school. Before her marriage, she worked for her close friends as a babysitter. Now Casey is 44 years old and a proud mother.

What are Casey Nezhoda’s Body measurements and weight gain?

One of the most admired facts about Casey is her body, which seems to be admired by both her male and female fans. She is appreciated for her looks, accentuated by mostly wearing relatively tight clothes. Her breast shape fits a 34F bra cup size. We can simply describe her vital statistics as 40-26-37. When it comes to height, she measures 5ft 6ins (1.65m), and reputedly weighs around 150lbs (68kgs) which can be considered to be very normal. Casey has blue-green eyes, with black hair which is dyed. According to American measurements, she wears a shoe size 9 and dresses size 8. The secret behind her maintaining a killer body with nice curves is doing exercises. She also takes control of her diet. She has suffered no incidence of excessive weight gain.


Casey has been married to Rene Nezhoda for nearly 20 years, and they have a daughter called Tatiana. They have been spotted in several TV shows before their most famous appearance, actually always seen together and working hand-in-hand, evident through multiple photos on her Instagram. Casey has a dream of passing her knowledge and store on to their daughter, although they have always kept her away from stardom. Let’s learn more about her husband.

Casey’s husband; Rene Nezhoda

The 41 year-old Rene Nezhoda was born on 6 April 1977, in Austria, but was raised in Frankfurt, Germany. His family migrated to the USA in 1990, where he attended Las Vegas High School. He is characterized by his thick German accent which makes him an outstanding actor amongst his colleagues. His fortune kicked in when he and his wife appeared in ‘Storage Wars’ as mentioned earlier. From the beginning, he had a love for second hand products and had already acquired a lot of knowledge about them, having at the age of 11 started purchasing and re-selling antiques. His business, therefore, thrived well even before he starred in the show. Isn’t that amazing? He often refers his mind as an ‘encyclopedia of second-hand items’ due to his involvement with antiques and collectibles which he has dealt with almost his entire life.


Although unsuccessful, Casey debuted in her TV career when she went for the auditions of ABC’s show called “Celebrity Storage”, reaching the final five from over 5000 before being eliminated in the last stage. However, she later made a screen display of “Storage Wars” reality show.

Storage Wars

When the A&E Network initially produced “Storage Wars”, they had tried to attract Casey Nezhoda and her husband, however, due to lack of time they turned down the offer, as Casey was baby-sitting while Rene had to concentrate on their business. They got another chance to appear during the fourth season of the show as recurring cast members, and performed as buyers for the first six episodes before they became the main cast members in the next season.

Casey Nezhoda’s Net Worth and Earning

After running a successful business for years in San Diego, Casey and Rene have made a lot of money. She has an impressive net worth estimated by authoritative sources as over $1.5 million, accumulated from the primary business, and TV appearances. They demonstrate how making money can be a relatively cheap process during the show. Casey and Rene co-own a 7000 square feet establishment called Bargain Hunter Thrift Store; she has helped to assemble second hand items and stocks of collectible items. Their fame has increased the number of tourists who come to look, as well as people who come to buy antiques at their store. Their wealth might increase with time since they have placed their store online for potential buyers to access worldwide.

Casey Nezhoda’s personal life

It is not uncommon for reality TV shows to have drama on-screen. Casey Nezhoda’s partner has quarreled with Darrel Sheets who is an original buyer. Meantime, Casey posts to her fans regularly on her Facebook page.

Casey Nezhoda and her husband have publicly expressed their Christian faith. She has always shared what she believes and her life motivation through her Twitter account. She is bringing up her daughter in a strong Christian faith too, and Tatiana therefore accompanies them to church services.

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