Hollie Strano (WKYC weather) Wiki Bio, age, salary, divorce, name change

• Hollie Strano was born in 1972 in Cleveland, Ohio
• She received her Degree in Science of Meteorology from Mississippi State University
• She is long-term meteorologist at WKYC-TV
• She has two children from her first marriage and was married a second time
• Her estimated net worth is over $500,000

Hollie Strano is a long-term meteorologist at WKYC-TV, who has come a long way to be a well-known TV personality and a mom of two. Though her fans also know she’s having a hard time finding her love, as she’s been married twice and both marriages have ended in divorce, making Hollie get back to her maiden name again and again. Let’s find out more about Hollie’s personal life, age, salary and more.

Early years and family

Hollie Strano was born on 3 December 1972, in Lyndhurst, Cleveland, Ohio USA. Her mother’s name is Joni Strano, Hollie once invited her to her cooking show “Home with Hollie” for a special Christmas episode where they cooked their traditional family appetizers. Hollie’s father’s name is unavailable, though it’s known he’s still alive as Hollie recently posted a photo with him on her Instagram. She is in very close relationships with her parents – they supported her in difficult moments and situations, and Hollie always expresses gratitude for them being there for her whatever happened. Hollie has two siblings, a sister, Stephanie, and a brother, Mike. Hollie is a godmother for her niece Olive, Hollie’s sister’s daughter. Hollie has a grandfather whose name is Sam, who sometimes visits her. Her grandmother, Peg Takitch, passed away a decade ago, but Hollie still remembers her kindness and how she made amazing hand-knitted angels and snowflakes for her grandchildren on Christmas. Hollie and her brothers and sisters hung up those ornaments on their fresh Christmas tree, and decorated the house together.


Hollie started taking elementary classes at Saint Clare Grade School in Cleveland.  Then for senior years she entered the Notre Dame Cathedral Latin high school (NDCL), which had a reputation of a very strong and solid educational institution, with its own college preparatory curriculum and Catholic education. After matriculating from NDCL, Hollie under-graduated from John Carroll University, a private Jesuit university, which is located in University Heights, Ohio, an old university once named  St. Ignatius College (1886-1923). Hollie continued her education entering Mississippi State University for Agriculture and Applied Sciences, where she post-graduated with a Degree in Science of Meteorology. Later the National Weather Association (NWA) rewarded Hollie with an NWA Television/Radio Seal of Approval, which guarantees the professional competency of the awarded candidate at basic meteorology, and gives them the right to perform on-air and live. Among other Seal Holders are Betty Davis (a meteorologist from the Local 10 channel), John Patrick (a chief meteorologist from WZVN-TV) and Evelyn Taft (a meteorologist from CBS2/KCAL9).


Being so well-educated and with a Seal of Approval, Hollie was offered work on WKYC-TV in Cleveland. She’s still there, doing weather forecasting on the ‘Channel 3 News Today’ early morning show, appearing alongside hosts Dave Chudowsky and Maureen Kyle; she’s also co-hosting another show, “Live on Lakeside”.

Hollie Strano

Personal life, kids, ex-husbands

First marriage with Brian Toohig

Hollie met her first husband, Brian Toohig, when they both were studying at NDCL high school. She says they were dating when she was 15 years old, since she remembers the gift Brian presented her with on St.Valentine’s day – a little devil stuffed animal, which she kept carefully in their bedroom long after they married. They welcomed a daughter, Jessica, and a son, Grady. Their marriage seemed perfect, Hollie cherishes the family moments they used to have on Holiday, when they decorated the Christmas tree: Brian sat Jessica on his shoulders so she could reach the top of the tree and decorate it with a multi-colored twinkling star. Hollie dreamt of a third child, since she’s always considered the kids to be the most important goal of her life. Her family approved her thoughts and supported the idea with their own examples – Hollie’s brother Mike has three kids, her sister Stephanie two daughters, and her husband Brian also had three siblings; his brother, Kevin Toohig had three kids, his other brother, Sean, had two, and his sister Kelly Turle three. Being surrounded with children, Hollie didn’t even think that she would have to be focused on the marriage itself, not on the descendants only. So it was quite a shock for her and the whole family when she and Brian divorced in 2011. Hollie comforted the kids and helped them overcome the heart-breaking events.

Second marriage with Alex Giangreco

It took Hollie three years to recover from the divorce and say “I do” to another man, Alex Giangreco, a mixologist from Florida. They met in 2010 when Hollie was enjoying her vacations on the hot beaches of the Casablanca. Alex proposed to Hollie with a massive oval diamond ring, surrounded by multiple small round diamonds in a platinum band. He secretly hired a photographer who followed them on their way to the beach where Alex proposed, so they have it all captured. They married on 14 June 2011, having two wedding ceremonies – one a private beach wedding in Florida for the closest members of the family, the bridesmaid and the best man, and bigger ceremony for 200+ guests in Cleveland to which all their friends, colleagues and other relatives were invited.

Though Hollie knew that a marriage can be fragile, she couldn’t do anything with another divorce coming, and after six years of marital life, Hollie and Alex separated. This was an even bigger shock for Hollie than her first divorce, taking her to the depths of depression. Hollie announced on her Twitter that she again took her maiden name Hollie Strano, and now focused on her kids to help them to deal with the transition.

Overcoming the dramatic divorce

Hollie is sure that by nature she is a very happy and positive person, and she admitted that just a couple of years before the divorce she would never have thought that her world that she had built with love and gentleness would come to an end. She said that at first she felt that it was her who had failed, and it was really hard for her to understand the true reason of what was going on those days. Hollie always had troubles dealing with anxiety to a degree, but those circumstances had put her into a state of severe anxiety that she had never felt before. She had shortness of breath, and a feeling of rising and overwhelming panic. She had massive support from her family and close friends, but as a mom, she felt that she needed more help in that. So she set up mental health counseling, and she thinks that it saved her life. She had really hard times going to work, while she had all those motions in her personal life; and she didn’t believe her problems mattered that much because she was sure that other people were going through even more dramatic and painful things in their life. Experienced specialists helped Hollie to understand her feelings mattered, and taught her not to depreciate her inner emotions and experiences. She remembers she started posting some inspirational quotes on her social media accounts, so her fans felt something was going on, and lifted her, leaving supporting and kind comments, praying for her and her family, wishing her to get through whatever she’d had to. Only in 2019, when she felt better, did she decide to share her experience of healing, and told her story to the wide audience. Her message was simple: ‘If you’re experiencing dramatic events or feel the bad time will never end, reach for help’.


It was Jessica and Grady who helped Hollie to move forward. Hollie now pays a lot of attention to her relationships with her kids. She takes her daughter, Jessica, to various handmade master-classes where they make things together. They also visit shows and concerts, such as a recent Ariana Grande’s show in Cleveland. They also like spending time with their two dogs, Otis and Maya. As for 2019, Jessica is 13 years old, and Grady is 11 years old.


Hollie has long dark-brown straight hair which she always wears the same way; she has light-brown eyes. Hollie loves bright pink lipstick shades and always puts on her favorite lip pencil of plum shade. She is 5ft 2ins (1.57m) tall and her weight is around 120lbs(55kgs). Though she is a well-known cheeseburger lover, she tried hard to stay slim and keep fit, spending a lot of time in the gym.

Net worth

Hollie Strano has worked for WKYC for 25 years, and her salary there is quite stable. According to PayScale a TV presenter and a meteorologist can earn from $60,600 to $74,500 per year, and Hollie probably earns such an amount of money. Sources estimate her net worth as of early 2019 at over $500,000. She is very active on Facebook, where she has almost 47,000 subscribers, on  Twitter, where she has more than 27,000 readers, and on Instagram, where she has more than 14,000 followers. Those social media sources help her to increase the interest of the audience in her person. Since Hollie keeps working hard on WKYC, participating in new shows and projects, her net worth is likely to grow in the near future.

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