Charrisse Jackson Jordan: Wiki Bio, net worth, husband, children, family

• Charrisse Jackson Jordan is a successful Real Housewives of Potomac TV star
• She was born in New Jersey, and is a proud mother of two
• Charrisse is a humanitarian, and has used her fame to raise funds for charity and non-profit organizations
• She was part of the original cast of The Real Housewives of Potomac, and left in 2019
• Her net worth is estimated at $8 million

Did you think that being housewife can’t be a profitable business? Charrisse Jackson Jordan, a member of the reality TV show “The Real Housewives of Potomac,” is proof that you are wrong. But although she became a famous TV star, her life turned upside down since then.

Charrisse Jackson Jordan’s Private Life

Charrisse was born in Somerset, New Jersey, USA, on 16 July 1965, in a sun sign of Cancer. She was the youngest of the eight children. This meant that she had to fight for herself from her young age, although as the youngest member of the family, she was a favorite.

Her parents gave her excellent education at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland. However, even before she headed up to the University, Charrisse showed her ambitions. She was a member of the athletic and cheerleading team at the college, and a part of Future Business Leaders of America, where she was preparing for career in business. Immediately after getting a degree in telecommunication, Charrisse returned to her hometown New Jersey. She has been living in Potomac since 2005, when her ex-husband came to NBA team Washington Wizards as a head coach.

Charrisse’s Love Life

Like every woman in love, Charrisse Jackson Jordan thought her marriage would last forever and ever. Charrisse and her husband Jordan were in a harmonious marriage for almost 20 years, until she decided to become part of “The Real Housewives of Potomac.” The wedding ceremony happened in New Jersey in 1997, while Eddie was a head coach of the Sacramento Kings.

When “The Real Housewives of Potomac” started in 2016, Charrisse Jackson Jordan tried to present her marriage in the best possible way. However, already after the first season, it was clear that something’s wrong there. Soon after, Charrisse discovered that her husband, Eddie, was against her participation in this TV show from the very beginning.

Charrisse Jackson Jordan

Why Charrisse and Eddie divorced?

In an interview in 2018, she revealed to the media that the two of them had lived apart from the beginning of “The Real Housewives of Potomac.” Eddie lived in New Jersey, and Charrisse’s residence remains Potomac, Maryland. She was working hard to keep the family together; however, they just couldn’t avoid divorce, which was finalized last year. It looks like Eddie Jordan was not ready for a compromise, just like Charrisse was because of his coaching career.

In September last year, Charrisse admitted that the main reason for the divorce was Eddie’s scams. Apparently, he’s been cheating on her for years. Also, she claims that her soon ex-husband lives with another woman in New Jersey all the time.

How Many Children Charrisse Has?

Charrisse is a proud and dedicated mom of two kids, son Jackson, who’s 20, and 18-year-old girl Skylar, who enrolled in Spelman College on Atlanta University last year. Although this family is wealthy, Charrisse did not want to miss her kids’ growing up. She never had a nanny, but she was there for Jackson and Skylar since their young age.

Since Charrisse Jackson Jordan is known as a humanitarian, she taught her children to help others whenever they can. On social networks, we can see her kids helping a number of projects and organizations, such as homeless shelters, etc.

Career and Net Worth

After returning to New Jersey, Charrisse found her first employment in high school as a teacher and a post-school site facilitator. But she had to quit her job after she married Eddie. Because of his profession, they had to move frequently. When they came to Potomac, one of the wealthiest communities in the US, Charrisse devoted herself to humanitarian and philanthropic work.

Soon she became one of the most popular socialities in the D.C. area, and she used her fame in the best possible way. When she became the president of the Behind the Bench – the National Basketball Wives Association, Charrisse organized many fundraising events. So far, she managed to collect significant donations for charity and various non-profit organizations. Charrisse Jackson Jordan is particularly devoted to fundraising for organizations such as the American Cancer Society because one of her brothers died of cancer. In 2014, she even won the trophy in “D.C. Dancing Stars” competition, a charity event which brought over $ 150,000 for numerous purposes.

Starring “The Real Housewives of Potomac”

Since 2016, Charrisse became a part of the original cast of “The Real Housewives of Potomac,” a TV show franchise recording the life of rich women in this area. With her social activities and philanthropic work, Charrisse was one of the first choices for producers. This 5ft 6ins (1.70m) beauty didn’t hesitate much about entering this TV project. Charrisse Jackson Jordan, due to her mild temperament, was one of the most loved characters, although this show brought her many personal issues. She knew how to make some drama with other cast members. The audience remembers her spat with another housewife, Ashley Darby, because of her family and private life.

After two successful seasons, Charrisse is not the permanent member of the crew since the beginning of the third season. She appeared in the show from time to time. Since this January, Charrisse is officially no longer a part of “The Real Housewives of Potomac.” This TV project brought her significant earnings. Charrisse’s current net worth is estimated at around $ 8 million. In June 2018, this lady announced the sale of her Potomac house in colonial style, estimated at about $ 2.5 million. This will increase her wealth. But she enjoys giving back, so we’re positive she’ll use her fortune in good purposes.

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