Who is Dr. Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet? Wiki: Death, Cancer Update, Married, Age, Net Worth, First Wife

• Dr. Jeff Young was born on April 14th 1956, in Indiana, USA.
• He is the founder and owner of the veterinarian clinic Planned Pethood and Planned Pethood International.
• He graduated from Colorado State University in 1989 with a veterinary medicine degree.
• He was diagnosed with B-cell Lymphoma in 2016 but has now recovered fully.
• His current net worth is estimated at $200,000 and he is married to his second wife Petra Mickova since 2014.

Who is Dr. Jeff?

Born Jeffrey ‘Jeff’ Young on the 14th April 1956, in Indiana USA, he is a veterinarian who came to prominence after being featured in the reality show “Dr. Jeff – Rocky Mountains Vet”, which airs on Animal Planet since 2015. He is the founder and owner of the veterinarian clinic Planned Pethood and Planned Pethood International.

Do you want to learn more about Dr. Jeff, from his early childhood to most recent career endeavors and his personal life? If yes, then stay with us for a while, as we are about to bring you closer to one of the most renowned veterinarians in the world.

Dr. Jeff Wiki: Early Life, Parents, Education

Jeff grew up on a farm, where he fell in love with animals; he is the child of divorced parents, and his mother, Ester Stevens, remarried and Jeff spent his childhood with his stepfather and step-brother Jay. Growing up on a farm helped him learn about various animals, and he would often bring home injured animals to treat them until their recovery. Upon matriculation from high school, Jeff enrolled at Colorado State University from which he graduated in 1989 with a veterinary medicine degree.

Career Beginnings

Once he was out of the University, Jeff started his clinic Planned Pethood Plus, which tended animals at low prices. His business began to grow, and he managed to expand to not only taking care of pets, but also rescues injured wild animals. His love for animals and nose for business has taken him to other counties too, including Slovakia and Mexico, where he has opened clinics under the name Planned Pethood International.

Rise to Prominence

As Jeff’s career progressed, his business was becoming more successful, and he caught the eye of television producers from Animal Planet. He and his crew received an offer to partake in a new reality TV series, that will follow their daily endeavors. Jeff, of course, accepted the offer, and “Dr. Jeff – Rocky Mountain Vet” was created. The show premiered on the 11th July 2015, and since then Jeff and his crew have featured in 23 episodes, showcasing some of the most interesting cases that involve animals, both domestic and wild. Thanks to the series, Jeff became a TV star, and gained thousands of fans across the world.

Jeff Young Cancer Diagnosis, is Jeff Dead?

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Back in 2016, Jeff received terrible news, which he passed on to his fans during one of the episodes of the reality show; he was diagnosed with B-cell Lymphoma. When he was hospitalised, the doctors found an 8cm mass in his lungs, and Jeff had to undergo chemotherapy and cut his trademark long hair, becoming completely bald. Luckily, since the therapy, Jeff has recovered completely, and his show is now renewed for the fourth season.

Jeff Young Net Worth

Since launching his career, Jeff has treated thousands of animals, but it is his work on television that made him so famous. His success hasn’t really made him wealthy, so let’s just see how rich Jeff Young is, as of late 2018? According to authoritative sources, Jeff Young’s net worth is estimated at over $200,000. Pretty decent don’t you think?

Jeff Young Personal Life, Wife, Children, Marriage, First Wife

What do you know about Jeff in his personal life? Well, Jeff has been married to his second wife Petra Mickova since 2014. The couple doesn’t have children of their own, but Jeff has three children from his previous relationships, including a daughter Melody, who is also a part of the clinic and series as well. Unfortunately, no information has been made available about Jeff’s first wife. Petra is from Slovakia, and came to the USA to work for Dr. Jeff. She, like Jeff, fell in love with animals at an early age and would study to receive a veterinary medicine degree. Her first job was at Jeff’s clinic, and as the time passed, their relationship grew from business to romance, eventually resulting in marriage. She has remained with Jeff through his hardships, and has done all to make life easier for him during his painful times. Jeff is now fully recovered, and the two continue to operate the Planned Pethood clinic.

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  1. I love watching Dr. Jeff’s show. Him and his wife, Petra and his daughter, Melody, are amazing!! I’m sure Dr. Jeff’s other kids are too! Please don’t end the show, it’s a huge favorite of mine. I’m an animal lover myself and I enjoy your show as well as learn many things of taking care of my own animals that I did not know. Thank you guys so much!

    1. I agree with you…he is my favorite people in tv world. He is is so humble and his work is so true from his heart..not his pocket!
      Im from adelaide Australia..and wish we had vets like his…and a clone of him. I love him and his careing staff.

      1. My 10 year old Lab has a torn ACL in her left hind leg. The operation is not recommended by my local Vet, and I cannot afford it anyway at $5,000 Do you have any recommendations??

      2. I would love to be able to contact him, to.tell him how much I admire and to ask for some advice re: adopting an animal!

      NEW EPISODES …..

    3. Hi Sharon!.I have been catching up with Dr Jeff Young’ s episode on the AP! I thought he had retired after his cancer diagnosis, but I was wrong! I love watching him and his wife, the other vets and his staff at work! He is a wonderful, caring vet and a wonderful person!

    4. April 22, 2023- 6:30 pm – I agree – Dr. Jeff’s staff and doctors- superb team you all have- superb – outstanding – full of life and saving lives – By far the best that I have encountered. It is the best that I have ever watched – Its real! A lot of kindness – and high levels at saving lives. We are from Winter Park+ Orlando FL — We all thoroughly enjoy you and your team. Outstanding. Thank you Dr. Jeff and Fabulous staff. With appreciation. DE Pickard – 2485 Middleton Ave. Winter Park, FL 32792 – coming our way – give heads up – I can tell you all the NON-tourist places – Winter Park is small area in big city. With appreciation. Glad to let you know the non-tourist places.

    5. [email protected]. pls do not cancel this great Vet. Show.
      Dr Jeff explains so well about animal health issues. Being a 12 time dog rescuer, l respect what he tries to do, educating animal lovers.
      P.S. Dr. Jeff l was.just diagnosed with lymphoma, l am 73 and have had nodules in my lungs for 5 years, they are.now big enough for the insurance to pay for.removal.
      It is very.upsetting! My dogs for years knew l was sick, kept me comfortable they are my Angels on earth.
      Pls. let JEFF.back on the AIR!

  2. My Daddy was a veterinarian in Georgia and his main concern was for the 4 legged family members and the “found” ones that needed help. Dr. Jeff and his team reminds me of him so much of him and his compassion and love of animals and pets. thank you for what you do for them and their families. I cry at least once an episode because of your love of those who cat speak of what hurts.

  3. I love to watch Dr.Jeff and Petra,they ste an awesome couple taking care of animals, all kinds. He is so caring and loving to all of his staff and have a great working persona with all of his staff. I was so sorry to hear of his cancer but was so happy to hear that he was in recovery. He is an awesome doctor, I only wish he could have been in reach closer when I lost my baby boy of 13 years I lost to bone cancer,from the time I found out to when I lost him was less than a month. But thank you Dr Jeff and staff for an awesome show,please continue to have your programs on animal animal planet.

  4. I ‘ve been watching the show for a little while and I just watched a show where Dr. Jeff adopted a dog Daphne from Rosewood reservation that was hit by a car and he took her home and did surgery on her and she was doing well and he thought she was only around 3yrs old and I haven’t seen her on there in awhile so I was wondering what happened to her? She reminded me of a dog my daughter adopted in St.Kitts whe she was going to vet school

  5. The show is great and informative. I’m glad to see someone devoted to animal control in #s. Our area doesn’t have much of an issue with strays. But the shelter is full regularly. For him to take his time to help around the world to help spay and neuter is really commendable. It always breaks my heart to see animals in cages waiting for a loving home.

  6. I’d like to know about adopting some of the animals we see on the show. We have a Beagle from the huge mill in his state and and she flourished with us but she has her problems. I saw him and his accomplice daughter go to prison. Thank God. PLEASE let me know about adopting doggies like Watson. I love the show and all their good works!!!Chris/Bones Nathaniel-Rafer-Fiennes

  7. Do you think you ever come to Oregon we have a German Shepherd that needs to be fixed but it’s hard to get him into the vet

  8. I wanted to let Dr Jeff know that I saw a new less costly petetice leg replacement (just because I spelled it wrong) invented by a young man. I saw it on the show called Did I mention invention with Alley Wade. Maybe you can find out more it would be well worth it.

  9. I am so grateful for Dr. Jeff and the work he performs. I watch Dr. Jeff’s program every weekend. I sincerely
    appreciate his humanity and his willingness to help animals and people so generously. I’m so glad he is alive and well. I look forward to future programs.

    1. Dr Jeff, I wish we had vets like you in nz..I am a single working woman 3 cats..old one j Russell.. over the past 12 years I have spent $38,000 in vet care , oh for a vet like you.

  10. My wife and I watch often not but I can’t say regularly. A month back I noticed some of the music playing in the back ground. Some amazing slide steel (i think) Would like to know if anyone knows who the musicians are! A little ear candy that I’d like to expose our granddaughter to. I can’t find a thing except a few sound bites while rummaging the YouTube videos!!!

  11. I noticed Dyani an Tasha are not in the new shows just wondered what happened. I love the show!

  12. I love the show Dr Jeff and his team are brilliant there should be more people in the world like them
    He is a person I would like to meet just to give him a pat on the back Dr Jeff you are a great person

  13. Ontem dia 26/08 liguei a televisão no canal animal Planet do Brasil para assistir o programa do Dr. Jeff e a minha surpresa na estava passando fiquei triste. Espero que esteja tudo bem. Obrigado.

  14. Dr jeff i want to thank you for your life long work ,i love your show but if you cancel it .i wont have any thing to watch animal plant is my favorite station your my favor rite show ,i live in sioux falls so dakota 57104 i looking for a small puppy to give my love to i am disabled and need a small dog so if any body wants to give there small puppy to i am your girl ,I LOVE THE WORK YOU DO FOR THE LESS FORTUNE well i am one of those people i can afford there up keep i just cant find that kind of money all at once ,

    1. I am praying that Dr.Jeff is still in remission.
      I have called the clinic, and all I get is a recording.
      If you find out how he is, please let me know.

  15. September, 28, 2019.
    Doctor Jeff:
    I live in São Paulo-SP, Brasil, and I wanna say that I never saw a veterinarian like you.
    The surgeons you do, no one will ever know how to do.
    The others only wants to get money.
    I watch your tv programs almost every days.
    Never give up. God bless you.
    José Carlos Imbriani.

  16. Luv this huge hearted Dr Jeff and his wife Petra..always watch their shows..wishing we could have so many more vets like they r…they have so much compassion and help animals and pple?

  17. I love watching Dr jeff. I think he’s a great human being.how can I get his email address, I have a wonder dog we love very much and he tore his ALL and I was wondering what Jeff’s solution might be.here in wisconsin they insist on a $3000.-6000. Surgery and I can’t afford that. Can you give us some guidance. I’m disabled and he’s my buddy not to mention he is part of the family.
    We have him wearing a brace !. Can that help..I
    God bless

  18. I love Jeff and the crew. He has entered my life and animals have been in my life and now I’m 74 and I still have 2 cats left and it scares me off then pass and I’ll be alone. This show was my happy place and I miss it dearly.

  19. I watch Dr. Jeff every morning. If I can’t sit down to watch his show, I will record it for later viewing. In my opinion, he is the greatest vet I have ever seen. His love of animals never ceases. I have a small dog, that I love very much. I have even thought, if something were to happen to my little dog, I would make arrangements for a flight to Dr. Jeff’s clinic, so he could care and cure my little boy. I would like to ask the ANIMAL PLANET CHANNEL for a favor, which is, ” PLEASE KEEP DR. JEFF, THE ROCKY MOUNTAIN ON THE AIR FOR AS LONG AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN “. The show is the BEST show, I have ever encountered on national television. Again, please keep it going.

    Thank you for allowing me to post my reply, and have yourselves a great day.

  20. My family has come to love Dr.Jeff and his staff. We lost 2 Bichons,,I still have not recovered from that loss ,and you cannot replace one dog,with another. I learned alot from him and his staff.
    Noone could ever replace Dr.Jeff.
    We all love you and pray for you.
    May God Bless You

  21. Thank you for helping people through their pets!
    Many, many blessings to you.
    Many blessings to you and your staff!!!
    Wish there were more vets like you.
    Could you recommend some vets?
    Thank you so very much!!!!
    Just found your show this month. & Continue to watch it over and above all others!

  22. Dr. Jeff, I have a toy Pomeranian that was thrown off a golf cart. He limps badly on his right hind leg. The vet said he never saw a joint bend inward. He quoted 3000 to 4000 and could be more. Could you fix his leg? He is only five years old and I love him so very much. I am willing to drive from Florida to your clinic if you could help him. I am on fixed income so there is no way I can get his leg fixed for that price. I would forever be so grateful to you and your staff. I love your show. If there is a possibility please let me know. God bless you your wife and wonderful staff. Sincerely, Sheri and Cody

  23. Please don’t be dead! Love your show and watch everyday, it’s so interesting, I’ve learned so much about all animals and think you are an angel sent by St. Francis; I live in Brooklyn, NY and would love to come to Colorado just to see you and your clinic; keep up the wonderful work you are doing; I feed the strays around my apartment building and the squirrels, broke my ankle last July doing that but I’m back now limping w/my cane because I have to. I’m 74 but like you my brain is stuck at 19.


  24. I am praying for Dr. Jeff, his clinic and the show. It is probably my favorite show on t.v. and especially in the animal category. He and his staff are the most compassionate I have ever seen. It would be a crime to not renew this. He makes a contribution to the homeless people and other people who can’t afford treatment otherwise.

  25. Dear Dr. Jeff,
    I truly believe that the good Lord will bless and reward you for your kindness, generosity and compassion. I know that if we are kind to others, humans and animals alike, especially those who cannot help themselves, a special place awaits us when our time comes. Hopefully, many, many years from now, compassion of the highest magnitude will be yours for eternity. Thank you for all you do to help others in their time of need. God Bless you, your family, and the crew.

  26. Dr Jeff and staff,

    I just sat down to contact your vet hospital and started reading that Dr Jeff has died . I can’t believe it and hope for the sake of all who are a part of his life that it is not true. can some how it be clarified. If it is true I am so so sorry!!

  27. Dr. Jeff and lovely wife Dr. Petra. You and your staff have worked miracles for many many people and animals. In order to have this mindset you both have to be NICE INSIDE. Dr. Jeff, I firmly believe your life was spared. A miracle. Both my husband and I shed tears of happiness for over that news. So happy your alive and smiling. Best to you and family. Be safe. Carolyn and Brian

  28. Want to thank Dr Jeff for helping me with my kitten, snowflake. My kitten had Rectal Prolapse. I sent Jeff a picture and a short letter explaining whats going on with snowflake.I also gave Jeff my phone number. I was shocked when Dr Jeff texted me what needed to be done. I told him the cost for procedure. He called one of his co worker that lives on the island of Oahu, Hi. They called me and setup my appointment and everything went Well. Dr Jeff helped me save so much money. I wish he was hear in Hawaii, only can dream. Thank you Dr Jeff. Aloha from Hawaii

  29. Hi i m looking for a veterinarian Angel for Puerto Rico animals dogs cats n horses that i saw them in the streets of PR VEGA BAJA areas n different areas if PR .
    I m in California SF n trying to help them from here when i was there Febrero n beginning of March there were so many out i. The streets n places like beaches n close to restaurants n groceries stores. From the first day I arrived i got some apples n carrots to give the horses n their small baby horse every day until i left but also i saw many females dogs pregnant n kicked out of their homes because they were pregnant n been hit by a car or killed by another Callejeros dogs who where very big n knew who to deal as a territorial owner of the areas were they were living any where there is to much to talk about butvinm trying to help them n i need ur help have many questions about everything my cell 6507736235 i m a Reverend n my cell name is RevRomyNature we will appreciate any assistance we can get from uuuu doctor blessings thanks n u r in our prayers amen amen amen 🙏🏾

  30. I love Dr. Jeff, he is an angel here on earth. I love beautiful Petra and his daughter. I hope they continue his show forever.


  32. Sorry, as I only found out but Dr Jeff demise, but he was a particular hero of mine and previously it was Jimi Hendrix which is saying something! What a loving, caring man. I do hope the people that have had Dr Jeff help them have festivals in his honour, and he’ll soooo deserve it. RIP Dr Jeff!

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