Chloe Roma: TikTok Star Who Fights for Gender Equality

Born Chloe Sunderland under the sign of Gemini on 1 June 1997, in Bucharest, Romania, Chloe Roma, better known for her TikTok username of, is a 26-year-old social media celebrity of Romany descent with Canadian nationality. Her name has rung out many times across the media outlets for speaking on many polarizing topics, though it’s mostly her views on men and women that have had the greatest impact. She’s enjoyed substantial success over the course of her somewhat lucrative social media entertainment career since late 2020s.

Early life & education: An uncertain tragedy

Due to the aura surrounding Chloe, it’s remained quite difficult to peg most of the available information about her as facts, though that’s not to say there isn’t plenty of it. If Roma herself is to be believed, she was abandoned in the hospital by her mother shortly after being born. A new family came and took her in after two years in an orphanage, but this didn’t mean she would have a better life. Quite the contrary, as she was apparently abused by her step-mother, and her step-brother started molesting her by the time she was four years old. She ran away from home five years later, wandering the streets still under the age of 10, in search of something better.

The case was reported to social services, and she was taken in by their employees and held, for the first time in a safe place, over the remainder of her youth. She apparently found herself in bad company even while being taken care of, ending up a meth addict and affiliated with various gangs, even suffering sexual assault at the hands of other women around her. These facts make the rest of her childhood even more of a mystery than it would’ve been if she’d just kept quiet about it, since it’s not likely that she obtained even high school education throughout all the trouble she had to deal with. Naturally, college is likely out of the question.

Career: Living on the edge

Roma’s voice began to echo across the internet in the years when TikTok’s popularity exploded, with the app’s short-form content allowing her to apply creative ways of expressing herself that would also quickly grab everyone’s attention. For example, she came up with several lines throughout her early years that she’s nowadays immediately recognized by, such as ‘no di*k’ and ‘fank you.’ Her energetic yet brash style of addressing the public on rather controversial issues also greatly contributed to making her a memorable personality.

She would most of the time take the male side on issues of gender inequality, with most of her videos blaming women in one way or another for the modern-day issues between the two sexes. If one were to narrow down her philosophy to a single sentence, it would be ‘Men get no love, no respect, no gratitude, and no understanding, and yet they’re expected to provide those things on a regular basis.’ Naturally, the massive pool of men who feel that they lack those things immediately flocked towards the woman saying it, having never heard anything like that before. They would become the soldiers in what is now known as the Roma Army, as well as the single financial backbone that she has been relying on since becoming famous.

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While the TikToker initially used other social media platforms to expand her reach, she ended up having to fully switch over, owing to her TikTok account getting banned. Chloe then made a number of back-up accounts, most of which proceeded to be deactivated as well, after gaining significant traction. By her own admission, at least 10 of her TikTok re-boots got wiped off the platform. She still has TikTok accounts in 2023, but their follower numbers are so negligible that it’s impossible to distinguish them from her impersonators, some of whom glorify her content, while others post scathing videos meant to ruin her reputation.

Her audience is alive and well either way, split across pretty much every other social media website imaginable, but that doesn’t stop some of her most ardent opponents from seemingly futile efforts, such as a literal cancel-her petition. Roma’s most active platform in late 2023 is her YouTube channel, with more than 1.5 million subscribers binge-watching her frequent social commentary uploads. Her most important presence, however, is on her Patreon page, which the bulk of her earnings come from. While Roma herself will never publicly say that she’s selling adult content on Patreon, it’s a well-known fact that those who subscribe to her most expensive ($100) package, dubbed Chloë’s After Hours, have virtually unlimited access to her nude self.

The self-proclaimed men’s rights advocate

Whether Chloe has the good of men in her heart is a matter of massive and constant dispute, as one would be really hard-pressed to find a single comment section in which everyone agrees that Roma is either altruistic or flat out demonic. However, as has been shown time and again, even bad publicity is good publicity, and sparking such passionate discourse amongst both the lovers and haters will only help fill her pockets at the end of the day. The few who understand this fact of the matter do their part by completely boycotting any topic or media that is in any way related to Roma, choosing to completely ignore her existence. So, to summarize, she is either worshipped or resented, but rarely disregarded.

Roma initially exploded on TikTok by, as those who dislike her would describe it, obviously regurgitating the everyday propaganda of a single male-dominated social group – Red Pillers. As explained by Medium, the Red Pill community is a haven for disenfranchised men who believe they’re giving up comfort and enjoyment in life so as to be able to some sort of factual truth meant to be hidden behind the false narrative woven for those too weak to ‘take the red pill,’ derived from protagonist Neo’s choice in the legendary film “The Matrix.” The writer of Medium’s story found himself slowly becoming a Red Piller, following a dramatic end to his six-year relationship, which is apparently crucial for going down that road, as Red Pillers are seemingly single by default.

The Red Pill is introduced as a subset of the broader manosphere, a collective term encompassing various male-centric online spaces such as men’s rights advocates, the Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) movement, dating coaches, pick-up artists, and Incels. While the manosphere covers a range of topics, the Red Pill is distinguished by its intense focus on exploring gender dynamics between men and women. The Red Pill community traces its roots back to the pick-up artist community, gaining prominence in 2005 with Neil Strauss’ book entitled “The Game.” Long story short, Roma is accused of espousing the Red Pill community’s views while not actually believing a word she’s saying, as she is neither a man nor facing the same issues as Red Pillers.

The Chameleon

Think Before You Sleep is a prominent YouTuber and a relevant voice on such matters, who uploaded the video entitled “Roma Army Is a Chameleon” on 12 October 2020. In it, he outlines every point used to support the idea that her narrative is completely false and self-serving. He’s pinpointed specific concerns within Chloe’s stance on men’s rights, such as her advocacy for child support, which is frequently used as a weapon against men due to its often-disproportionate financial cost. Additionally, her encouragement for men to date single mothers is criticized by those who believe it contradicts conventional relationship advice, raising questions about the depth of her understanding of such matters.

Chloe’s personal life has also become a subject of intense scrutiny, as it’s argued that her proclaimed mental health journey, from contemplating suicide to achieving a healthy mind state within a year, seems unrealistic. Moreover, the YouTuber points to potential untreated trauma, issues with establishing boundaries, and her admission of past criminal behavior as red flags that raise doubts about her suitability in a relationship. Chloe’s controversial practice of demanding government IDs from her followers before accessing content has added another layer to the debate. This is viewed as a blatant invasion of privacy, and an invitation for identity theft. Finally, she has openly admitted to criminal behavior, including instances of sexual abuse, raising ethical concerns about her suitability as an advocate and influencer.

Roma’s choice to be a single mother in challenging circumstances is a nail in the coffin in this case, as Think Before You Sleep argues that her daughter’s lack of a relationship with her father, a result of the mother’s past abusive relationship, could potentially impact the child’s emotional development negatively. This is aside from the fact that she is both trying to be an example to her daughter and selling uncensored pictures of herself online, whose consequences hardly require an explanation. In the end, Roma’s desperate male followers are left paying to help an unfit parent, unstable, selfish partner, irresponsible social media influencer and unconscientious relationship adviser rake in even more profits at the expense of those who actually need help, perpetuating the suffering she claims she’s there to eradicate. The conclusion is that Chloe simply preys on the weak to make a buck, and nothing more.

Love life: Does the advocate of men have a man?

Surprisingly, someone as vocal about men’s rights as Roma can’t seem to find a man for herself, and the one she did have up and left. A small-time musical artist from Calgary, Alberta, Canada seems to be the father of Chloe’s second daughter, born on 23 February 2022. His Instagram account points towards a developing career, apparently away from Chloe, who hasn’t been seen with him in some time.

Roma also has another daughter, Hosanna, whose father’s identity remains unknown even in late 2023. The unidentified parent looks to have won the custody battle, as Hosanna isn’t seen with Chloe in any of her videos. Aside from that, her romantic involvements are unfamiliar to the public.

What is her net worth?

Roma Army’s total accumulated wealth is estimated by some of the most reputable sources at over $1 million in late 2023, with $20,000 being deposited into her account every month from Patreon alone. Her YouTube channel is believed to make upwards of $60,000 in a good month, and she also relies on flat-out donations to make her living, so a relatively modest conclusion of her total monthly earnings is somewhere around $100,000.

Body measurements: How tall is she?

Roma Army is 5ft 5ins (165cms) tall, weighs 121lbs (55kgs), with vital statistics of 34-28-40, bra size 34C, and shoe size 6. She has dark brown hair that is relatively short, a build ordinarily described as slender, dark brown eyes, and a somewhat pale complexion.

Social media presence

Roma has over 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube, with 125,000 followers on Instagram, over 55,000 on Twitter, more than 20,000 on Facebook, close to 10,000 on Twitch, 7,000 on Reddit, 3,000 on Patreon, and less than 2,000 on Rumble.

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