Clint Eastwood daughter, Kimber Eastwood Wiki, Siblings, Net Worth, Age

-• Kimber Eastwood is the daughter of Hollywood great Clint Eastwood and stunt woman Roxanne Tunis.
-• She is a successful film producer, makeup artist and actress.
-• Her career in the entertainment industry began in 1989 and she is now working on the film "Aliens vs. Vampires".
-• She is estimated to have a net worth of $225 million.
-• Her father Clint Eastwood has a net worth of $375 million and has been in over 70 film and TV roles, as well as directing and producing 40+ films.

Who is Kimber Eastwood?

One of the Hollywood greats, Clint Eastwood, has paved the way for younger generations, including his daughter, Kimber. She is now a successful film producer, makeup artist and actress as well, however, she hasn’t managed to step out from her father’s shadow. She has worked on such films as “Checking Out” (2005), “Caffeine” (2006), and on the reality TV series “Dog the Bounty Hunter” (2009-2012), among other projects.

So, do you want to find out more about the daughter of one of the most successful actors, from her early childhood to most recent career endeavors, and her personal life as well? If yes, then stay with us as we introduce you to Kimber Eastwood.

Kimber Eastwood Wiki: Age, Early Life, Parents, and Education

Born Kimber Lynn Tunis on the 17th June 1964, in Los Angeles, California USA, she is the daughter of Clint Eastwood and Roxanne Tunis, an actress and stunt woman with whom he was in a 14 year-long affair, while married to Maggie Johnson. Though Eastwood hasn’t recognized some of his (alleged) children as his, Kimber’s birth certificate states Clint as her biological father. Kimber is a single child, though she has seven step-siblings at least, including Morgan Eastwood, Kathryn Eastwood, Francesca, Scott, and Kyle Eastwood, who are all involved in the entertainment industry. Unfortunately, there is no information which schools she attended.

Career Beginnings

Because of the Eastwood name, doors for Kimber were already open, but that wasn’t enough; she had to stand-up for herself, and make-up was her calling, however, before that shetried herself as an actress,  and made her debut back in 1989 in a minor role in the film “The Freeway Maniac”. She had another minor role in the film “Absolute Power” (1997), while in 2001 she was Lorisa in the film “Passion Crimes”, but couldn’t make a breakthrough as an actress, so it was in 2005 that her name really became known in Hollywood, when she worked as an assistant make-up artist on the film “Checking Out”. She continued to work in the make-up department, and secured work on the popular show “Wheel of Fortune”, from 2005 to 2012, which firmly established her as a makeup artist. During this period, she also worked on such films as “Caffeine” (2006) and “Revamped” (2007), as well as the TV series “The Middleman” (2008).

Clint and Kimber Eastwood

Rise to Prominence

Kimber’s name gradually became more known, and in 2009 she teamed up with Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman to work on the show “Dog the Bounty Hunter”, of course as a makeup artist and not another bounty hunter. She also worked on “Dog and Beth: On the Hunt”, which was the sequel to the “Dog the Bounty Hunter” series. Most recently, Kimber worked on the short film “Blood Bound”, and is also set to work on the western film “Western Conviction”, scheduled for release late in 2019.

A Successful Film Producer

In recent years, Kimber followed in the steps of her father, and began working as a film producer. Her first film was the action sci-fi thriller “Rapture” (2014), written and directed by Richard Lowry. The next year she worked on the film “Dominion”, while in 2017 she produced one of her most successful films – “Trew Calling” – with its sequel “Trew Calling 2 Diary of a Lunatic” currently in pre-production. Most recently, she also worked on the TV mini-series “The Dreamfactory” (2018), and is now working on the film “Aliens vs. Vampires”, all of which have contributed to her wealth.

Kimber Eastwood Net Worth

Since launching her career, Kimber has proved herself in several areas of the entertainment world, and will certainly look to outshine her successful father. Although she hasn’t achieved  anywhere near his success, Kimber has earned a decent amount of wealth on her own. So, have you ever wondered how rich Kimber Eastwood is, as of early 2019? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Kimber’s net worth is now as high as $225 million, which is quite impressive, don’t you agree?

Kimber Eastwood Personal Life, Affairs, Marriage, Children

What do you know about Kimber’s personal life? Well, she hasn’t been very open when it comes to sharing details about her life outside her profession, but we have managed to discover some interesting facts about her. Kimber has been married three times and divorced twice – her first husband was gardener and ex-Marine Anthony Gaddie from 1983 until 1990, with whom she has a son, Clinton Eastwood Gaddie, born on the 21st February 1984. The same year she married Douglas McCartney, but apparently that marriage didn’t last long, and her third marriage is to Shawn Midkiff, whom she married on the 18th October 2014.

Kimber Eastwood’s Father Clint Eastwood

Now that we have shared all there is to know about Kimber, let’s share some information about her father, actor, producer and director Clint Eastwood.

A four-time Academy Award winner, Clinton Eastwood Jr. was born on the 31st May 1930, in San Francisco, California USA, the son of Clinton Eastwood Sr. and Ruth Wood, who remarried after his father’s death to John Belden Wood. He grew up alongside his younger sister Jeanne Bernhardt, and lived throughout the West Coast of the USA, before they settled in Piedmont, California.

Clint struggled to launch his acting career, and it was the role of Rowdy Yates in the TV western series “Rawhide” (1959-1965) that launched him to stardom in the US, and then with the so-called spaghetti westerns “Dollars Trilogy”, reached international fame. Some of his most successful projects include “Unforgiven” (1992), then “The Bridges of Madison County” (1995), and the classic “Million Dollar Baby” (2004), among many others. He has over 70 film and TV roles, while he has directed, produced and directed over 40 films.

According to authoritative sources, Clint Eastwood’s net worth is as high as $375 million as of early 2019.

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