Dania Méndez: The Mexican Instagram Star And Fashion Queen

Dania Méndez, a prominent Mexican reality television personality and social media sensation, swiftly rose to fame through her participation in “Acapulco Shores” and “Casa de Los Famosos” (The House of the Famous) along with her captivating presence on Instagram. Her voluptuous figure, alluring aesthetics, and dynamic personality have garnered a massive following, leading to successful collaborations with renowned fashion brands in the online marketplace.

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Early Years, Education, and Family

Born on 6 February 1992, in Ciudad Guzmán, Mexico, Dania Méndez has masterfully navigated the public eye while maintaining privacy about her early life and family background. Despite the limited details, it’s widely believed that she hails from a middle-class family, with her father as an entrepreneur and her mother as a devoted homemaker. There’s no mention of any siblings.

Details about her educational journey are also shrouded in mystery. While some reports suggest that she completed her high school education at local schools, and pursued a bachelor’s degree at a prestigious university, these details remain unverified.


Dania Méndez’s popularity seamlessly intertwined the realms of reality TV and social media exposure. While her captivating physical attributes were undoubtedly an allure for audiences, what truly set her apart was her discerning ability to make the right choices within the industry she aimed to conquer. In a landscape where many possess allure but lack strategic direction, Dania emerged as a distinctive figure, navigating her career with a keen sense of purpose.

Her participation in two popular reality TV shows, “Acapulco Shore” and “La Casa de Los Famosos,” has significantly contributed to the success Dania enjoys today. Reality TV shows have a penchant for providing audiences with entertaining content, often tinged with controversies stemming from drama between cast members and their fiery personalities. The production team loves it, as it’s a surefire way to secure high ratings. Dania, having been involved in these controversial situations, has not only navigated them successfully, but also turned them to her advantage, continuing to attract more fans who rally behind her, evident in her millions of social media followers over the years.

Her stint with Acapulco Shore

“Acapulco Shore,” a reality TV show airing on MTV Latin America and inspired by the American series “Jersey Shore,” featured the lives of eight young individuals residing in a mansion in Acapulco, Mexico.

Premise of the show

Set against the backdrop of carefree summer days, the unscripted series delves into the cast members’ relaxed lifestyle, centered around flirting and partying. Premiering in September 2014, the show has earned widespread acclaim, spanning 11 seasons with 145 episodes, solidifying its status as one of the region’s most popular and controversial programs.

Forged a friendship with Brenda Zambrano inside the house

Dania Méndez joined the cast in the sixth season, filmed in Mexico City and aired in 2019. As the new addition, she navigated territorial dynamics with existing female cast members. Despite initial challenges, she cultivated a friendship with Brenda Zambrano, another fan favorite, and it appeared that Dania thoroughly enjoyed her time on the show. However, Brenda voluntarily didn’t participate for two episodes, and eventually left at the end of the season. Dania and Brenda seemed to have a falling out after the show – no one knew the exact reason why.

An altercation with a co-star

The unfolding of the seventh season in Mazatlán, Mexico brought escalating tensions among the cast members. In a dramatic turn of events, Dania became entangled in an altercation during one episode, resulting in her being thrown into the pool. Subsequent confrontation and interference from another cast member named Jawy left the audience perplexed. Dania, lying on the ground and physically prevented from standing up, sparked outrage among viewers, leading to demands for Jawy’s removal due to perceived violence against women. In response, the show’s producers chose to edit and omit most of the ensuing altercations, addressing the backlash.

Left the Series

Ultimately, Dania decided to permanently exit the show, conspicuously absent after the 11th episode. Speculations arose about her involvement in another incident, though the details remained elusive. Despite her departure, she left a lasting mark as one of the most memorable and popular participants of the season, amassing a considerable following on social media. In total, she appeared in just 26 episodes of “Acapulco Shore.”

Her journey with “La Casa de Los Famosos” (The House of the Famous)

Telemundo, a prominent Mexican broadcasting company, produced the reality TV series “La Casa de Los Famosos,” its rendition of English-speaking countries’ “Big Brother: Celebrity Edition.”

Premise of the Show

Similar to its original counterpart, the show unfolds as an individual game in which 20 featured celebrities, each with distinct personalities, strive to survive a specified period inside the house without any contact from the outside world. Completely isolated, they lack access to mobile phones, TV, radio, newspapers, or magazines. The celebrities engage in various challenges, outwit each other, and vote to eliminate fellow participants. The viewing public holds the power to influence contestants’ stay in the house. In the end, the grand winner receives a prize of $200,000, along with lucrative brand endorsement contracts.

Voted Five Times for Eviction

Dania, the outspoken social media star, entered the house on the first day and faced elimination in the 11th week, just one week before the final declaration of winner. Nominated for eviction five times, she survived four instances, ultimately receiving the lowest percentage of votes from the public on the fifth occasion, losing against Madison Anderson, Pepe Gámez, and José Rodríguez.

Allied with a Former Miss Universe Runner-Up

Dania formed a close bond and alliance with Madison Anderson, a former Miss Universe Puerto Rico and runner-up of Miss Universe 2019. The two celebrities enjoyed each other’s company, defended one another from attacks by other housemates, such as Kimberly Flores and Pepe Gámez, and navigated the challenges of the game together.


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Clashed with Kimberly Flores

A notable rivalry unfolded between Dania and Kimberly Flores, a model and influencer, from the early stages of the show. Their numerous arguments and confrontations stemmed primarily from differences in opinion and personality. The tension escalated as they competed for the attention and affection of Arturo Carmona, who had a brief flirtation with Kimberly before dating Dania. The two never managed to find common ground, consistently voting against each other and maintaining a strained relationship throughout the series.

A Romantic Relationship with Arturo Carmona

Within the confines of the house, Dania Méndez embarked on a profound journey of passionate and intense romance with Arturo Carmona, a former soccer player and actor. What commenced in the most ordinary manner blossomed into a nuanced connection, gradually transcending the boundaries of friendship to embrace a romantically charged dynamic. Navigating challenges and misunderstandings along the way, the couple weathered each storm, offering unwavering support to each other within the competitive realm of the game. Their intimate moments, captured by the watchful lenses of the cameras, added an intriguing layer of complexity to their relationship.

As the relationship deepened, reaching its pinnacle with Arturo’s on-screen confession of love, Dania confronted a difficult decision – to reject him. In a heartfelt conversation, she expressed that upon careful reflection on their journey, her emotions were revealed to be nothing more than friendship. This candid confession and subsequent rejection marked a poignant turning point, irreparably fracturing their once-special bond. The aftermath left them forever changed as, unsurprisingly, the dynamics of their relationship were never quite the same again.

Reflecting on the experience after the TV show concluded, Dania candidly stated, ‘I wasn’t looking for it, and in the end, I tried it, and it didn’t work.’ Some speculated that the relationship’s challenges were exacerbated by a generational gap, with Arturo at 47 and Dania at 31 when they met. However, Dania clarified that it was more than a clash of opinions; they were at different stages in their lives. She wanted to focus on building her dreams, and considered dating a distraction. Despite mutual attraction, she chose authenticity and opted to end the relationship, avoiding potential heartbreak. Some fans believed they might have met at the wrong time.

Other fans suggested that Arturo’s alleged bouts of jealousy and toxic behaviors during their time on the show might have contributed to the strain. Arturo addressed these concerns, expressing regret that viewers perceived him as displaying toxic behavior. He attributed the challenges to the unique experience of being isolated from the outside world, acknowledging his unfamiliarity with the situation and its impact on their dynamic inside the house.

“Las Estrellas Bain en Hoy 2023”

Mexican social media star Dania Méndez has found a new stage to showcase her other talent – dancing. She joined the latest season of “Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy,” the Mexican adaptation of “Dancing with the Stars.” The season debuted in October 2023, and as of now, Dania remains in the competition. A standout moment occurred during the second week of December when she teamed up with Marco de León for a performance that earned widespread acclaim from the judges, securing an impressive score of 42/50 points.

As a Digital Content Creator

Dania Méndez commands an extensive following across various social media platforms, a surge largely attributed to her appearances on reality TV shows. Even during her time inside the “La Casa de Los Famosos,” house, her social media accounts experienced remarkable growth, seamlessly blending personal and professional content. Leveraging these platforms, she engages with fans, promotes brand endorsements, and collaborates with fellow influencers, solidifying her status as one of Mexico and Latin America’s most influential social media personalities.


Dania’s Instagram account, @dania.mndz, boasts a staggering four million followers, accessing hundreds of photos and reels. She meticulously curates her brand, strategically sharing photos that showcase not only her alluring physique but also the Latina charm that has continued to captivate her audience since the inception of her official page. These visually striking posts have attracted collaborations with prominent fashion and beauty brands. Dania ensures each upload not only highlights her physical attributes, but also provides insights into her current endeavors as a TV personality.

Whether through the assistance of a PR team or managing it independently, she demonstrates mastery in utilizing Instagram’s features to the fullest, seamlessly incorporating reels, highlights, and compilations into her page.


Dania has also thrived on TikTok, consistently sharing content with her audience on the platform specializing in short videos,. This diligent effort has paid off, garnering her close to five million followers and approximately 60 million likes. Recognizing the platform’s appeal to those who prefer shorter video formats, Dania employs TikTok as a dynamic means to keep her audience updated on both her professional and personal activities. Beyond serving as a window into her life, these TikTok videos have become a lucrative avenue for brand collaborations, mirroring her success on Instagram.

X (formerly Twitter)

Established in 2015, her Twitter page stands as one of her earliest forays into social media. Although her followers at close to 300,000 are just a fraction of her impressive numbers on Instagram and TikTok, she remains actively engaged with her fan base. With over 3,500 posts, this prolific activity attests to her commitment to consistently updating fans and sharing her perspectives on various issues. Despite the platform’s relative scale, Dania’s Twitter presence serves as a testament to her enduring dedication to connecting with her audience.

Personal Life

Throughout her journey in the reality TV series “La Casa de Los Famosos,” Dania Méndez gained considerable attention for her romantic involvement with Arturo Carmona. Some fans questioned whether it was scripted or a consequence of being isolated for a month, speculating about the authenticity of the connection. When queried about her dating life, Dania maintained a stance of not needing any distractions at this point in her life.

This perspective came under scrutiny when, in early 2023, Dania became entangled in a dating rumor with the popular Mexican artist, Peso Pluma. It was initially dismissed by fans as possibly a part of a music video collaboration for Peso’s recent song entitled “Bye,” released in May 2023, and any sightings of them together were considered promotional material for the MV.

The duo was spotted at an airport holding hands and later seen strolling on a beach in the Dominican Republic, suggesting off-camera moments beyond the project. Peso and Dania fueled speculations about their relationship by posting seductive videos on TikTok, tagging each other with heart emojis in the captions. Despite the gossip sites buzzing with speculation, neither party confirmed the relationship. As they moved on to other projects after the song promotion concluded, it appeared that the dating rumor would persist without official confirmation.


Dania Méndez’s participation in reality TV shows has occasionally stirred controversies. While these instances made her the subject of numerous gossip and entertainment sites, they also contributed to her career, increasing her relevance. However, none of these controversies has been significant enough to tarnish her career or personal life.

One of the most notable controversies that garnered attention from both Mexican and Brazilian audiences occurred when Dania was selected as the houseguest representing “La Casa de Los Famosos” on another reality TV series airing at the time, “Big Brother Brazil.” This exchange program aimed to challenge participants to adapt to a new language, house, and set of rules. The controversy unfolded when two members of “Big Brother Brazil,” Cara de Sapato and MC Guime, allegedly crossed the line by sexually harassing Dania on the show.

The incident took place during a welcome party held in her honor. Fans witnessed rapper MC Guime – whose real name is Guilherme Aparecido Dantas Pinho – inappropriately touching the Mexican social media influencer without her consent. It became evident that Dania felt uncomfortable as she attempted to remove his groping hands. Another incident unfolded when MMA fighter Cara de Sapato, whose real name is Antônio Carlos Coelho de Figueiredo Barbosa Jr., pinned Dania down and forcibly kissed her, prompting her to struggle to free herself.

Following these incidents, an investigation was initiated, leading to the involvement of the Jacarepagua Women’s Assistance Police Station. The producers of Big Brother Brazil swiftly made the decision to expel both men from the house, the announcement made through Big Brother Brazil’s official Instagram page. In a video uploaded by the host, he stated that the production team had witnessed the events and did not condone them, emphasizing, ‘Sapato and Guimê have crossed the line. We must be careful with boundaries, both here and outside.’ The verdict was then delivered.


Dania Méndez exudes captivating visual aesthetics. Standing at a height of 5ft 4ins (163cms), the curvaceous Mexican influencer maintains a weight of approximately 120lbs (55kgs). Complementing her stature is her striking long black hair, which harmonizes seamlessly with her captivating black eyes, adding to her overall allure.

Net Worth

Dania Mendez has built a net worth of around $1.5 million as of December 2023. Her main sources of income come from her role as a TV personality, social media influencer, and fashion model. She also earns money as a brand ambassador for companies such as She Glam and others. She’s certainly established a solid financial foundation with her hard work and talent.

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