Danielle Colby from “American Pickers” Bio: Net Worth, Children, Tattoos, Measurements, Weight Loss

• Danielle Colby is an American burlesque dancer, TV personality, and fashion designer
• She was raised by her mother as a Jehovah's Witness and started her dancing journey at age 12
• She was part of a roller derby group and started her own burlesque team before featuring in the reality show "American Pickers"
• She owns a clothing boutique called “4 Miles 2 Memphis” and is currently rumored to be dating or engaged to Jeremy Scheuch
• She has over 30 tattoos and her net worth is estimated to be over $1.5 million.

Who is Danielle Colby?

Danielle Colby Cushman is an American head turner burlesque dancer, TV personality, and fashion designer. Born in Davenport, Iowa, on the 3rd day of December 1975, Danielle is of White-American ethnicity, and will be 43 years old this year. Colby made a name for herself when she appeared in the reality TV show, “American Pickers” alongside Frank Fritz and Mike Wolf,  normally aired on the History channel, running since 2010, and now on its 19th season.

Early Life

Danielle and her sister were raised by their mother Sue Colby as Jehovah’s Witnesses. Danielle confesses that her childhood was not an easy one, as she molested by an adult man when she was still very young, however, she has never revealed his identity, nor does she talk about her biological father. Although information about her education is unknown, Danielle began her dancing journey at the tender age of 12 when she joined a musical show known as “Burlesque”. At that time, she lived in Chicago with her family, and would go for burlesque dancing performances with Margaret Cho., and Angel Cecelia Walker who was popularly known as Satan’s Angel. It was through this show that Danielle’s passion for burlesque dancing was ignited.

Danielle Colby’s Career

Before Danielle rose to stardom, she was part of a roller derby group which consisted of females only, known as “Big Mouth Mickies”, with whom she worked for three years before being forced to quit by injuries. The inspiration she got from working with Margaret Cho and Satan’s Angel helped her start her own team of professional burlesque dancers, which consisted of nine members which she named “Burlesque Le Moustache”. She was part of the team and adopted the stage name, Dannie Diesel. A number of years later, Danielle became the owner of “Dannie Diesel’s Bump ‘n’ Grind Academy”, a group of professional dancers, located near Chicago at the heart of Rogers Park.

Later, Danielle collaborated with her friend Mike Wolf, to come up with the concept of “American Pickers”, which was later picked-up and aired on the History channel. The show premiered in 2010, and later that year it became a top-rated series in the non-fiction category.

Mike trusts Danielle to hold the fort at his Antique Archeology store whenever he leaves with the rest of the team to ‘pick’ items, while Danielle talks to customers and helps pack up shipments. Danielle is also responsible for keeping Frank and Mike in line, while they give her a hearty laugh with their never-ending jokes. Mike considers Danielle as the piece that completes their team puzzle – she is always working on something, be it selling vintage gifts online, designing clothes or even painting. According to this mother of two, she is very proud of her partners at work, and says that she is fortunate to work with such a duo.

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Os Caçadores de Relíquias estão de volta ao @canalhistory com episódios inéditos. . Para Mike e Frank não existem grandes distâncias ou lugares suficientemente escondidos, eles sempre encontram as mais incríveis relíquias. E, acima de tudo, sabem negociar para obter esses tesouros e revendê-los. . Os #CaçadoresdeRelíquias (#AmericanPickers) retornam ao #HISTORY em sua oitava temporada, sempre percorrendo os Estados Unidos em sua incansável busca por objetos colecionáveis com grandes histórias ou que são verdadeiras referências da cultura popular. Muitas vezes são peças que, com o tempo, foram esquecidos até por seus donos, que nem sempre sabem que tem algum valor. Nos novos episódios, #Mike e #Frank continuarão conhecendo pessoas cujas raridades e vivências abrirão janelas que permitirão saber mais sobre a história que tem marcado tantas gerações até nossos dias. Seja em pequenas cidades ou em rotas escondidas ao longo do território americano, muitos tesouros estão esperando para serem descobertos e apreciados enquanto descansam sob pilhas do que, à primeira vista, parece ser lixo acumulado em celeiros ou garagens. Na nova temporada, o HISTORY segue acompanhando #OsCaçadoresdeRelíquias em sua incansável jornada por campos, vilas e cidades, mostrando a milhões de telespectadores a destreza de Mike e Frank (e sua ajudante, #DanielleColbyCushman) para encontrar riquezas em objetos escondidos e esquecidos. . Em O apostador da Geórgia, episódio que marca o retorno da série, Mike e Frank tentam ganhar as apostas contra um colecionador da Geórgia, que batalha por cada preço. Enquanto isso, Danielle e Robbie tropeçam no que pode ser um milhão de dólares. . A Nova Temporada estreia hoje dia: 5/5, sexta-feira, 23h35.???. . #canalhistory #historybrasil #historybr #historychannel #relíquias #caçadores #canaldetv #programadetv #estreia #novatemporada #TV #bomdiaa #bomdia

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Danielle also owns a clothing boutique which she runs called “4 Miles 2 Memphis”, but actually situated in Chicago at Wicker Park. This store was opened at the beginning of 2010, and Danielle says that she got the talent to start and run a successful business from her early dancing interests.

Personal Life

Danielle Colby is a straight woman who has been married twice; she has two children with her first husband Kevin Colby, however, their relationship could not stand the test of long distance and they ended up divorcing. Danielle also stated that her husband could not stand the fame that came with her career, which fuelled their split. She then married French artist and graphic designer, Alexander De Meyer in 2015, however, their union did not last long either and they separated after a short time. Currently Danielle is rumored to be dating or engaged to Jeremy Scheuch; they have been together for the past year, and who knows, this might be a long lasting love story for both of them.


Danielle Colby has a son and a daughter, and having two kids has made Danielle love children in general. She frequently takes photos with children who see her as their hero. Her goal is to instill self-worth and pride in all young ones regardless of where they come from.

Danielle Colby’s Tattoos

Danielle loves tattoos, and has a lot of ink on her body with more than 30 tattoos, each of which has a deep meaning and reason behind it. For example, she has dedicated her right arm to her mother and daughter while the left one is for her father and son. Danielle’s chest piece – which is also the most prominent – is made up of flowers which seem to rest on a leopard’s skin background. She also has tattoos inked on her neck and lower back, strategically placed to ensure that everyone can see them whenever she is performing a burlesque dance. She also has a massive tattoo on her belly which looks like it took a long time to complete and used a lot of ink for considerable detail. The tattoos do not end there as she also has them on her hands, apparently an obsession – she has “HOLD FAST” tattooed on her knuckles, and her fingers have tattoos that read “WWD 2125”. All her tattoos make her stand out while on stage as she knows how to rock them.

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Danielle Colby Body Features and Measurements

Danielle is of a slim build with an athletic body. She is 5ft 9ins (1.75m) tall, reputedly weighs 172lbs (78kgs), has vital statistics of 39-28-40, and black hair and hazel green eyes. She wears a size 36C bra, her dress size is 12 US, and wears the shoe size 8.5US.

Danielle Colby Net Worth

As a burlesque dancer, a successful owner of a boutique who does her own clothes for the store, and TV personality, Danielle has managed to accumulate significant wealth. Her income from all sources is unknown to the public, but Danielle’s net worth is over $1.5 million, as estimated by authoritative sources in late 2018.

She is a philanthropist too, including in the past visiting a Puerto Rico orphanage with over a dozen bags full of food, medical supplies, and clothes among other things.

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