Did Ted Vernon and Robin split? Wiki: Divorce, Net Worth, Age, Arrested, Beat Robin, Marriage

• Ted and Robin Vernon were stars of the show "South Beach Classics"
• The couple officially split in 2017 and Ted has a restraining order placed on him
• Ted had a troubled childhood and became a wrestler and actor
• Robin was a model and used to support Ted in his car business
• They both enjoyed a relatively lavish lifestyle and have a combined net worth of $17 million

Who are Ted and Robin Vernon?

Do you spend hours in front of your TV set and watch numerous amusing TV shows on Discovery channel? If yes, then you have probably caught up with “South Beach Classics”; yet another car buying-selling show, but this time only with classic cars. Well, the stars of this show are the married couple, Ted ‘Wolfman’ Vernon and his wife Robin Vernon. We will share with you all the juicy details about the couple, but also focus on their career, and lives before they met. However, a few questions arose most recently, and we will give answers to them as well.

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Did Ted Vernon and Robin split?

Yes, the couple has officially split in 2017; if you have seen the show, you know that the two have often fought and brought their differences to the screen. Now, Ted has a restraining order placed on im, and isn’t allowed to approach Robin. Their misunderstandings started years prior, and it led to rather disastrous actions by both of them. The two would accuse each other of cheating, which led to physical actions by Ted on Robin, such as choking and striking. She had no other option but to file for divorce, and later a restraining order. Now we will focus on the life and work of Ted Vernon, from his childhood years to most recent career endeavors. Ted Vernon was born on the 17th October 1948, in Long Island, New York, USA, and is a retired wrestler, now a property manager and car enthusiast, who came to prominence after being featured in the reality TV series “South Beach Classics”. He had a troubled childhood, moving from school to school following his parents’ divorce. He found solace in wrestling and boxing, and would later compete professionally as Wolfman obtaining a record of three wins and one loss. Outside the ring, Ted launched his car business which grew at a rapid pace, and as he became more, it resulted in the television series “South Beach Classics”.

Life Before Robin

Ted was already married and divorced once before he met Robin. His first wife was Austrian hairdresser Monika Sula; the couple married in 1987 but divorced in 1994, but welcomed two children together. Just four years later, Robin entered his life and re-lit the love spark. Ted was also an actor in his time, primarily appearing in B-production horror films, such as “Scarecrows” (1988), written and directed by William Wesley, also starring Michael David Simms and Richard Vidan, then the action drama thriller film “Deadly Rivals” in 1993, among others. In recent years he appeared in “Tumors” and “Zombie Infection” both in 2011, “Hell Glades” in 2013, and “Bikini Swamp Girl Massacre”. He is also credited as the producer of the majority of these films, and of John Carpenter’s cult horror film “Village of the Damned”. These have also added to Vernon’s net worth.

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Robin Vernon

Robin was born on the 11th April 1968 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA, where she went to Torrejon American High School. During her high school years, Robin was a part of the cheerleader’s team, and became interested in modeling at an early age, so after finishing high school she launched her modeling career. However, it wasn’t her career that made her popular, but her marriage with Ted.

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Ted and Robin Vernon

The couple married in 1998, and before their divorce in 2017, she gave birth to a son named Ted Vernon Jr. She was Ted’s supporter at all times and was one of the instruments that helped Ted develop the television show. Unfortunately, their romance came to an end in 2016, and in 2017 they officially divorced.

Ted Vernon Arrested

Most recently, Ted was arrested for owning multiple guns without a license; before this, he was also in court accused of domestic violence and child abuse, among other misdemeanours. Luckily, he got away with probation, for now.

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“South Beach Classics”

Premiered in 2011, the show ran for four seasons before its cancelation br ought about by Ted’s short temper, and the subsequent problems between the two former lovebirds. Ted and his crew were showcased in the show going out buying used cars and later selling them for profit. Despite cancelation, both Ted and Robin reached stardom, however, they couldn’t handle the fame, and it cost them their marriage.

Do You Know How Rich Ted and Robin Vernon Are?

Now split, the couple enjoyed a relatively lavish lifestyle when they were together, thanks largely to the success of the show. So, have you ever wondered how rich Ted and Robin are? Well, according to sources, Ted’s net worth is as high as $15 million, while Robin has accumulated wealth of over $2 million.

Life After…

Ted appears to have a new partner in Christine Morris, who appeared in the last season of “South Beach Classics” – whether there is more to the relationship than business remains to be seen.

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