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• Peter K. McMahon is a British entrepreneur, savvy businessman and American citizen.
• He received his bachelor’s degree in business administration and management from the University of Liverpool.
• McMahon has worked in retail marketing, merchandising, human resources and applied information technology.
• He married Dana Perino, the 24th White House Press Secretary, in 1998.
• His net worth is estimated to be double that of his wife's, which is over $6 million.

Peter K. McMahon Biography and Wiki

Success as an entrepreneur is beyond profit-making, it includes being able to harmonize the different perspectives of life to establish ones entrepreneurial ability to network with the right people, and to be resourceful enough to accommodate different shades of opinions in the economy and politics. One person who does this so well and has established himself as an impeccable business icon with influence in various fields of endeavor is Peter K. McMahon. He also built popularity for himself by his choice of life partner. For those who know Peter as a British entrepreneur and savvy businessman, they wonder how he has been able to combine being a romantic lover to his professional credentials – he has been seen walking dogs and taking pictures with his wife’s pet. One thing on the minds of many people is how he met his wife, and how has he been able to live up to the responsibility of being an American citizen, who his wife boastfully says he is a patriotic citizen? What line of business is he in, and how has he been the husband of a political icon, helping her to live without distractions from the media? For answers and more insight into Peter K. McMahon’s life, read our piece that cuts through his business, lifestyle, family and wealth.

Who is Peter K. McMahon?

Peter McMahon was born on 6 June 1954, in the city of Blackpool in Lancashire, England, but his sojourn in life has led him to make far-reaching decisions about many things including his citizenship.


After primary and high school education, he was admitted to the University of Liverpool from where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and management in 1976. Peter started his career as an employee in a distribution and supply chain business.


Peter has developed great expertise in retail marketing, merchandising, human resources, and applied information technology; he has proven talent in loss prevention and many other skills useful to the success of his business ventures; the following captures Peter’s journey in business:

Between 1992 and 2000, Peter served as the director of a popular supermarket in Salisbury’s, which today is the second largest supermarket chain in the UK, covering Northern England, Ireland and Scotland. However, available information shows that Peter’s main focus has been in medical products for more than half of his business career.

He worked with Tesco in 2002 in the company’s Central European office as the supply chain director, then joined Walmart in 2004, working in the company’s German branch. His insatiable desire for a top position took him to Loblaw Companies Limited, the largest Canadian food retailer as the CEO for a period of seven years, before he moved to Shopko, the American retail store as the president and CEO from 2013 to date.

Personal life

There are indications that Peter had been married twice before he met Dana Perino, a clue to this was observed in 2012 when Dana was seen introducing his grandchildren by name Sabastian and Rachael at an event. His marriage with Dana is without children, her pet dog is Jasper, which he is often seen cuddling. Dana is a pet lover – Peter had been to jail before on account of Dana’s previous pet Henry, when Peter walked the dog without a leash leading to a fine of $25, which he didn’t pay on time, and so was arrested and spent a day in jail.

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Wedding with Dana Perino

Dana told the story of how she met Peter in 1997 on a flight to Chicago, which eventually led to their marriage. According to Dana, their love could be described as “love at first flight.” They dated for a year and decided to tie the knot in 1998, and have lived together ever since.

Who is Dana Perino?

Dana Perino’s birthday was on 9 May 1972. She began her career while still a student at Colorado State University, working with KTSC-TV. She excelled in the field of journalism, and subsequently became the 24th White House Press secretary in the administration of George W. Bush between 2007 and 2009, and the second female White House Secretary. She joined Fox News in 2009 as a political commentator, and was a co-host for “The Five” with Juan Williams, Greg Gutfeld, Eric Bolling and Kimberly Guilfoyle. As part of her career, she has been hosting Fox News “The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino” since October 2017.

Philanthropic activities

Peter was motivated by a UK homeless people project, and he decided to go with the same project idea in the US cities in association with a drop-in center called Blind Eye. They engaged some homeless people on a project to take disposable cameras for a week to have the opportunity to understand how they are feeling, and take photos of their dwellings, starting toward the end of July 2018.

The project had a donation of meal and shower facilities for the homeless by Blind Eye, while Peter donated relaxation place on the street for people without problems. The expectation from the homeless was to shoot how they live daily; to help them carry out the assignment, a 30 minutes training session was conducted for them.

His American Citizenship

Dana spoke about her husband taking up American citizen in 2006 and described him as one of the “most patriotic people I know.” According to her, Peter still misses his British beer sometimes, but he is “enthusiastic about the blessings America has worked hard to grow and protect, and he appreciates our “glass half-full” attitude” she added. Peter has been obsessing about some American ways of life, and loves American football.


What is Peter McMahon net worth?

Peter has been a successful businessman of international repute, he has worked in highly successful businesses and continues to play an active role in the top echelon of his current business. However, there is no concrete evidence of his individual net worth, however, we have it in good authority that the net worth of his wife, Dana is estimated at over $6 million, and their joint wealth at approximately double that amount.

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