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Charles Pol Wiki

Actor and producer Charles Pol was born under the star sign of Pisces on 6th March 1979, in Farm County, Central Michigan USA. He was adopted at birth by famous Dutch-American veterinarian Jan Pol, and together with his two sisters, Dian and Kathy, grew up on the farm in Michigan. They were all eventually protagonists in the TV reality series “The Incredible Dr. Pol”. However, there’s a lot more going on with Charles, and if you want to learn all about it, stick with our review of Charles Pol’s bio, net worth, marriage, and so on.

Childhood and education

Dr. Pol and his wife Diane adopted the baby boy back in 1979 and named him Charles, and as with their other two children, they taught him to love animals and treat them with care and affection. As a matter of fact, young Charles was helping around the farm and his father’s clinic by the age of five! Apparently he was interested in helping animals from the day he could walk, and the viewers of the show which centers around the Dutch vet could recognize this genuine affection.

Of course, Charles could not stay forever on the farm, and he went to the University of Miami, from where he graduated in 2003, majoring was communications, and it seems that he had other plans in mind than to just become an heir to his father’s veterinarian clinic in Michigan.

A career in the entertainment industry

Even though he loved helping around the farm, Charles had other dreams and ambitions. After graduating from the University of Miami, he decided to move to Los Angeles. As we all know, Hollywood is the capital of the entertainment industry, and Charles was probably hoping that he would eventually find his place somewhere under the bright lights of the Hollywood sign. He started working as an inter, employed by renowned companies such as Paramount Pictures and Mirage Enterprises. At one point, Charles was even working as an intern for a true Hollywood legend – the late Sydney Pollack.

How did Charles become a producer?

In 2011, the TV reality series “The Incredible Dr. Pol” was launched by National Geographic Wild, and Charles was among the producers of the show. At the same time, he frequently appeared in the series alongside his father, Dr. Pol. After that, in 2014, Charles was co-producing the series named “Calling Dr. Pol”, and as you could guess – this show was a spin-off of “The Incredible Dr. Pol” and it lasted for three seasons, but in the meantime Charles was an executive producer of the TV series “The Legend of Sheriff Gus Skinner” in 2013.

Dr. Pol and his family arrived in the Netherlands today! His exclusive theatre tour starts Wednesday, September 5….

Posted by Dr. Pol on Friday, August 31, 2018

“The Incredible Dr. Pol”

Charles’ father, Jan Pol is the central figure of the show “The Incredible Dr. Pol” – this Dutch-American veterinarian was born in Utrecht in 1942, eventually moving to the US, and he now runs a vet clinic in rural areas of Weidman, Michigan. The reality TV series follows him around as he helps animals in need, and his son Charles is almost always there to assist him. The show is now entering its 14th season, and it seems that audiences love Dr. Pol’s old-school approach to treating animals and helping them recover from injuries or disease.


What is Charles’ current net worth?

According to authoritative sources, Charles receives a salary of $20,000 from the show, and his overall net worth is over $1 million as of late 2018. Of course, his father’s show is not the only place where you could see the face of Charles Pol, as he also appeared as an actor in “Drunk & Disorderly”, a movie which was released in 2011. Together with his work as a producer on his other projects, it is no wonder that Charles can afford to lead a comfortable lifestyle.

Is Charles married?

Even though some rumors about him being gay appeared in the media, Charles dismissed all that by putting an engagement ring on the finger of his girlfriend Beth Oakes. As it turns out, he and Beth have been childhood friends, and they ‘discovered’ their romantic feelings towards each other in 2017. Their engagement was publicly announced on Twitter, and the couple has also appeared on the show of “The Incredible Dr. Pol”.

Back in 2012, Charles was involved in another romantic affair, with his girlfriend at the time called Kelly. They appeared together at a Halloween party, and a picture of the two of them went public. However, this relationship eventually broke down, and there is no record of Charles having any other girlfriend prior to Beth Oakes.

Social media presence

With his busy schedule and multiple projects, it is no wonder that Charles does not have a lot of free time for posting on social networks. However, he does have an active account on Twitter, and his profile is followed by nearly 24,000 fans. Charles frequently shares posts of his father’s official Twitter page, and this profile has around 48,400 followers.

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  1. Jan-Harm Pol was born in the village Wateren, Westerveld, Drenthe but went to the University of Utrecht. And then he moved to the USA. I see his twin brother Jan Pol sometimes in village

    1. Jan Pol doesn’t have a twin. They only have the same name. They have 10+ years age difference between the two of them.

    1. Dave Johnson, your comment is cruel. Thet “embacile” has a college degree and a work history. No he is not a vet tech. He has an incredible heart and is a top notch son. Maybe he is a little nerdish, but so what.. You are missing out by not watching Dr. Pol.

      1. Amen! Well said, many ignorant people in this world and Dave Johnson is one of them! Sounds like there’s a little jealousy there. Nothing but a bully.

    2. If you are going to be critical about Charles maybe take a look at your super educated self and learn to spell big words. It’s “embecelic” . I bet Charles would know how to spell the word correctly!

    3. I think he is very talented And smart. People have different talents and skills that they are good at. Charles happens to be better at production than Being a Vet. What’s your strengths and weaknesses?

    4. what a cruel reply. You should be ashamed. If you don’t watch Dr. Pol then what are you doing on this sight. Go somewhere else!

    5. Dave Johnson you are the ignorant 1 the Pole family is clean and honorable. Your words should never go out into public. Better yet put your head in the mud maybe in one of those piles of cow done.

    6. I totally disagree! Charles Pol is an asset to the show, and the episodes he’s in are usually my favorites. I love seeing the close relationship he has with his father.

  2. I cannot fathom why people post things that are hateful just for the sake of being hateful. Is it jealousy that the poster didn’t get the same breaks or opportunities? Bottom line if your comment does not add value only hate to the conversation, keep it to yourself.

    1. Way to go. We need to think that way every time we begin to comment on anything. Let’s have a better day

  3. Charles is a college grad and helps produce the Pol show. He is not really dumb, just isn’t the genius his adoptive dad is
    To be a vet one has to be quite intelligent as the med courses are very difficult


  4. Dave Johnson: before you go labeling others as an “embocile”, try looking up the correct spelling of the word. Because you just showed yourself to be an imbecile, not just a troll. Just because he’s not as cosmopolitan or as
    well spoken as you’d like doesn’t make him stupid.

  5. If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all. Keep the Incredible Dr. Pol coming !!!

  6. Love the show. Wish I could work there in the office. Love animals with all my heart. Dr Pol and his family are great people. So is his staff.

  7. i think Charles does a good job of understanding what his on-camera role is, and keeps a second banana persona, which is what he is, since his Dad and the other vets are the stars of the show. but i think it was his original idea to make his Dad’s practice into a TV show, and his biggest contributions come from the production side of things. if you pay attention to the details, it is really a high quality, well-produced show that is very sensitive to the content. that, and Jan’s unique talents is what has allowed it to run for so many years. who would have thought that a small veterinary practice in the middle of nowhere could become a long running TV hit.

  8. The incredible Dr. pole is a wonderful family i always feel better after watching and uplifting sometimes a little sad at the sad things but that’s part of the circle of life the polls are great people wish them all the best for many years to come love you from Nebraska

  9. We enjoy dr Pol as well as Charles. He’s a caring person and love his parents very much.
    Hope the show goes on for a long time.
    Namaqua West Coast greetings
    South Africa

  10. Charles does a great job a following daddy around begging for attention while daddy does all the heavy lifting. If that was my dad I’d carry all his heavy equipment do all the heavy lifting and be at his beck and call not just stand around watching while daddy does all the work. He is just a huge teenager living off daddy’s success. Using daddy’s success to make a buck while these extra Vets work their butts off for the Pols and make peanuts. It’s sad.

    1. I agree with Susan. Charles gets in the way more than he helps. I’ve seen him do nothing constructive. He should stay off camera.

  11. This is one of those say something nice to get posted or else sites Bahahaha. Ya know where everyone has their head in the clouds. MUST be produced by Charlie Pol also . . DR POL and His Vet Staff is great but his son should really stay in the background off camera. Kinda like my mother always said small children should be seen and not heard . Well he should not be seen or heard . I’m guessing that’s why his siblings dont come around their parents. I’m on season 13 and he is worse than a sloppy toddler . Just gross. Who is that lazy and proud of it ?

  12. I love the show and the family! I think Charles is hilarious, fun loving and very caring of his family and furbabies! I don’t really understand all the negative comments. Charles seems pretty smart to me! Dr Pol and Diane as well as the staff are all great! I will watch every show and maybe even watch them two or three times! Sure beats all the trash that is normally on tv! It is a good wholesome show that has taught me alot!!

  13. Years ago on the Mickey Mouse Club, Mouseketeer leader Jimmy Dodd said that before you say something, be sure that it passes this test:
    Is it true?
    Is it kind?
    Does it really NEED to be said?

    Unless a comment satisfies all three criteria, we should not say it.
    BTW, I wish I had listened more closely and paid more attention to that advice when I was younger. We can cause others and ourselves trouble when we do not think before we speak (or post).

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