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• Elise Laurenne is a model, actress, and cosplayer from Dallas, TX, USA, but grew up in Toronto, Canada.
• Cosplay is a type of art in which people wear costumes to look like a character from an anime, cartoon, or video game.
• She was awarded "Playboy Cybergirl of the Month September 2011"
• She is a part of an online community-based website "SuicideGirls" on which models post pictures in little to no clothing.
• She has an estimated net worth of over $1 million and has a pet dog in Toronto.

Who is Elise Laurenne?

Born as Lauren Elise on 15 September 1987, she is a model, an actress and a cosplayer from Dallas, Texas USA, but moved and grew up in Toronto, Canada an only child. She is probably best known for her cosplay costumes as this so called art movement has become popular around the world. Nowadays she mostly poses naked or semi-naked for magazines, and has received the “Playboy Cybergirl Of The Month September 2011” award. She doesn’t have a husband, has never been married and has no kids. Elise belongs to the Caucasian race which a lot of people probably know nothing about. It is a grouping of human beings who are known in the history as ‘biological taxons’ who were settled in Europe, Asia and North Africa.

Elise Laurenne


Cosplay can easily be considered as a type of art in which people wear costumes (as in cos-play) which are often self-made to look like a specific character from an anime, a cartoon or a video game. The idea was born in Japan, and most of the cosplayers are indeed from Asia. Elise first attended one of the cosplay shows when she was just five years old, just observing. It was when she turned 12 that she actually started cosplaying, taking the appearance of a character from “Elfen Lied”, and she was immediately hooked on this kind of art.

She became quite a popular cosplayer, because first of all she’s regarded as extremely attractive, and secondly she makes her own cosplay outfits and at which she is very good – one of her favorites is her original “Anti-Gwenom” suit, a combination of Spiderman’s, Spider-Gwen’s and Venom’s costumes but in a girlish style, with long black claws and a tight metallic white body suit with Spiderman’s colors. She worked on the suit with her ex-boyfriend Brandon Gilbert who helped her design the suit. Some of the other characters which inspired her to copy their dress include Harley Quinn from “Batman”, Samus Aran from the “Metroid series”, and the Punisher from the movie with the same name. She also appeared as D.Va from “The Overwatch” series.

The Naked News

“The Naked News” is a subscription website show described as “the program with nothing to hide”; it has three seasons with 35 episodes with an average runtime of 25 minutes, debuting on 1 March 2006. The girls who starred in the show appeared naked and read the news or stripped while reading the news. Elise was a part of the show, and hosted a couple of episodes. You might still be able to find some of these videos if you are curious to see how it looked.


Elise gained most of her popularity while she was a part of “SuicideGirls”, an online community-based website on which models who call themselves “SuicideGirls” post their pictures in very little clothing or no clothing at all. It was originally made in 2001 by Selena Mooney, and is still very active. You have to pay for your membership in order to gain access to the images of these so called Suicide Girls. You can also buy books, clothing and DVD’s on their website. Elise was one of the Suicide Girls, but not anymore.

Appearance and net worth

Elise has a body regraded as very attractive, and which is all natural. Her body and her will to show it is exactly what helped her become a well-known model and definitely helped her look a lot better in her cosplay costumes. She has a long brown hair, brown eyes, is 5ft 3ins (160cm) tall and weighs around 110lbs (50kgs), with vital statistics of 34-25-31 and her bra size is 34D.

Authoritative sources estimate that Elise’s net worth is now over $1 million, earned mostly from donations and fans of her Instagram account, and from the modelling jobs which she undertakes.


Elise claims to be the biggest fan of Spiderman, and the biggest number of her cosplays were actually inspired by the great Spiderman. She also loves comic books, and her favorite one is “Spiderman: Homecoming”. Elise has a giant passion for video games which easily connects with her love towards cosplay. She has her own Twitch account on which she streams while playing games such as “Overwatch” and “Players Unknown Battleground”, with 5,000 followers. She made a calendar in 2018 with her pictures featured for each month. There was a limited number of copies of this calendar, and each one was signed by her.

You can find Elise’s cosplay videos on YouTube, but she doesn’t have her own channel. Her Instagram account has a whopping number of 1.4 million followers, but we somehow feel that she is letting them down since she has so far only posted 82 times. She is a lot more active on her Twitter profile with 15,100 tweets but on which she has only 130,000 followers. Her zodiac sign is the Aries and she has a pet dog which lives with her in Toronto. She is into body modifications: she has stretched earlobes, a septum piercing and a half sleeve tattoo design on her right arm.

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