Eva Savagiou: Age, Body Measurements, Career, Instagram, Tik Tok

Eva Savagiou is a Greek TikTok star, Instagram model, and influencer, who is also popularly known for creating spicy content on OnlyFans. She began grabbing the public’s attention in 2017, when she first appeared on TikTok, making lip-sync videos along with provocative dances.

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Since then, Eva has become an internet sensation, and due to her popularity on multiple social media platforms, has earned numerous endorsement deals, adding social media influencer to her growing repertoire of professions.

With so many people showing an interest in the 25-year-old Instagram model and influencer, it seems only fitting that we dig up everything there is to know about Eva to keep her adoring fan base, or as they are known, Eva Lovers informed.

As such, here is everything you need and want to know about Eva Savagiou.

Early Life

Born on 29 May 1998, in Athens, Greece, very little is known about Eva’s early life. However, it’s common knowledge that the TikTok star has lived most of her life in Greece, where she continues to stay.

Despite rising to fame on the internet, the native beauty from Greece has remained a resident of Greece, though her physical address has never been made public.

Unfortunately, no information about her immediate family can be found anywhere, as Eva has kept her personal life mostly private, and has never spoken out about her parents, or the possibility that she might have siblings.

Educational Background

According to most of the sources online, Eva attended a public school in Greece, and later a prestigious high school, though the exact details of her education are a complete mystery.

Following this, Eva enrolled at a local university in Greece, however, sources remain unclear as to what Eva studied. According to these sources, she completed a bachelor’s degree, though she has yet to reveal her achievement to the public


In 2017, following her university graduation, Eva began her online career, starting by posting entertaining dances on TikTok. She quickly earned a large following on the social media site, and decided to focus her attention on pursuing internet fame.

Following her success on TikTok, Eva moved on to other social media platforms such as Instagram, where she became even more famous for her alluring and beautiful photoshoots. Due to her popularity, Savagiou earned the attention of several beauty and fashion brands, and now promotes numerous of them on both TikTok and Instagram.

Among the most noteworthy endorsement deals, Eva models on Instagram for Fashion Nova. This brand deal marked the beginning of her success as a social media influencer.

In 2022, Eva launched a YouTube channel, on which she posts social vlogs, and in 2021 gained further attention online after she began creating spicy content on OnlyFans.

With her career only now taking off, it’s safe to say that Eva will achieve great things in the years to come, but exactly what the future holds for this Grecian beauty is anyone’s guess.

Interesting Facts

While not much is known about Eva, it is common knowledge that she loves travelling, and holds a soft spot for all animals, except flies and mosquitos.

Eva is also a fitness fanatic, and spends a lot of time maintaining her exquisite figure, and promotes healthy living across the many platforms where she can be found.

Eva has also expressed that she dislikes smoking and drinking. Her favourite actor is Tom Hardy, while her favourite actress is Jennifer Lawrence. She enjoys pizza and ice cream and often plays volleyball with her friends.

Later Personal Life

While Eva hasn’t shared any details of her personal life, but has stated that she’s currently single and doesn’,t have any interest in dating for the time being. However, she is often seen on social media posing with a Greek gentleman by the name of Greg Ignatovich; Eva remains adamant that they’re only friends.

Other than that, Eva’s dating life remains a mystery, as little about her romantic past can be found anywhere.

Physical Characteristics

Eva stands about 5ft 8ins (176cms) tall and is believed to weigh around 165lbs (75kgs). Her iconic, long brown hair and sensual, brown eyes have become the key to her success as an Instagram model and influencer.

Net Worth

While Eva has never officially published her estimated wealth, it’s believed that as an Instagram model, her net worth easily ranges over $1 million.

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