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Who is Reign Judge?

Reign Judge is a recognized personality in the social media realm, particularly known for her modeling endeavors and influence on platforms such as Instagram. Reign began gaining attention on Instagram around 2019, on which she shares lifestyle, swimwear, and travel photos.

Besides her social media presence, Reign is also a fashion model and entrepreneur. She’s relatively new to the modeling industry but has already achieved notable success, being featured in campaigns for prominent fashion brands.

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Early Life and Education

Reign was born on 2 October 2001 in New York City, of mixed ethnicity, with her father being African-American and her mother being Caucasian.

She grew up in an affluent family, and studied at a private local school. However, Reign’s family life and more specific details about her educational background remain highly private, thus virtually no information is available about her parents and siblings.

Modeling Career

Reign Judge’s rise to fame can be traced back to her consistent activity on Instagram, starting around 2019. Her initial posts, beginning with one from Google’s Arts & Culture application, set the stage for what would become a flourishing online presence. Over time, her aesthetically pleasing photos covering lifestyle, swimwear, and travel themes garnered her a growing following.

Reign has leveraged her social media platforms, particularly Instagram, to showcase her modeling work, promote various brands, and interact with a growing audience. Her visually appealing lifestyle, swimwear, and travel photos have helped her amass a substantial following on Instagram, which in turn has bolstered her modeling career.

Her online popularity led to further opportunities, including signing with IMG Models, a prestigious modeling agency with offices in New York City. This professional representation facilitated her engagement in modeling campaigns and collaborations with well-known brands and personalities, contributing to her rising profile both within and outside the social media sphere. Some of the brands she’s modeled for include Miu Miu, Gucci, and Polo Ralph Lauren.


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Additionally, Reign Judge’s association with notable figures, such as her romantic link with Tyler, the Creator, and attendance at high-profile events such as the LACMA Art + Film Gala in November 2021, added to her visibility and popularity.

Reign’s rise to fame is a blend of strategic social media engagement, professional representation in the modeling industry, and associations with established personalities and brands. Through these channels, she’s managed to build an international following, and create a name for herself in the competitive digital and fashion landscapes.

Presence on Social Media

Reign has built a significant following across several social media platforms, particularly Instagram, on which her account ‘@reignjudge’ numbers more than 200,000 followers, while her photos regularly mass tens of thousands of likes. In addition, Reign has also used her reach to promote various brands. Although her following count is relatively low compared to some other fashion models and influencers, it’s worth noting that she’s followed by several high-profile celebrities, including Kendall Jenner and Diplo, indicating her reputation in the fashion world.

Relationship with Tyler, the Creator

Reign and rapper and fashion designer Tyler, the Creator, reportedly began dating in 2021, and their relationship became public when they appeared together at the LACMA’s red carpet gala in December 2021. The two apparently met back in 2019, through fashion photographer Wyatt Navarro. Tyler, known for his secretive nature regarding his personal life, hadn’t spoken a lot about their relationship, which piqued the curiosity of his fans. However, once their relationship was public, it was well-received, particularly given the shared interest in fashion that Tyler and Reign have.

Their connection extended into their professional lives as well, with Reign having been featured in campaigns for Tyler’s fashion brand, GOLF LE FLEUR. In addition, Tyler’s sixth studio album “Call Me If You Get Lost”, released in 2021, is rumored to partially be about his relationship with Reign.

As of November 2023, however, the two appear to have parted ways, and Reign’s social media posts suggest she’s in a relationship with Canadian R&B singer Daniel Caesar.

Age, Height, and Measurements

Reign is 22 years old. She is reported to stand at a height of 5ft 11ins (1.8m), and weighs roughly 110lbs (50kgs).

Reign Judge’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million as of November 2023, while her earnings come from her modeling gigs, social media endorsements, and other ventures in the fashion industry.

Tyler, the Creator Wiki Bio

Tyler Gregory Okonma, professionally known as Tyler, the Creator, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, and fashion designer. Born on 6 March 1991, in Hawthorne, California, Tyler has emerged as one of the most versatile and influential artists in the music industry. Known for his unique style, innovative music, and charismatic personality, Tyler has carved a niche for himself, garnering a massive following and critical acclaim.

Raised by a single mother, Tyler grew up with a passion for music and creativity. He taught himself to play the piano by the age of 14, and began making music using available resources. Tyler’s early influences include Pharrell Williams, whom he has often cited as a significant inspiration.

In 2007, Tyler co-founded the alternative hip hop collective Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (OFWGKTA), better known as Odd Future. The group became infamous for their controversial lyrics and chaotic performances, gaining a cult following. Tyler released his debut mixtape, “Bastard”, in 2009, which garnered attention for its raw, unfiltered content and Tyler’s unique production style.

Tyler’s debut studio album, “Goblin”, was released in 2011, featuring the hit single “Yonkers”. The song’s accompanying music video went viral, propelling Tyler into the mainstream. “Goblin” showcased Tyler’s dark, gritty style, while his controversial lyrics sparked debates, drawing both praise and criticism.

Over the years, Tyler’s music evolved, showcasing his artistic growth. His third album, “Wolf” (2013), displayed a more complex production and narrative storytelling, while “Cherry Bomb” (2015) embraced a more eclectic, experimental sound.

“Flower Boy” (2017) marked a significant shift in Tyler’s career, revealing a more introspective and mature side of the artist. The album received critical acclaim and earned him his first Grammy nomination.

In 2019, Tyler released “Igor”, which debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200. The album, entirely produced, arranged, and written by Tyler, showcased his artistic versatility and won Best Rap Album at the 2020 Grammy Awards.

On his latest album “Call Me If You Get Lost” (2021), Tyler experimented with various musical styles such as pop, jazz, soul, and reggae. The album is noted for its departure from the more soulful aesthetics of Tyler’s past two albums, leaning more towards bold beats and raw rhymes reminiscent of his early career. It debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200, marking Tyler’s second US number-one album. It also secured the title of Best Rap Album at the 2022 Grammy Awards, marking Tyler’s second win in this category.

Beyond music, Tyler has made a mark in the fashion world, launching his own clothing line, Golf Wang, in 2011, which reflects his colorful, quirky style. Tyler’s influence in fashion has been widely recognized, and he’s collaborated with various high-profile brands.

Tyler is also an entrepreneur, having launched his own streaming service app, Golf Media, which provides exclusive content from Tyler and other creators.

Tyler is known for being reserved regarding his personal life, as he wants the public to be focused on his art instead. Nonetheless, his love life and sexual orientation have been a topic of discussion, particularly after he made several references to having same-sex relations on “Flower Boy”. He later made references in some of his songs to being romantically involved with both men and women, indicating that he’s bisexual.

He’s faced some controversy over the years, as he was arrested for vandalism and rioting on two occasions. Tyler was also banned from entering the UK for five years in 2015, due to the lyrical content of his earlier albums. The lyrics in question, which were from his albums “Bastard” and “Goblin”, were said to ‘encourage violence, and intolerance of homosexuality’.

Despite facing controversy and criticism throughout his career, Tyler has remained true to himself, consistently pushing boundaries and reinventing his art. His journey from an underground artist to a Grammy-winning star is a testament to his talent, resilience, and influence.

As of 2023, Tyler’s net worth is estimated at more than $30 million.

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