George Santo Pietro: Vanna White’s ex-husband Wiki, Net Worth, Death, Nationality, Children, Age

• George Santo Pietro is a 72 year old American real estate developer and former film director and hotelier.
• He grew up in Beverly Hills, California and was born under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius.
• He has been married three times and has four children.
• He has worked on many films and TV shows, and is currently a real estate developer.
• His estimated net worth is more than $14 million.

Who is George Santo Pietro?

George Santo Pietro is a well known American real estate developer, who started out as a film director as well as a hotelier. He was born in Beverly Hills, California under the zodiac sign of  Sagittarius on 12 December 1946, which makes him 72 years old this year. George has taken part in producing many TV shows, such as “L.A. Doctors”, “True Blood”, “Buffy the Vampire Slayers”, “Alias”, and “Pushing Daisies”, but George gained real his popularity and public exposure when he married Vanna White, a television personality, at a time when he was a restaurateur who owed Santopietro’s and Sushi-Ko restaurants. George is bi-racial, half Native American and half white.

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George Santo Pietro Early Life

George grew up in Beverly Hills. His zodiac explains his personality to be that of an energetic, curious, open minded and a person who is normally motivated by philosophical views. George worked as a dolly grip in “Beverly Hills” series back in 1990, and also worked the same job during the production of 17 episodes of “They Came from Outer Space” series. He has over 70 electrical and camera department credits collectively. Other films Santos has worked on as a dolly grip include “Muppets Most Wanted”, “The Good Place”, “The Big Bang Theory”, “Think Like a Man”, and “Two and a Half Men” among others. Since he was young, George always wanted to work in the film industry; he has one credit as a director and two as a producer.

Personal Life Marriages and Children

Pietro has been married three time, firstly in 1981 to actress Linda Evans, his longtime girlfriend, and they had a daughter, Andrea, however, their marriage came to an end in 1984, and he then married Vanna White in 1989, a renowned television presenter and the host of “Wheel of Fortune” show. The couple had two children before separating in 2002. Before they married, Pietro was an avid fan of Vanna and really supported her when her fiancé died in a plane crash. In 1992, Vanna had a miscarriage, but after five years of marriage, they had their first child, a son, and later a daughter. However, they divorced in 2002, and three years later Pietro married Melissa Mascari after a one-year dating period. They have a daughter together named her Chiara.

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Professional Career

Back in the 1980s Santo owned a very famous Italian restaurant he had named Santopietro’s, in Bel-Air, California, in a strip mall close to Mulholland Drive; his regular clientele was Hollywood celebrities. He later opened another restaurant that was well known for its sushi, located in the Shushi-Ko complex. He ran this hotel for almost ten years and it was very popular for its superb service. His clients were also exclusive.

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Apart from trying his hand in the food and hospitality business, Santo is also a producer and an actor. In 1985, he appeared in the movie “Prizzi’s Honor”, played the role of a plumber beside Katheleen Turner and Jack Nicholson, also in “Revenge of the Nerds IV: Nerds in Love” which was aired in 1994, starring Brian Tochi and Robert Picardo. He also contributed to the production of other films including “L.A Doctors” and “True Blood” among others. As of now, Santo Pietro is a real estate developer.

Assets and Net Worth

At the age of 72, Santo has accumulated a large fortune as a restaurateur and real estate developer. For example, he sold his Beverly Hills Italian Villa in 2007, valued at $50 million, and built on a 30,000 square feet portion of land, with 15 bathrooms as well as nine bedrooms, plus other luxuries including a huge screening room, a large outdoor pool, wine basement, spice and herb garden, and a volleyball court. He sold this mansion for $23.5 million

He also sold another mansion with 10 bathrooms and more than eight bedrooms, located in Beverly Hills, of 14,554 square feet on a five-acre block, owned with Vanna White, his ex-wife, for $22.6 million in 2010, that the couple bought together in the early 1990s. He had leased out the mansion for a reputed $150,000 each month, but in 2017 it realised a market price of $47.5 million.

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As of late 2028, authoritative sources cite that George’s estimated net worth is more than $14 million, but plus more tied up in property. Although most of his money might have been made from his business and agent’s job, he accumulated a huge amount from his Hollywood presence as well as from his restaurants. His net worth is set to increase as he continues with his career.

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