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• Forsen's popularity is due to his unique streaming style and gaming skills.
• His community is called Forsenboys and created many funny ways to entertain their chat.
• Forsen's been banned multiple times from Twitch due to drinking while streaming.
• He married German streamer Nina in 2015, though the marriage is kept secret.
• Forsen currently has a net worth of approximately $2.7 million.

One can’t find a person who is surrounded by memes more than Swedish streamer Forsen. Even when he’s offline and doesn’t stream anything, his chat on Twitch goes on and on, and the fans keep repeating all kinds of jokes they usually spam when Forsen goes live. Let’s find out how Forsen got such a community that is here for him, even when he’s not.

Early life, family, education

Sebastian Hans Eli “Forsen” Fors was born on 16 December 1990, in Stockholm, Sweden. Even though Forsen’s community is very large and skillful, no one has ever managed to find any information about his early life, education or any details on his parents, siblings or other relatives.

Twitch career

Forsen joined Twitch on 26 November 2013 when he was playing Starcraft II. In 2014 he switched to Blizzard’s new game Hearthstone, and gained worldwide popularity playing it. He won his first Hearthstone tournament, HTC Invitational, in 2015, and a streaming marathon “Play it Cool“ in the same year. He’s considered to be the best “Miracle Rogue” in Hearthstone. His community grew quickly, with the number of his viewers varying from 2000 to 30000. His competitors on Twitch in the Hearthstone category were Jason “Amaz” Chan, Jeffrey “Trump” Shih, Haiyun “Eloise” Tang, and Janne “Savjz” Mikkonen, all highly popular, and even tried to schedule their streams in such a way so that other competing streamers were offline (not to divide the audience between each other, and get most of them to their channels).

Forsen’s popularity was the result of his unique communicating and streaming style, mixed with his high gaming skills. He never tried to entertain his audience, letting them have fun themselves and not ‘ruining the party’. Forsen was the first one who used “Text-to-Speech” on his stream to announce donations, so anyone who donated to him could leave a comment to the tip, which would be read aloud uncensored with a robotic voice of “Text-to-Speech” tool. This solution let Forsen maintain silence compared with other streamers on Twitch. The audience immediately felt the freedom of speech, and spared no money to say whatever they thought about the game, Forsen’s gaming style, news on Twitch and in the world – there was nothing forbidden to discuss. One could provide a link with a video, and Forsen always opened it and showed it to the audience. Most of the time there were animated self-made videos with no particular sense, but such ‘brainless’ cartoons delighted the community, so they made more videos and sent more links, paying $3 minimum every time they wanted to be ‘announced’.


Beside the videos, fans could ask Forsen to add a song of their choice to the playlist (which Forsen’s community always called “pleblist”), which goes as a soundtrack to the stream. One can guess that fans always choose the creepiest songs and tracks which they call ‘cancer music’ – a song could be very silent, so Forsen had to make it louder, and in the end there could be a very deliberately loud part, with freaky sounds and shouts so the chat could enjoy Forsen trying to make the music quieter again. The most popular trick was to put the shout from the wrestling show announcing the wrestler John Cena. The playlist sometimes became 4-5 hours long in half an hour, so Forsen had to warn his viewers that the list was full until the end of the streamtime, and there’s no use to ask for more tracks to be added to the list. Forsen’s community called themselves Forsenboys and tried to find more ways to entertain the chat. The followers decided to use comments for the donations as a source of extra fun, and left their special letter combinations which took little space but were read for a very long time. Thus, the program “Text-to-Speech” read the letter combination “Se” as a chemical element “Selenium”, so if a person put “Se” in the comment around 20-30 times, the message would be read for a minute or so, and the chat reacts at once, exploding with emotes.

Viewers often joke about Forsen’s English, and Forsen sometimes doesn’t understand those jokes. Once he tried hard to get which comment was sent with a donation, gave up and said: ‘There’s a new rule [for the community]: whenever you get the joke, you type “lul”, and whenever you don’t get it, type a question mark, so I know whether it me who’s retarded or it’s the joke’ – and so the chat exploded with the question marks.

Banned from Twitch. Multiple times.

Forsen’s streaming style includes not only unique communication with his community, but also a lot of drinking. Few streams were spent without any alcohol – Forsen never stops himself from having another shot; only sleep can stop him. Forsen is famous for his falling asleep during streaming, and for that he has been banned from Twitch for 24 hours multiple times. The funniest case happened once when Forsen blacked out for a couple of minutes, and the Hearthstone game was still going on, and despite that Forsen was sleeping drunk, when he woke up he won the game, even though he missed several turns. A true skill.

Members of Forsen’s community often get banned too. Once Forsenboys decided to make sure that Forsen’s emote “forsenE” (a special emote in Twitch chat that looks like a squeezed version of Forsen’s face) is the most usable emote on Twitch (according to StreamElements Chat Stats which counts the quantity of the emotes used on Twitch). And they started spamming it not only in Forsen’s chat, but flooded all top-streamers’ chats with the “forsenE” emote.

Romantic relationships

In 2014 along with Forsen there was another streamer, Eloise, whose viewers were mostly Forsen’s viewers too, and who watched her channel when Forsen was offline. Forsenboys tried to support and warm up the rumours that Eloise liked Forsen, and Forsen liked Eloise, and they should start dating, but neither Forsen nor Eloise really supported that theme even just for entertainment, so the community had to switch to another joke.

In fact, Forsen was never alone – he’s famous for having girls appearing at the background while he’s streaming. One of his girlfriends dumped him since she was tired of him only streaming and eating his favourite lasagna, and drinking all the time. Forsen was pretty upset with the break-up, and the community supported him with funny videos and warm comments in the chat.

In 2014 Forsen met his future wife, German streamer Nina, whose nickname is Nani Heichou. They are said to have married on 14 July 2015, but kept the marriage secret; there are no photos or any additional information that can be found on that event, though Forsen promised his community to show the videos and photos from their wedding. No one knows for sure whether they are really married or just making fun, calling each other a husband and a wife. In 2016 Forsen posted on his Twitter that he had to spend some time with his girlfriend before she leaves for Germany, which is strange since she was not his girlfriend at that moment, she was his wife already. Nina has an Instagram account on which she often posts their photos together, and a separate Instagram account for their dog, a York called Peppah.

Recent gaming activity

Forsen admitted he didn’t enjoy playing Hearthstone since the game was too random. He came from StarCraft II where it was all about skill, and Hearthstone was something similar to the work he had to do. though he hated it. When the popularity of the game fell, Forsen soon switched to other games, such as GTA V, PUBG, Darwin Project, etc.


Forsen has light-brown eyes and dark-brown hair, and always has a beard. There’s no information about his precise height, weight or vital statistics.

Net worth

Forsen’s current net worth is estimated by sources to be around $2.7 million. Recently he won the Darwin Project Invitational tournament, getting $20,000, and also won $13,600 at PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Invitational tournament, leading his team to the first prize of $100,000 in general. He monetized all his accounts: a Twitch channel with more than 12,500 subscribers who bring him around $3000 per month; a YouTube channel with more than 170,000 followers, and his Twitter with more than 113,000 readers. All these sources bring him a stable monthly income, which keeps on growing.

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