Francesca Stugot: The TikTok Prankster Who Fooled College Guys

In the vast world of TikTok, where creativity knows no bounds and viral trends emerge overnight, a new sensation has taken the platform by storm. Her name? Francesca Stugot, dubbed as the “Gaslighting Queen.” While she might not be a household name like some TikTok celebrities, she has been making waves and leaving a trail of laughter in her wake, thanks to the creative minds behind her persona.

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The Mysterious Francesca Stugot

Francesca Stugot, also known as Franny Stugs, is a fictional character brought to life through the imagination and wit of a couple of college girls. Her claim to fame? A series of hilarious TikTok pranks involving college guys. The premise is simple yet absurdly entertaining: Francesca Stugot, the enigmatic woman, supposedly met these unsuspecting men at a bar or club in the past. Armed with her charm and cunning persuasion, she convinces them to make plans for a future date, all through the magic of a phone call.

Already a senior at the University of Miami, Francesca Stugot has some ambitious plans in the works. She’s considering switching her major to Nutrition, a move aimed at bolstering her credentials for her meal prep business, aptly named “Franny’s Meals on Wheels”, a strategic shift to prepare her for future international expansion. Her venture is already gaining momentum, with menu items such as shrimp tacos proving to be incredibly popular.

On the personal front, Francesca Stugot is currently single, and keeps an open mind when it comes to dating, as she isn’t attracted to a specific type. However, it’s worth noting that she humorously expressed her frustration with the male population at her university, playfully referring to them as ‘trash, and jesting about her desire to gaslight them.

A Viral Sensation

What sets Francesca Stugot apart is her sheer ability to captivate the audience, making the series an instant hit on TikTok. The reactions of the college guys who believe they are talking to Francesca Stugot are nothing short of comedic gold. Their willingness to engage in these bizarre conversations and make plans based on a fictional encounter is the essence of the hilarity.

The series has caught the attention of TikTok users worldwide, and Francesca Stugot has garnered a cult following. The hashtag #francescastugot has already accumulated over 60 million views, and individual videos receive hundreds of thousands of likes. One video, in particular, has skyrocketed in popularity, amassing nearly 17 million views and almost 2.5 million likes. In this video, she engages in a conversation with a guy named Cole, claiming that they had crossed paths at a fraternity party. She recounts details of their supposed encounter, including topics they discussed that would suggest a genuine connection, but he was too intoxicated to remember. What left the guy utterly bewildered was when she declared herself as ‘his future wife,’ according to him. The call concluded with her signature catchphrase, ‘Francesca Stugot OUT! Muah muah.’ The comments on these videos are equally entertaining, with users expressing their love for the character and the pranks.

Delving Into The True Identity of Francesca Stugot

The voice behind Francesca Stugot is that of Kelsey McCullough. Born in 2001, she proudly earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications with majors in Public Relations and Advertising in 2023 at Marist College, a private university in Poughkeepsie, New York. Her college days were marked not only by academic success, but also by her involvement in the Alpha Sigma Tau sorority, in which she rose to the position of Vice-President of Community Relations. She also studied at the Istituto Lorenzo de’ Medici in Florence, Italy in 2022.

During a captivating interview on “Fun on Weekdays” in May 2023, Kelsey revealed her career prospects. Already, she’d secured two contracts, one with Bloom Nutrition and another with Culture Pop Soda, setting the stage for her professional journey.

In her personal life, Kelsey is currently single, and has a particular fondness for men who are physically fit with some muscle, and prefers those with a good sense of humor. She described herself as pretty low-key, but occasionally she channels the boldness of her Francesca Stugot persona when interacting with guys or potential romantic interests in real life.

In her leisure time, Kelsey enjoys the simple joys of life, often spending time with friends, and indulging in spontaneous adventures.

The Birth of Francesca Stugot

At first, the motives behind Kelsey and her friends making prank calls to guys were unclear. Many wondered whether it was simply a way to pass the time, a fun experiment, or perhaps even a form of lighthearted retribution for past pranks or gaslighting by guys.

She shed light on their mischievous escapades during an interview. Mondays were typically uneventful as they never went out, and by nighttime, they were bored out of their minds; as they thought of ways to amuse themselves, the idea of making prank calls emerged, and they decided to give it a shot. Kelsey, along with her partner-in-pranks Liv, operating under the alter ego “Priscilla,” initially targeted guys they had either met or been matched with on the ever-popular dating app Tinder, to test the waters and see if they could pull it off.

Kelsey placed the call, while her friend just happened to be recording it. The result was pure hilarity, and in April 2023, her friend casually posted the video as a joke, with no grand expectations. Surprisingly, those who viewed it found it immensely enjoyable. Subsequently, Kelsey continued her pranking escapades, making calls to the guy friends of her roommates and sorority sisters, all based on their recommendations. Living together, they fostered an environment of fun and camaraderie, as they filmed her engaging in these pranks. Notably, Kelsey initially used a blocked number for her calls, later switching to her regular number, humorously admitting that the decision might have been somewhat ‘stupid.’

The videos were initially posted on her friend’s online page, and her friend graciously changed the username to ‘frannyandpriscilla.’ Kelsey preferred this arrangement, even though she had her own page, especially because her friend was the one handling the editing. However, the prank call videos also started appearing on TikTok under the username ‘thefrancescastugot.’ The account has over 50,000 followers, and the videos have amassed nearly 1.5 million likes.

The Interactive Prankster

What makes Francesca Stugot’s rise to fame even more unique is the interactive element it offers to TikTok users. The creators are actively encouraging the TikTok community to become involved by submitting phone numbers, names, and backstories via a Google form that they’ve made for future pranks. This means that viewers have the opportunity to contribute to the content, and potentially see and hear their ideas acted out by Francesca Stugot herself. This open invitation for participation adds an extra layer of engagement, further fueling the series’ popularity.

Those who’ve followed her enjoy her content, and who want to participate in the prank, submit names of their friends or acquaintances, and send her money through the American mobile payment service Venmo. The amounts sent varied, ranging from $5 to $30; they received thousands of submissions, although it’s important to note that not everyone who submitted a name also sent money.

Mindset Behind A Successful Prank Call

She successfully embodies her alter ego, Francesca Stugot, when engaging in phone conversations with guys. While one might assume she has an acting background, apart from some childhood acting experience, she hasn’t further pursued acting. However, she effortlessly slips into character, adapting her voice to fit the persona. Regardless of the humor in the guys’ reactions or the direction of the conversation, she maintains a straight face without breaking into laughter.

Kelsey attributed her confidence in making these phone calls to her naturally laid-back personality, and her indifference to others’ opinions, particularly since she’ll likely never encounter these guys again. This mindset guides her during these interactions, as she assumes they have no knowledge of her identity, enabling her to proceed without reservations.

Ghosting Persistent Guys

Many couldn’t help but be intrigued by it all, and were curious whether Kelsey had reached out to the guys to reveal that it was just a prank, and that Francesca Stugot wasn’t a real person. She mentioned that some guys who had seen her on TikTok and willingly participated in the phone conversations would later text her, acknowledging that they knew her true identity. In response, Kelsey would express her gratitude for their good sportsmanship.

However, when some of the guys continued to text her, inviting her to hang out or requesting her picture, she would then ‘ghost’ them, abruptly cutting off all communication without explanation. If she develops an interest in any of the guys she spoke with on the phone, she may exchange a few texts, but more often than not, she ends up ‘ghosting’ them.

Interestingly, they decided to follow up with the first guy they pranked, and it turned out that, despite Francesca Stugot becoming a trending topic on social media, the guy was still unaware that it was all a joke. They exchanged a few texts, but she eventually ‘ghosted’ him.

A Guy Threatened Her Over the Prank Call

Not all men took the prank calls in good stride, especially if they found themselves on the receiving end. Kelsey recalled an incident involving a guy with whom she had a great conversation, but he turned out to be rather aggressive. Before she could post the video on TikTok, he managed to uncover Francesca Stugot’s true identity and promptly called her, issuing threats if she proceeded to upload the video online. He claimed to be a cop, and asserted that he knew her parents and their address, saying that he would inform her dad about it. However, she countered by revealing that her dad was well aware of the TikTok pranks. Interestingly, the guy had been recommended for a gaslighting prank by Kelsey’s friend who had already graduated. Later, her friend clarified that the guy wasn’t a cop but was closely associated with one – his best friend.

When Kelsey’s mother first learned about her making prank calls and posting them online, one of her concerns was the possibility of Kelsey being arrested for it, however, Kelsey quickly reassured her mother that her activities weren‘t illegal. Over time, her mom came to appreciate and support Kelsey’s endeavors, particularly as Kelsey began to earn money from them, and receive a warm reception from the TikTok community.

Unintended Consequences

In an interesting turn of events, a girl recommended a guy she planned to date, hoping to see how he would respond to Francesca Stugot’s prank. However, Kelsey couldn’t help but feel remorseful after making the call, as the guy wholeheartedly believed in Francesca, and eagerly agreed to dinner or drinks. When Kelsey informed the girl about what had transpired, and provided her with the video of the call, it left the girl naturally upset. Kelsey also revealed that a significant portion of the submissions on her Google form came from girls requesting her to gaslight their boyfriends as a way to test their reactions. While she was willing to participate in testing a guy’s fidelity or sincerity in a relationship, she generally preferred calls that were meant solely for entertainment and laughter.

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Do guys actually believe Francesca Stugot?

Not all prank calls were posted, simply because some of the conversations were boring. Whether a call made it online depended on how a guy responded to Francesca Stugot, and how engaging their conversation became. Some guys willingly played along, regardless of whether they believed it or not. However, Kelsey noted that most guys were relatively easy to gaslight, as they fully bought into what she was telling them. She observed that many guys were immediately drawn in when Francesca described herself as having ‘long black hair, big boobs, skinny waist,’ as a tactic to jog their memory and keep the conversation going.

Future plans for Francesca Stugot

As much as people adore the character and the gaslighting pranks, one can never predict how long the fascination will last. Something new might come along to capture people’s attention, and the joke could become stale. Many are left wondering about the future of Francesca Stugot, of which Kelsey is quite aware, and has shared that as long as people continue to watch and enjoy her videos, she will continue doing what she does. She and her friend have already started brainstorming new ideas, and developing new characters. One concept in the works involves gaslighting guys into believing they’ve met both Francesca and Priscilla, leading to plans for a double date.

Kelsey has plans to expand the world of Francesca Stugot, and create vlogs about various aspects of her character’s life, such as ‘a day in the life of Francesca’, and her wild nights out. She intends to capitalize on the popularity of her character for as long as possible. If it turns out that she can earn enough to make it a full-time endeavor, and forgo a corporate job, she’s committed to continuing down this creative path.

Francesca Stugot’s Merchandise and Meal-Prepping Business

Initially, Kelsey found the idea of creating Franny Stugs merchandise somewhat crazy, as she had doubts about whether people would actually buy them. However, in response to the growing demand, she eventually gave in. Recognizing the potential to earn money, she partnered with Sunshine Designs, a small business run by a college student in New Jersey. She was particularly fond of the designs, which perfectly reflected Francesca Stugot’s personality. Slogans and phrases that were often used in her phone calls were printed on the clothing apparel.

As to Francesca Stugot’s meal-prepping business, whether it was a joke or not, many inquired about her menu, and wanted to place orders. Admittedly, Kelsey said that she isn’t a good cook. but her roommate is one. So, they were seriously considering setting up such a business.


Francesca Stugot describes herself as having long brown hair, a slim figure, and an hourglass shape. As for Kelsey McCullough, there is no officially released information regarding her weight and height, but a quick glance at her official Instagram photos reveals that she’s in great shape, and quite fi; she has brown hair and brown eyes.

Net Worth

One can only speculate about the net worth of Francesca Stugot, thanks to her meal-prepping business, Franny’s Meals on Wheels, which has transformed from a start-up into a corporation with plans for international expansion. Meanwhile, Kelsey McCullough is transitioning from recent graduate to starting her PR career. However, thanks to her online persona and the newfound popularity of Francesca Stugot on TikTok, along with the launch of her merchandise, her financial situation has undoubtedly improved. She expressed her pleasant surprise at the number of people who purchased her merchandise – according to reliable sources, her estimated net worth as of November 2023 is over $100,000.

In a world where entertainment is just a scroll away, Francesca Stugot has emerged as a breath of fresh air. Her hilarious pranks and the unwavering enthusiasm of her creators have turned her into a sensation that has captivated TikTok users, and left them eagerly awaiting the next call to an unsuspecting guy. TikTok’s culture of creativity and humor has found a perfect embodiment in Francesca Stugot, and her journey continues to be a source of laughter and amusement for all who encounter her on the platform. Everything was done all in good fun.

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