Gas Monkey assistant Christie Brimberry’s Wiki: Cancer, Husband, Married, Net Worth, Age, Family

• Christie Brimberry was born in Dallas, Texas in 1972
• She is an employee of the Gus Monkey Garage, featured in the TV series “Fast N’ Loud”
• She is married to a hairstylist and has six children
• Christie was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2016, but is now cancer-free
• She is popular on social media, with over 800,000 followers on Facebook and 285,000 on Instagram

Who is Christie Brimberry?

Christie Brimberry was born on the 25th March 1972, in Dallas, Texas USA, and is a car enthusiast, and an employee of the Gus Monkey Garage, featured in the TV series “Fast N’ Loud”. Do you want to learn more about Christie, her unusual life, career, details about her marriage, and other interesting details in regards to this extraordinary car enthusiast?

Christie Brimberry Early Life, Parents, and Education

Unfortunately, Christie has chosen to keep all the information in regards to her personal life hidden from the public, which includes the identity of her parents, whether she has any siblings or not, and even where she went to school. Hopefully, she will change her mind in the near future, as many of her fans are eager to know more details about her childhood years, and transition to adulthood.

Gus Monkey Garage

Interested in cars from an early age, Christie was often described as a tomboy, and she found her dream job at the Gus Monkey Garage. Hired by Richard Rawlings himself as his assistant, she became a national star once the garage was picked up by the Discovery channel, and featured in the show “Fast N’ Loud”. Her husband, Daren was already Richard’s employee – though as a hairstylist – and his acquaintance with Richard helped Christie secure her dream job. Since the premiere of “Fast N’ Loud”, Christie has featured in 58 episodes, but stepped down from the show in 2016, due to her health problems. However, during her time in the show, Christie rose to prominence and her net worth increased to a large degree.

Christie Brimberry Net Worth and Salary

Christie had that luck to find a job that she loves and that also pays well; according to reports, her monthly salary is $5,000 which means that she earns around $60,000 per year at the Gus Monkey Garage. Since she has been working there for quite some time, her net worth has reached an impressive $1.5 million as estimated by authoritative sources. What do you think about Christie’s wealth? Does she deserve it?

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Christie Brimberry Cancer Diagnosis

Back in 2016, Christie was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, which had already spread to her lymph nodes. She subsequently underwent a string of operations, that ultimately led to her recuperation. With the help of her fans and close friends, Christie overcame all her struggles, and in 2017 was declared cancer free. During her battle, Christie had a tube in her throat, couldn’t breathe on her own, and had trouble eating, but has proven to be a strong woman who certainly never gave up.

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Christie Brimberry Personal Life, Marriage, Children

What do you know about Christie’s life behind the scene? The cancer diagnosis was one of the worst moments in her life, but there are a few beautiful things that she has shared with her fans. This includes her hairstylist husband Daren Brimberry, with whom she has six children, although the couple didn’t share when and where they met, or even when the wedding ceremony was held. Hopefully, she shares this information in the future with her fans.

Christie Brimberry Internet Popularity

Over the years, Christie has become quite popular on social media platforms, especially Facebook and Instagram, and she is also active on Twitter. Her official Facebook page has more than 800,000 followers, who have enjoyed daily posts about Christie’s career, including a visit with Richard to NHRA Fall Nationals, among other posts. You can follow Christie on Instagram as well, on which she has just over 285,000 fans, and this is a rather more personal network, as she has shared details from her daily life, such as her unconditional love for dogs, and pictures of her children. Christie is also active on Twitter, on which she has more than 115,000 followers, and she has used the account to promote her recent career endeavors. So, if you aren’t already a fan of this successful reality TV star, then this is a perfect opportunity for you to become one, just skip over to her official pages.

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