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• Joji Miller is a singer, record producer, rapper, songwriter, and former internet personality.
• His net worth is at $1.3 million, earned through his various endeavors.
• He created the YouTube channel called DizaztaMusic and the popular character Filthy Frank.
• He is responsible for creating numerous memes, and popularizing the dance craze Harlem Shake.
• He released his debut album “Pink Season” and “In Tongues”, and his debut studio album “Ballads 1”, and is currently on a tour.

Who is Joji Miller?

George Miller was born on 18 September 1992, in Osaka, Japan, of Japanese as well as Australian descent. He is a singer, record producer, rapper, songwriter, and former internet personality, best known initially for earning popularity through his YouTube persona Filthy Frank. He also produced comedy music under the name Pink Guy, and was responsible for the creation of numerous memes, as well as popularizing the Harlem Shake. He later retired his YouTube channel to focus on his music career, now performing under the name Joji.

Joji Miller

The Net Worth of Joji Miller

How rich is Joji Miller? As of early-2019, sources inform us of a net worth that is at $1.3 million, earned through success in his various endeavors. He is the first Asian artist to reach the top spot of the Billboard R&B and Hip Hop chart, and as he continues his career, it is expected that his wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life and YouTube Beginnings

Joji grew up in Osaka, and attended the international Canadian Academy located in Kobe, Japan. He completed his studies there in 2012, and decided to travel to Brooklyn, New York US at the age of 18, and took up his college education there.

Wanting to pursue his passion for music, he created the YouTube channel called DizaztaMusic containing music and comedic content. The channel started to gain a lot of ground when he created the character Filthy Frank, whom he describes is the anti-vlogger of YouTube. The channel would quickly gain popularity, attracting over 800,000 subscribers, now up to two million. He also launched another channel called TVFilthyFrank which had various series featuring Frank as the host, quickly earning over 6 million subscribers, then a third channel called TooDamnFilthy, which had series such as Japanese 101 and Cringe of the Week.

Moving Away from YouTube

In 2014, Miller announced that he was stopping his upload of videos to the DizastaMusic channel as the risk of the channel being deleted was high due to the numerous community and copyright strikes the channel received. He continued uploading to his other channels, and also released the book entitled “Francis of the Filth”, however, sometime in 2017 after the release of his book, he stated online that he was stopping the production of any comedy content, including Filthy Frank – this was because of some health conditions and a personal lack of interest in continuing the series. He mentioned that some of the pranks he did were very dangerous to his health, and so he had no choice but to stop comedy.

Despite the end of Filthy Frank, his character and show had a profound impact on internet culture. He is responsible for creating numerous memes, and has been referred to as the father of alt-comedy. He is responsible for popularizing the viral dance craze known as Harlem Shake, so helping the “Harlem Shake” song reach the top of the Billboard Hot 100. He is also considered an influence of the most subscribed YouTuber PewDiePie.

Music Career

During the latter part of his Filthy Frank career, Joji started expressing his interest for creating music, a passion he had even before his popularity on YouTube – he mentioned that he actually created his channel to promote his music. He launched the comedy character Pink Guy which released hip hop or rap songs, which found a lot of traction due to its comedy, and released his debut album “Pink Season” which reached the 70th spot on the Billboard 200. Under the character, he also released two mixtapes and an extended play.

Joji has also performed live as the character, but after his decision to stop comedic content, Pink Guy was also discontinued, but his success eventually paved the way for him to perform under the name Joji, and deal with more serious music. He intended to keep his music away from his fan base, as his fans wanted comedic music, but after the release of a few singles, many figured out that the accounts releasing the songs were linked to him. He publicly announced that he was indeed Joji, and was working on music releases under the name.

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The Rise of Joji

Miller announced the creation of his first commercial project called “Chloe Burbank; Volume One”, and then released songs through the Asian music label 88Rising, including “Rain on Me”, and “I Don’t Wanna Waste My Time”. He performed as Joji for the first time in 2017 in Los Angeles, then announced that his debut commercial project would be called “In Tongues”, and released the single “Will He” through iTunes and Spotify.

In Tongues” the extended play was released in late-2017 through Empire Distribution, and a deluxe version of it was released with various remixes, with his single “Yeah Right” becoming his first song to chart on Billboard, peaking in 23rd spot of the R&B Songs chart. He then released his debut studio album called “Ballads 1”, which reached the top of the Billboard Top R&B/Hip Hop Albums Chart, subsequently going on a North American and European tour for the next few months. He mentioned that his music has been influenced by electronic artist James Blake, and also been inspired by Donald Glover, Radiohead, and Shlohmo.

Personal Life

For his personal life, it is known that Joji has been romantically linked to model and social media personality Lily May Mac. The two have been seen in public and pictured together, though have not publicly declared that they are in a relationship, and haven’t posted any pictures together on any of their social media accounts. Joji still resides in Brooklyn, though frequently flies to Los Angeles for work, and where he also has a residence.

He mentioned that he has a previously undisclosed neurological disorder that causes stress-induced seizures, and is one of the reasons why he decided to move away from his YouTube career.

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