Google Employee Tanmay Bakshi’s Wiki: Parents, Salary, Net Worth, IBM, Family

• Tanmay Bakshi is a 15 year old Canadian author, Honorary IBM Cloud Advisor, AI Expert, and TED & Keynote speaker.
• His parents, Puneet Bakshi and Sumita Bakshi, moved from India to Canada when Tanmay was one year old.
• At age 7, Tanmay started a YouTube channel that has more than 20,000 subscribers.
• He has achieved a lot, such as developing apps, writing books, and working with IBM Watson.
• He earns money from his apps and open source projects, and is estimated to become a millionaire soon.

Who is Tanmay Bakshi?

Tanmay Bakshi is a Canadian author, Honorary IBM Cloud Advisor, AI Expert, and TED & Keynote speaker. At the young age of 15, Tammy has managed to address more than 200,000 developers, executive, and intellectuals all over the world at universities, multi-national companies, international conferences, and financial institutions, and has appeared in numerous popular newspapers and journals, such as “The New York Times”, “The Vancouver Sun”, and “Toronto Star” among many others.

Parents and Family

Tanmay was born in 2003 to Puneet Bakshi, a computer programmer and Sumita Bakshi, a housewife. His parents moved from India to Canada when Tanmay was only one year old, with his sister Tanvi. Due to Tanmay’s frequent travels around the world and his love for programming, he is homeschooled by his parents and sister.

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Rise to Fame

While Tanmay’s father worked as a programmer, he watched keenly and developed a burning desire to learn what goes on with computers and how they are able to execute commands such as displaying his name. When his father sensed his immense curiosity, he gave in and taught his son how to program, and Bakshi then made use of the internet to educate himself on the concepts of coding, as well as reading as many programming books as he could lay his hands on.

When Tanmay was only seven years old he started a YouTube channel, which he used to post web development and coding tutorials. Soon afterwards, every video he uploaded led to numerous questions from his subscribers all around the world, which made Tanmay realize that there was a shortage of programming knowledge, and he made it his mission to try and reach not less than 100,000 individuals who were aspiring coders and beginners, and help them on their coding journey. Currently, he has more than 20,000 YouTube subscribers.

At the tender age of eight, Bakshi was already a self-taught mobile application developer. When he was nine years old, Tanmay had developed his first app – tTables – which helps users do multiplication – it has been accepted into the iOS Apple store. However, as time went by, his interest in programming diminished. According to him, the technology was quite limited and that things were becoming obsolete at a rapid pace, so he moved on to artificial intelligence.

This youngster caught the attention of IBM at the age of 11, and they have offered Bakshi numerous speaking opportunities at their conferences. Although he does not work for the tech giant, he has on multiple times partnered with them on various projects, so this AI guru has already made a name for himself in the technology industry due to his prowess. His IBM mentor is Rob High, and together they have hosted a number of speaking engagements, and held Facebook Live videos; one of them was at the Boston AI World , and in it, the duo discussed how AI can be used for social media analytics.

Tanmay finds AI very fascinating, has gained fame from his vast knowledge of AI, and is always excited to share knowledge with other people. He received a “Knowledge Ambassador Award” for his speech during the 2017 Knowledge Summit that was held in Dubai, and Tanmay is now an honorary Cloud advisor for IBM, and a cloud champion for the same company.

Tanmay Bakshi Achievements

At just aged 15, Tanmay has achieved quite a lot. He is ranked among the youngest cloud computing and cognitive developers, who create applications intended to augment human capabilities through deep learning. Over the past decade, he has learned how to use and also apply machine learning in various fields that range from finance, banking, to medicine and healthcare, chatbots, and music. He is currently writing books and offering YouTube tutorials on his channel, to help programming novices achieve their goals.

Before Apple accepted Tanmay’s tTables app, he had received various rejections from them, but he perfected the code, and on a Valentine’s Day the app was accepted. He could not hide his joy when the announcement came on his school’s PA that his app was officially in the Apple Store.

Tanmay is also developing a one-of-a-kind system for people suffering from Rett Syndrome, to help them speak. They will be able to use it through detection and interpretation of EEG signals that are analyzed by the neural network systems.

As a young AI developer, Tanmay has also used technology to diagnose the first stages of depression in teenagers and the youth. He best describes that his project has been powered by deep learning, and is aimed particularly at helping prevent suicide by teenagers.

Salary and Net Worth

Contrary to what many people perceive, Tanmay does not work for IBM though he utilizes their Watson capabilities in developing his apps, so he doesn’t get any salary from IBM either, but makes money from the apps he has developed, such as tTables tID Vault, tTable PLUS, and tGuess among others.

He also does open-source projects such as “Ask Tanmay”, the first web-based Natural Language Question Answering system (or NLQA) that is powered by IBM Watson. Since the project is open source, it is difficult to tell how much Tanmay earns from it if he does, but sources estimate that he will very soon be a millionaire!

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