Gordon Ramsay’s daughter Megan Ramsay? Her Age, Career, Bio

Megan Ramsay is the eldest child in the Ramsay family, born to the renowned celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, and accomplished TV broadcaster and cookery author Tana Ramsay. Her devoted father is celebrated for his culinary prowess, which has thrust the whole family into the limelight since his rise to fame.

However, when the culinary spotlight dims, Megan is a strong woman in her own right. So just who is she away from the influential shadow of her father? Let’s explore the facets that define Megan as an individual, peeling back the layers to uncover the person beyond the well-known culinary lineage.

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Early Personal Life

Megan Ramsay, born on 16 May 1998, in London, England, is the daughter of Gordon and Tana Ramsay. Her mom hails from South London, while her dad has Scottish roots.

Tana is a TV broadcaster known for appearances on shows such as “Dancing on Ice.” She wears multiple hats as the presenter of “Market Kitchen” on UKTV, is the author of seven cookery books, and is even a Montessori teacher.

Gordon Ramsay, at 55, boasts a thriving career as a renowned chef and TV personality. Growing up in Stratford-upon-Avon, he founded Gordon Ramsay Restaurants in 1997, a global restaurant group that has earned a total of 16 Michelin stars to date. On the small screen, Gordon has been a familiar face on reality shows including “MasterChef,” “Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares,” “Next Level Chef,” “Hell’s Kitchen,” and “The F Word.”

Megan is part of the close-knit Ramsay family, sharing her upbringing with four younger siblings—sisters Matilda and Holly Anna, and brothers Oscar and Jack. Matilda, or ‘Tilly,’ is following in her father’s footsteps, carving her own path as a chef and TV presenter; she’s known for hosting the CBBC show “Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch.”

The Ramsay siblings often display their tight bond on social media, sharing adorable photos and moments.

However, the family endured a heartbreaking loss when Megan’s unborn baby brother named Rocky, passed away in June 2016; Tana was five months pregnant when they shared the news on Facebook. In memory, Megan ran the London Marathon in April 2017, raising funds for London’s Great Ormond Street hospital, a charity close to her family’s heart, that provides life-saving treatment for children.


Megan’s educational journey began at Ibstock Place School, a private co-educational institution in London. In 2014, she completed her International General Certificate of Secondary Education.

Moving on, Megan pursued her passion for English Literature at Bradfield College, graduating in 2016. The announcement of this achievement came through a delightful Instagram post, showcasing her adorned in an academic cap and gown.

Her academic pursuits continued at Oxford Brookes University, where she delved into the realm of psychology, earning her degree in 2019. Megan shared this milestone on Instagram as well, marking the culmination of her university journey.

On her LinkedIn profile, Megan candidly expresses her love for exploring new places and connecting with diverse people. She shared that she loves broadening her horizons, travelling to new cities and meeting new people. She loves learning how to understand people their culture and lives. During her time earning her degree, she found that mental health truly sparked her interest. That is what she’s most passionate about in life.


In June 2011, Megan embarked on a summer internship with the sports department at Ibstock Place School.

Currently, she serves as an associate at Freuds in the Health & Behaviour Change team, a role she’s held since August 2019. Before joining Freuds, Megan gained valuable experience through internships at various organizations. In 2017, she secured a summer staff position at Ibstock Place School, working in the Sports Department and teaching kids aged 7-14.

In 2018, Megan dedicated a month to working with White Stuff. Following this, she joined Beauty Pie Ltd in London, gaining insights into the HR department. These experiences nurtured her attention to detail and organizational skills.


Expanding her professional horizons, Megan spent two months as an associate at Gordon Ramsay Holdings Limited. She also contributed her skills to organizations such as Quintessentially, the National Crime Agency, and Travel Studio Ramsay. In her role as a production assistant, Megan adeptly navigated the complexities of casting and scheduling, playing a key role in the successful execution of various shows.

Interesting Facts

In June 2019, Megan achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first member of her family to graduate from Oxford Brookes University. Her father, Gordon Ramsay, expressed his pride for his daughter in a heartwarming social media post.

Reflecting on Megan’s teenage years, Gordon, being an overprotective dad, once paid her brother Jack $100 a week to keep an eye on her. Concerned about her choices in relationships, Gordon was cautious.

Jack, acting as the vigilant brother, stumbled upon a photo of Megan with a boy on her Facebook page. When questioned, Megan clarified that the boy was just a friend. It’s a tale of an overprotective dad navigating the challenges of his daughter’s teenage years.

Adding a touch of celebrity connection, Brooklyn Beckham, the son of football star David Beckham, is counted among Megan’s friends.

Megan has always harboured a steadfast passion for food. While she didn’t initially tread the exact culinary path as her father, she ingeniously integrated her love for food into her life. Whether volunteering at her father’s restaurants or experimenting with new recipes during her free time, Megan has honed her culinary skills and fostered a genuine appreciation for good food.

She once again completed the London Marathon, this time in 2023, running for Great Ormond Street Hospital just like she did after her unborn brother’s death. Tilly showed her support for her sister on social media, stating that she was disappointed that she could not run herself, but supported everyone doing their best in the race. Megan was one of many celebs who took part to bring awareness to charity work.

Later Personal Life

Megan’s strict father has made it difficult for her to find love, but where there’s a will, there’s a way. She is currently seeing Andrew Wedge, according to reports, and it looks like the pair is happy. So far, it doesn’t seem that Gordon has interfered with their relationship or openly disapproved of Andrew.

Physical Characteristics

Megan is of average height at 5ft 8ins (172cms), and weighs about 120lbs (55kgs). She has long black hair and striking dark brown eyes.

Net Worth

Megan has a strong and growing career, and it’s estimated that she has a healthy net worth of $500, 000, as of late 2023.

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